Government cracks down on benefit cheats

About bloody time. It seems the Government are finally planning to crack down on the sick, lame and lazy of Great Britain – which spells bad news for Cwmbran, and for Yoda. They’re introducing new, tougher, tests for people claiming they can’t work through so called illnesses such as depression and a bad back.

From the BBC.

Fewer sick and disabled people will qualify for disability benefits for being unable to work, after a new test is introduced from next year.

Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain says the changes will end what he calls “sick-note Britain”.

The new disability test could cut the number of annual claimants by 20,000.

This also spells bad news for my ex-wife’s parents, both of whom are work dodging scroungers. Her father claims a ‘bad back’ while her mother has ‘depression’. It looks like with these new tests they may be forced to look for work. I’d pay to see that.

In all seriousness this does really infuriate me as I have double scoliosis of the spine meaning my spine is twisted in two places creating a figure ‘S’ shape. I have a steel rod attached to it to straighten it out, meaning I should be a few inches taller than I am now! If I walk more than a few miles or stand up straight for more than a few minutes my back starts to give in and my legs go dead due to the lack of circulation. Yet I work. I could quite easily skive off like my ex-wife’s father but for some reason the lure of being a tax dodging, work-shy fraudster just doesn’t appeal.

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