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While checking my website stats today I noticed that I’d received a few visits from a forum which sounds interesting. The forum is for HDNL drivers (Home Delivery Network) and they’ve clearly been talking about MrDaz.com and the posts about their company, such as this post where over 100 people have commented on Home Delivery Network’s shoddy service and their inability to deliver parcels.

Hopefully if more HDNL staff, drivers and managers alike, see this site and read the feedback from their customers then they might do something about improving their service, instead of posting comments on this site slagging off their customers and being racist.

I haven’t read what was said on the forum because you have to be registered, but there is also a blog on the site so you can read about the latest news from HDNL.


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42 thoughts on “HDNL blog and forum”

  1. The HDNL forum was set up to inform the workforce of changes and movement in the company and news from within HDNL which the employees rarely get to know.

    The company certainly do read the site and know the views of it’s employees, and some may add customers who have left a few comments on the forum.

    As long as someone has a valid email address then they can register. I made it for registered uses only mainly because of spam/porn appearing on the site.

    The Blog site was set up as my own information board as I currently stand as a lead union official within the organisation. HDNL have never been happy with the Blog or Forum, but I feel that the reason it was set up was to inform and not to discredit them. And to promote what is going on within the business as well as highlight the negatives which need addressing.


    Melp_s HDNL BLOG

  2. OMG as many as 100 complaints – I’m shocked! I wonder why the other 50 MILLION recipients per year have kept quiet?

  3. Let’s see Rodger Dodger, why haven’t all 50 million customers of HDNL complained on MrDaz.com? Perhaps they haven’t all been to the website? You fucking prick. Every fucking one who’s seen it has complained, that’s a 100% dissatisfaction rate. Not bad, even for a bunch of fuck-ups like you lazy, workshy, thieving bastards.

  4. Wow, “Mr” Daz, I’m really in awe of your incredible intellectualism and well-honed debating skills which mean you would NEVER, EVER have recourse to childishly using four-letter words.
    Now “Mr” Daz, I suggest you take a long, hard look at yourself and ask yourself if it was REALLY such a big deal that the packaging of your silly little toy got a little damp?
    Also, reflect upon the FACTS that
    1) You’re NOT the only person on this Earth
    2) The world is an imperfect place.
    3) Real people who do REAL jobs (ie – they get their hands dirty and actually SWEAT) such as driving for HDNL are NOT on this planet solely to wipe your sweet, perfumed backside.

  5. Hi Chris, welcome to my site. Nice to have you here.

    Was it a big deal that my parcel was slung over the fence? Obviously not to HDNL, because they do it every day. Sadly the drivers for HDNL have one job to do, and one job alone, yet they can’t even do that.

    Pretty useless aren’t they/you?

    Real people who do real jobs do them well, and take pride in them. Your average HDNL driver does not fit into that category.

  6. Mr Daz, you claim that HDNL drivers “have one job to do, and one job alone, yet they can’t even do that”.
    Well it has been explained to you time and time again by HDNL employees of just *WHY* things are put over fences/left on doorsteps etc – it is due to the unrealistically high amount of parcels they are expected to deliver in too short a time.
    If we call at a house and nobody is in, we are expected to try the neighbour either side, get them to sign our terminals (IF they agree to take the parcel, of course. You’d be amazed how many people don’t get on with the neighbours!), then write out a card for the customer and post it through their letterbox. If no joy there, and the item doesn’t need a signature (most do not) we are expected to try to leave it in a shed or garage or porch, again writing out a calling card. As you can appreciate, a lot of people are out when we call and if we went through the above procedure in every case that would take a LOT of time, resulting in us exceeding our legal daily hours.
    During a typical working day, I will leave at least ten parcels over locked gates or fences – these parcels are generally non-electronic things in waterproof plastic packaging of course, like clothes. In all the time I’ve been working there, I’ve never had a single complaint or claim against me for doing this.
    The driver who droppped Ahmed’s Xbox over the fence was out of order, I will agree there.
    I think you’re overeacting quite hysterically about your toy, which as far as I can see from reading your original post, was not rendered unuseable or even damaged from being placed over your gate.
    Crap happens mate, it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry – don’t get bitter and twisted over it 😀

  7. Please tell me Chris, how did the delivery driver know what was in my parcel when he ‘placed it’ (nice use of words there mate, how can you ‘place’ something over a 6 ft gate?) when it was sealed in a box? It could have been a book, a child’s toy, or a Eeepc, which I had also ordered at the time.

    Rather than whine about your ‘targets’ and how your job is difficult, just do it. You have one of the easiest jobs in the UK. You read an address, drive to it, leave a parcel, then go home. You don’t have to think, you don’t have to use your initiative, you don’t have to be qualified or educated (blatantly) so just do your job. If it’s too hard for you, quit.

