Direct Line TV Advert

While bored yesterday we knocked out this quick TV advert for Direct Line. They paid out someone else when my car was stolen and then tried to repossess the car. This advert showcases their best points in their insurance policies.

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8 thoughts on “Direct Line TV Advert”

  1. Does Darren Jamieson ever worry that this kind of thing will one day land him in trouble?

    (In gruff Snake Plissken inspired voice)

    ‘Hell… trouble is my middle name.’

    As ever though, Paul Burgess stole the show.

  2. Direct Line requires no ‘n’ in its name – it is a criminally dishonest company owned by a criminally dishonest bank – RBS or is it McKinsey – hard to know who pulls whose strings

  3. And another thing – take a look at this page if you want to know more for Farm Bureau read Direct Crime – sorry – Direct Lie / direct line – one of Direct Lie’s directors or board members was a senior advisor at McKinsey before joining the criminals at RBS

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