Direct Line Insurance try to con me

My experiences with the liars and cheats at Direct Line have been well documented on this website, when they paid out the wrong person after my car was stolen and how they refused to admit their mistake. Well now they’re at it again. My insurance (with Direct Line Insurance) expired in August and I’d never received any sort of renewal notice from them. It seemed as if they weren’t interested, so I simply went to a new company for my insurance.

I probably should have done that years ago in truth, Direct Line Insurance are woeful. Now, I received a letter this week from Direct Line saying I owed them money! It seems they renewed my insurance anyway without telling me, and wanted me to pay them.

I just phoned them (recording the call of course) and they said they’d sent me a renewal note, a reminder about payment and my documents! Bollocks had they. I have one letter from them here, a demand for money saying I owe them for two months.

They claim that someone from their accounts department will call me, though I won’t hold my breath. They seem to forget that I record everything.

I am not insured with Direct Line Insurance anymore. I am not giving them money. I had no renewal notice, I do not even know how much they think I’m paying for this supposed year’s insurance. I am insured with someone else, Direct Line can piss off and die.

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2 thoughts on “Direct Line Insurance try to con me”

  1. This happened once to me – I went to a different car insurance company, but my old company continued to take their direct debits and I didn’t notice immediately.

    In this case, all you should have to do is send a copy of your cover with your new insurance company to the old insurance company to prove that you were insured from that date and they should leave you alone.

    That proves to them that you weren’t just looking to be insured with them for free for a few months and then, having had no accident, cancel the insurance saying you’d gone somewhere else.

  2. i have an ongoing problem with directline, not supplying my no claims bonus to my new insurers..
    i was with them since 2005 and had 2 policies with them earning a no claims bonus of 5 yrs .i had 2 vehicles insured with them and cancelled tyhem both last year when the automatic renewal for my van was 3 times the amount of competitors. they paid me an amount back for my car but they are now saying i owe them money for one policy as they only cancelled 1 and they will not honour my no claims bonus. which should be 5 years.they told me that as i owe them money they will not give my new insureres my no claims bonus .Im sure this is illegal and if they do not honor this i have to pay at least another £800 for 0 no claims with the new company.I would assume that each year of insurance is seperate but this is not the case with direct line .loosing 3 years no claims bonus due to there incompetance is not on. if there is a dispute there should only be 1 yr in question whilst this goes on not 3.
    Is there an independant body that can stop these con merchants as there internal complaints procedure is a farce and im still gonna be £800 out of pocket to reinsure

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