Direct Line Insurance offer me insurance on my BMW Z3

Direct Line Insurance Z3You couldn’t make this up. Not content with paying out the wrong person when my car is stolen and refusing to compensate me for the last 12 months, Direct Line Insurance have just emailed me (well, my ex wife, but it’s my domain) to ask if I have a BMW Z3 and if I require car insurance through them.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Why would I insure my Z3 with Direct Line Insurance when they’ve already paid out on it, to someone else?

This would make a good avert.

Customer: I’m tired of insurance companies that pay out when I need them.

Voice-over: At Direct Line, it’s our policy to pay out someone else when your car is stolen, place a stolen marker on the car and try to repossess the car from you when it is recovered.

Customer: That’s better

In fact, I think I might shoot that advert. Direct Line Insurance, you have been warned.

Darren Jamieson

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