FedEx Complaint

My girlfriend ordered me something from the States back in December, and she was told it had to be delivered by FedEx.

Fine, she thought, never had anything from them before, but they’ve got a fantastic reputation, right…RIGHT?

Anyway, she received an email confirming that a delivery would be made on a particular date. She then arranged a day’s holiday so she could sit at home, all day, and wait for the parcel.

Which didn’t turn up. Instead, she got an email from FedEx saying that they had been at her place, at 9:30 in the morning and could get no answer.

Now, this was a LIE. She was up, and waiting for them. There was no ratatat-tat. There was no ding-dong. Was there a “we missed you” card? No there fucking wasn’t. In other words, they were never there.

I phoned up and had a go at them and they apologised (but said they owe us nothing for the day’s fucking earnings my GF spent sat around her place – tossers), and I told them specifically not to post it out again. We would collect it or have to arrange another convenient date later when we had one. She couldn’t just take another day off work like that.

Guess what the retards did next? Sent it out the very next day. A day on which I had motherfucking explained to them that my GF would be at work.

Then she had another email. “Please confirm your postcode – your address does not exist” was the gist of it.

Excuse me?

Do you know how it feels to be told the property you are in at that very moment is not real? Is my girlfriend living in a house that exists only in her mind? You fucking bell-ends.

This estate she lives on has been there 3 years. The Royal Mail can find it. It’s on a TomTom. The pizza boy can find it.

All you do is find people, FedEx , THAT IS ALL YOU DO. That is WHAT YOU ARE FOR. It’s called a PURPOSE. Do you see?

Besides…hadn’t you been in my girlfriend’s “Fantasy Kingdom” the day before? If you’re going to lie (and clearly, you are), get your fucking story straight. You can’t even do that with competence.

I again phoned them up, and spoke to a second senior “Customer Services Manager” (sorry hard to type that with a straight face) who told me they would sort the delivery out, refund the postage cost to the supplier AND send my girlfriend a “mystery gift”. Wow! Someone has finally sorted this out, I thought.

I also insisted they explain the previous cock ups. WHO lied about having been there? Would that person be punished? How did a situation come about that they were tripping over their own lies to cover up their own imbecilic lack of ability to do their jobs? I wanted answers. I was promised they would investigate.

A week later (after successfully – finally – receiving the item they had for us) I rang them again. Did they have answers for me? Why was there no gift yet? Why was the company she ordered from saying that there had been no refund? I was thinking, did that scheming bitch lie to me just to get me off the phone?

I was told that no the refund had not yet been processed but that it was definitely going to happen in the next few days, likewise with the gift. I was also told they would not be able to explain why these mistakes happened. Apparently, there is “no way to tell who was making those deliveries so no way to find out how they went wrong”. Excuse me? Umm, FedEx – aren’t you a rather large company? Aaaand you don’t keep records? You don’t know who vanishes with a truck of thousands of pounds worth of other people’s property? Can I walk in to one of your depots and drive one of these vans away please? Since you don’t record or organise who does this it should be pretty fucking easy, yeah? Get myself a little uniform and I reckon I could pull it off. Twats.

To really take the biscuit (and repeatedly rape us with it), they sent us a further, surprise bill, (we’d already paid postage) and threatened to take my girlfriend to court if she didn’t pay it immediately!

To this day, I have no explanation, no refund, and absolutely no mystery gift for my girlfriend.

Federal Express are a miserable, doltish bunch of thieving, lying, scumbag cowboy cretins, and never will I or my girlfriend buy anything from a website that insists that we take delivery from this bunch of pathetic shit-eating lowlifes. I wish I had remembered the names of the scum-sucking bitches who lied to me on the phone as I would name and shame every one of them here. Unlike Daz here I can’t record my phone calls.

Believe me, I’m an eloquent, intelligent and professional man with a very large vocabulary, but FedEx has pissed me off (and my girlfriend – which is worse, why did she deserve all this shit?) so much I don’t know what else to say. FedEx is staffed, exclusively, with lying, cheating cunts. Some achievement, pat yourselves on the back, wankers.