  8. It’s quite easy to place something over a 6ft gate. I manage it several times a day. As I said before, I’ve had no complaints. Once again – was your ridiculous little toy rendered unuseable by it’s packaging becoming a little damp? Was it totally wrecked by the earth-shattering 5ft (gasp!) descent it had to endure? No, looks like it wasn’t.
    You really have no idea, do you “Mr” Daz? It isn’t simply a question of “driving to your house/flat and then driving home” – you are merely one of a possible 150 drops which have to be done in a short space of time.
    I doubt very much you could do such a job, day in day out. In fact, I doubt you’ve ever done a REAL day’s work in your life.
    Now, I’ve been reading your (sometimes entertaining) site for months now and I know you have your fair share of problems, with your health and your ex-wife for example, so I can only assume these aggravating factors are responsible for turning you into such a misery-guts so early in life and I can UNDERSTAND that. All I ask is that you just take the time to chill out for five minutes and put yourself in someone else’s shoes – then maybe you’ll be able to de-stress and see the other side of the coin.
    Apologies if this sounds patronising, it wasn’t the intention.

    Regards, your friend always,

  9. I’m wondering why you feel the need to constantly belittle the packages you deliver? ‘ridiculous little toy’?

    Does making out that the parcels you deliver are ‘ridiculous’ somehow appease the guilt you feel for treating them with such contempt?

    Your job is more than driving to an address, delivering a parcel, and going home? Yes, you have to do it all day. It sounds very taxing. I wonder if I could drive to an address, lob a parcel over a fence and then do it again. I’d imagine even a trained chimp could manage it.

    Yeah, I think I could probably cope with ‘delivering parcels’ without losing or destroying them, as you seem so blasé about doing, boasting that you throw parcels over 6 ft gates several times a day.

    I wonder if you could do my job though. Come to think of it, I wonder if you could even understand what I do.

    The company you work for has the worst reputation of any delivery company in the UK. Don’t waste your time trying to defend them, take responsibility for your actions and do your job properly. It’s not rocket science, it’s a delivery boy’s job.

  10. HDN are absolutly shit. Every time a company has used them to dispatch myitems they have not managed to reach me. More recently meaning i have had to drive 30 miles to go and collect the item that i paied full delivery for! Absolute D**K H**d’s!

    One my most recent trip, i requested that my items be dispatched to my work address, which is in Manchester and is a big company on one of the main streets (it is accessable by car). The building runs from 79-89 and has 3 entrances, the reason the item could not be delieverd….could not locate building!!!

    Once at the depot, slightly pissed off to say the least given it was bank holiday, i was told that the ID i had provided might not be sufficient as it did not show my work address! What the hell did they expect me to bring with me”!? My contract of employment, name badge and payslip$!!!??? Come on!

    To sum it all up, they are a shoddy excuse for a company! It was only actually thismorning from my apartment window i came across two HDN monkeys trying to brake a door down, when there’s an entrance button on the side of the wall. As if once in the appartment building they’d know what to do!

    HDN should NOT be used under any cicumstances. They are a waste of time and money!!!

  11. why not try hermes-europe, i work for them in birmingham , great co to work for.

  12. i have had lots of things delivered by hdnl, from a variety of websites, inc amazon and asos. I ordered books on boxing day and they arrived the day after. I’ve had no problems. On the other hand i ordered guitar hero for the wii from play.com and 3 times royal mail ‘delivered’ it to me, before returning to sender. Sometimes we all struggle to get parcels delivered. But my experiences with hdnl have always been good. Also by searchin the internet you can see that they’re gettin better. A lot of complaints are from 2 years ago, give them a chance.

  13. Mr Daz

    u must be one of the worlds most boring people, if all u can do is slate some one who is tryin to do there job, may be u should get a life.

    also i will add yr parcel was only placed over yr gate because u are not capabile of doing a simple little thing like after ordering something, make sure that yr there to recive it, come on i mean would u go & do yr weekly shopping at asda go through the checkouts pay for it then just leave it there, i’m thinking not even some one with a one track mind like u would not do that, so why the hell dont u make sure yr home next time to recive yr parcels

    much love a very happy hard working HDNL driver xxx

  14. I am waiting for a parcel that has apparently been sitting in their sorting office in Droitwich since Friday, It is now the following Wednesday. I only live 10 miles away. Today their Website is down so I cannot even check if the Parcel is on the way.

