Dominoes Pizza in Cheadle Hulme refuse to honour stated price


I just tried to order some pizza from Dominoes Pizza in Cheadle Hulme, Manchester, using a voucher that I have that gives me 1 pizza free when I purchase a regular pizza and a starter.

I checked their website, because I didn’t have a menu, and chose the following pizzas:

Medium Mighty Meaty – £11.99
Medium Hot & Spicy £10.99
Potato Wedges £2.99

The cheaper of the pizzas, the Hot and Spicy, was free, making the total £14.98. Yet when the guy turned up with the pizza, he said it was £15.99.

What gives?

He said he couldn’t change the price, so I had to phone them back, which I did. The woman told me that the Mighty Meaty was actually £12.99, not £11.99. Despite my telling her the price on the website, she refused to believe me, so I got the guy stood at the door to read the price from the website to her. She believed him, but didn’t want to do anything about it.

I was then put through to the manager, all the time with the delivery guy stood on my doorstep holding the pizzas. The manager said that they had changed their prices, and the price on the website was nothing to do with him because he was a Franchisee, so was not responsible for the incorrect price. He refused to let me have the pizza for the price that it was advertised for, despite my pointing out that he was in breach of trading standards.

You can see the price on the website here.


Incredibly, I had to refuse the pizzas and send them back, where they were no doubt thrown away, all for the sake of £1.01 (not sure where the extra penny came from?).

The manager at Dominoes Pizza in Cheadle Hulme needs to realise that you can’t change the prices of something when it’s advertised somewhere else for a lower price, and not honour the price.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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7 thoughts on “Dominoes Pizza in Cheadle Hulme refuse to honour stated price”

  1. Once again Daz old son, you’ve brightened up my afternoon!
    Hmmmm…. two pizzas AND potato wedges, sir? Were you entertaining a lady, sir? SUIT YOU, sir!
    If you were, I bet you warmed the cockles of her sweet little heart by taking such a courageous stand about the pound and a penny. I bet she is now convinced chivalry ISN’T dead after all!
    I bet the delivery bloke and the shop staff really love you too ;-))

  2. Glad I can cheer you up when you’re bored with delivering parcels, stealing parcels and generally kicking the shit out of people’s parcels.

    I seem to have picked up my own HDNL driver troll. How quaint.

    Didn’t think you’d have any issues with a company fraudulently advertising prices and then not honouring them, considering you work for a company who’s employees refer to their customers as ‘fuckwits’.

    Get back to work.

  3. Look Daz old friend, just tell us whether the lady enjoyed her foodless evening with you as she sat beside you on the sofa, stomach rumbling, watching “Dave” on Sky, noddding every few seconds as you went into one of your tirades about “poor customer service”?
    Enquiring minds need to know!

  4. Delivery boy, I’ll give you a shout when I need something else delivered next week.

    In fact, I’m hungry now. Perhaps you could lob a Big Mac into my garden?

  5. You might want to check your facts MrDaz. Companies don’t have to honour the price, although (a) it is a criminal offense if the advertised price was purposely misleading (see OFT for more details) and (b) they would need to pull or change the advertisement. A self-regulated watchdog group (ASA) can take action in such cases, but there doesn’t appear to be any cases whereby the advertiser was forced to honour a posted price.

    I hope your ‘lady’ friend got fed. Mmm, beans on toast……

  6. Are you sad, talentless delivery boys so obsessed with what women are like you need to keep asking me? Is sitting in your vans, pretending to find people’s homes from the addresses written on the packages in front of you, so lonely that you crave any word on what a woman might or might not have been doing on a week night?

    Try buying adult magazines, or perhaps some late night channel 5. Anything please, cos I don’t feel comfortable sharing anything with you dumb delivery boys.

    And ‘friend of Chris’… please, the idea that Chris has a friend is even harder to believe than the notion that Home Delivery Network drivers give a shit about their customers.

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