Ordered something since that was delivered by DHL, who got it to me on time, in the right place.

Germany: 1 – USA: 0

Jon Austin

5 thoughts on “FedEx Complaint”

  1. i used to use fedex but now i tend to UPS more. your story is not the worst one iv ever heard of about fedex or any other courier services. and you can expect the mystery gift come out to be a table calendar with huge Fedex label on it.

  2. I recently went in to a FedEx branch location with three items to send off to 3 different places. I was only able to complete one transaction that day. I was able to ship one envelope via FedEx Express Saver (not really because it was still $13). 3 business days later I get a call from FedEx telling me that they do NOT deliver to PO Boxes. My question is, why did the associate not tell me that when she was entering the information into the computer to print a shipping label? So I call the company I was trying to ship to and get a physical address and I called FedEx back with the informaiton. They then told me there would be an additional fee associated with changing the address. I was so frustrated at this point that it was going to cost $25 to ship one envelope and it wouldn’t even arrive for 7 days that I asked it she could just send it back to me. Of course there was a fee for that as well! What a rip off I could have just gone to the post office and spent $5 and it would have been there by now.

  3. Me again.

    I ordered something last week from a website that said it ships via DHL.

    My item was despatched two days ago, and I was shocked to discover that instead of using DHL it actually went out by FedEx.

    I have entered the tracking number onto FedEx’s website and apparently, they have called at my flat both yesterday and today, and left a card both times.

    Funny that, since there isn’t two cards here. There isn’t one fucking card here.

    Fuck you FedEx, you are clearly lying. Again.

  4. I totally agree that Fedex UK are sum sucking lying worthless crooks out to con people out of money. But with me they have hit a new low.

    We have shipped some personal use food supplies for a disabled child due to use when he visits his grandparents in Thailand. We agreed with Fedex that we did not want to pay any import duties or charges nor any extra costs and informed both Fedex customer service in the UK and in Thailand (in their language) to notify us as soon as any problem occurs and to tell us if any charges were trying to be applied in which case we would destroy the shipment. Fedex confirmed in three separate telephone conversations this arrangement and that no import charges would apply given the nature of the shipment.
    On shipping the courier who picked up insisted we tick a number of boxes without giving us a chance to read the very small print around them and told us that they were of no consequence. This is the first shipment we made with Fedex. We then phone every day asking about progress and when the shipment was delayed at customs we repeatedly phoned the UK and Thailand asking if any extra charges were being incurred and told them we did not accept any and would not accept any. They confirmed that if any extra charges were to be incurred we would be informed and asked for authorization before billing us.

    We have now been told by Fedex today in the UK that a 1000% import duty has been negotiated (US $ 1,000) and applied to our account and that as we were tricked into ticking a small box making us responsible for import duties we must pay whatever the local person negotiated even if it is ridiculous.

    We think Fedex have behaved dishonestly and nastily into misinforming us and tricking us to pay for unfair charges which they lied about being not applicable.

    International shipments with Fedex are unsafe. call centre staff for international shipments from the UK are by FedEx Europe (not based in the UK) and with no physical existence- although an allegedly a site is occupied in Coventry. Customer services are based in India and will lie and tell you anything to get you to ship.Airway address slips are secret contracts in tiny illegal print (unreadable to the naked eye) and illegal. Once you fill one in you are committing to open ended fees. Fedex have no overseas presence in most countries and open account billing with customs in third world countries. This means that what ever they want to charge they just take from FedEx and then FedEx bill you. This means you may pay up to 100 times the going customs rate (maybe 10 times the shipment value as in my case. They rely on the airway bill contract and a strong legal department to pursue you for payment. Their staff are morons and sub-educated school boys. They will wind you up and be rude and are worthless scum.

    If you get hooked up with FedEX avoid speaking to FedEx staff – they are sum- refuse to pay (cancel credit cards) and tell the legal department to take a hike- they are bullies and back off. Do not pay

    I urge people to Boycott personal and small business use of FedEX they are worthless Scum.

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