  15. just thought I would add to this about HDNL, they was suppose to deliver a crucial parcel to me this week unfortunetly it would appear they couldnt deliver it on that day for whatever reason “i actually live 3 miles from their depo” . So I rebooked it for today , yet it didnt seem to make it again. Now i am actually self employed and as this parcel requires a signature I had no other choice but to take 2 Days off my work and stay at home waiting on my todd…so thats a grand sum of around £600 I missed out for those 2 days off work . In this extremly bad finance market I pretty much need the money coming when I can get the work “which is extremly hard to find”

    so whats the odds HDNL will pay or compensate me for my lose due to their fuck ups , Slim i bet!!!! seeming they have a extremly poor customer service record and adding to the fact they are harder to pin down then a lesbian nun covered in jelly wrestling a dutch princess in thermal nickers!

    I have actually gone on their website and tried to get it delivered for tomorrow .. : / fingers crossed

  16. Rather than trying to find a lesbian nun covered in jelly…….

    Complain to their ops director paul.mohan@hdnl.co.uk with parcel number, address etc

    If he doesn’t sort it then try his boss brian.gaunt@hdnl.co.uk

    The details have been put on some other blogs and may get the head office boys interested.

  17. I’m not sure how you get the figure of 100% of visitors have complained – I came across this site trying to send a package by HDNL as I found their service to be much better than Royal Mail…

  18. Tom, you were looking for some way to post a parcel through HDNL and found this website? Meaning you couldn’t find how to do it on their website? Ergo, their site doesn’t work properly = complaint.

    Join the club buddy, they’re shite ain’t they? 😉

  19. Hollie

    Im not surprised the driver had difficulty in locating your address, judging by all your spelling mistakes. Should have put c/o Department Of Autism.

  20. Hi – how do i find out about a driving job for HDNL ?
    is there a contract number?
    i`m based in Oxfordshire

  21. Don’t use HDN. They have no idea what they are doing. Get this….a Mobile i ordered from play.com was to be delievered via HDN…have not recieved mobile cause HDN sent the mobile to the wrong depot, so now it’s been sent back to the central depot only to be sent back to the orginal depot cause that’s the nearest depot in my area. What a bunch of twats!!!

  22. Diana, ever thought for a while that you the twat, come on, it’s a fucking parcel, they made a mistake, And your little mrs perfect yes? get a grip you softy


  24. whatever happened before tracking facilities were invented???? lol i think customers know far to much. they are only complaining because they can track the parcel and see its whereabouts. if that facility was removed they would be none the wiser. years ago and even today with some companies, parcels get miss sorted, lost, damaged etc….. but you would be none the wiser, you would be told that its on its way or theres a delay. big mistake letting customers rearrange there own deliveries and track exactly where the parcel is……

  25. i drive for hdnl,
    i never drop things over gates!
    i also never try neighbours unless its a terraced street, no time for that.
    all our targets have gone up in the last month, we all now have to squeeze 12.5 hrs worth of work into 11.5 hrs (the time we are legally allowed to clock)

    since my target is now over 200 parcels per day i have failed on average 35 deliveries per day simply by running out of time.

    over clock 3 times and you will get the sack
    and possibly a hefty fine if caught by the authorities

    ive been with the company almost 20 years and i used to care a lot about it, i would always stay out late when i needed to (european working laws put paid to that)
    i had a fantastic rapoor with my customers, i knew exactly who would be in and who would be out, and arranged alternative places to put parcels personally with them and never deviated from that

    all that hard work over the years has been wiped out by the constant raising of targets, extra duties, restructing of rounds
    and the companies insistance on using agency staff who are paid on the clock and have no incentive to try and deliver their days work.

    i am hoping now the company does go tits up, i’m just marking time untill redundancy is offered

    i just clock in do as much as i can and clock out, its just another job,

    oh and by the way HDNL now own DHL and have done for a while

    i know im gonna be publicly flogged for typing this essay ,

    i do still care, its just hard to sometimes

  26. The muppet who states a delivery drivers job is the easiest in the uk should put his sorry ass in a van for a day and see how well he does the job i bet he wouldnt do 75 drops he obviously has an easier job probably pushing a pen on a school note pad theses drivers are stretched to the limits and beyond i have just enquired about being an owner driver for hdnl they dont give too much info out on pay rates but i guess it is very poor pay! im not even going to consider working for them now but dont blame the drivers they do there best dont knock it if you aint tried it

  27. Speaking as someone who worked for HDNL and its other guises for 15 years before moving to a different company in the same industry I’ve got news for Mr Daz. they are all as bad as one another. If you want the perfect delivery comopany I’m sorry it just doesn’t exist. And as for blaming the drivers for everything ever considered that the company might just be run by a bunch of bully boys with absolutely no management ability. Don’t blame the drivers blame this stupid world where you would rather get up tight and spend hours running a blog site than get up from in front of your PC and go to the shops!

  28. consider the low life scum driver I came across…..managed to get parcels pinched from his van, most normal people would go to the police…not this guy….tried to bribe me into taking cash for the value of the items so I could re-order again…priceless!! I have reported him and hope the guys at new cross get him soon.

  29. They are still shite. Paid for overnight delivery – took 4 days. Yes had the overnight stickers on it. When I asked the driver he didnt care. I am still waiting for something else (again paid for next day not knowing that Mothercare use these cowboys) on Monday. It hit the Romford delivery depot at 6:32 on Tuesday morning (ie bang on time) and there it has sat ever since. Marvelous. The depot arent responding to emails or answering the phone, perhaps they are on their tea break.

  30. any time I have ordered online and ended up with HDN or Yodel (same company new name) it has always been late! I always pay for express delivery but never get it on the day its supposed to arrive.

    This time the excuse was ‘they couldn’t gain access to the building’ now let me explain I work on an RAF base, the building is secure, there is a giant yellow phone beside the door WITH a phone number to ring to gain access (giant sign on the door also states this in lay mans terms) now how difficult is it? He/She clearly attempted to open the door, but somehow managed to not see the giant black and white sign and big bright yellow phone?!?!

    Oh and the last time they blamed the christmas rush for causing delays to my delivery, three weeks later it arrived, I ordered it in OCTOBER??? Xmas rush??? Doesn’t add up.

  31. and to all the ex-hdnl drivers…get off my backside and go to the shops? I don’t drive and I’m in a wheel chair, so how about the current drivers do their jobs and stop whinging, it’s not our problem you are over stretched we pay for deliveries, we expect them on time, it’s not our problem that your management are rubbish. Your unions should be sorting that out, and the public who pay your company shouldn’t be messed about, abused verbally, ignored by your call centres, and lied to.

    Can we add discrimination against the disabled to the list of complaints? Not every can get off their ‘fat backsides’ and I’m not fat as thanks to my illness I am not 6 stone in weight. Wankers.

  32. This is all so reassuring for me.. NOT! Amazon have kindly chosen to post a parcel with HDN for me.. No sign yet. Easter tomorrow, goodness knows when I’ll get it!

  33. sad whinging bastards, get a fuckin life and stop bitchin. everyone on the planet is working through hardships, most far worse than findin a parcel on the floor outside or having to wait for one.MR Daz ur a tool, u got it, it works, yet still moan, go fuck urself

  34. have u got no god damn life at all, ruler of the internet. seriously somebody as pathetic as you! what makes you think your so fuckin important.

  35. For readers of this blog I should point out that ‘haha’ and ‘sad twat’ is the same person. This imbecile let one thought escape his head before coming back moments later and posting another – taking time out of his busy day of masturbating and surfing for pornographic pictures of his mother.

    I hope BT knows what you’re doing with your internet connection?

  36. dear mrdazautomatic, im surprised you haven’t posted recently saying how glad you are at whats currently happening with the company currently.

    serve’s us lazy so-and-so’s right eh?

  37. It seems someone hasn’t paid the bill! The domain registration for the HDNL forum/blog expired on 21-Apr-2011 so the site is currently suspended.

  38. I’ve added the domain to my watch list for when it falls out of redemption… would make a lovely HDNL forum 😉

  39. Why does anyone use this company??

    HDNL were to deliver a Boden parcel for my daughter’s birthday last Tuesday week- it was delivered somewhere- not here. (What’s so difficult about a house with a name, number and postcode). A second parcel then was promised to be delivered definitely yesterday by HDNL’s version of EXPRESS deliver (not there’s someone’s idea of a cruel joke)- and the tracking system showed it was on the van. Mysteriously the driver got to the property at 8.01pm and apparently as deliveries are not “allowed” after 8pm it was taken back to the depot (their story)! Today many more phonecalls- many more assurances that yes, definitely a delivery today……. STILL NO DELIVERY! I was also verbally slapped on the wrist by a Boden employee for ringing the deliver company to trace the parcel – and so will never be using either Boden or any online company using HDNL ever…

    Boden have now promised a third parcel and I’ve begged them to use Parcelforce…we live in hope.

  40. Having read the numerous complaints I was despairing of getting a present bought for my Grandson in time for Christmas.
    The parcel had been at one of their Depots since 7th December but it appears that it had got “lost” and the time for delivery kept being deferred until yesterday we were told it may not be delivered before Christmas Eve.
    I managed to find an EMail address and sent a strong complaint for the attention of Mr Jonathan Smith (CEO).
    In the evening we received a call from a very pleasant person explaining the situation and taking our contact details so that we could be informed when delivery would take place for the replacement item which we ordered yesterday.
    I had a phone call from the local depot at 11.45 this morning to say that the parcel had been received and had been put on a van for delivery today.
    We received delivery at 14.30 today.
    I think Yodel (as it now is) should be applauded for having resolved a bad situation so efficiently and promptly.

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