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It’s payback time for DFS furniture store. I swore blind after I bought a sofa from them in 2001 that I’d never use them again, and sure enough I haven’t. The problem was when they ripped me off back then I didn’t have this blog so had no way to voice my discontent at their wrong doings.

Now however, things are slightly different. So, DFS Furniture Store. Here is my story for the UK consumer market to read.

I ordered an Italian leather 3 seater sofa and an armchair from DFS back in 2001, but pointed out to them at the time that I lived in a first floor flat which may be difficult for them to access. The salesman, in true DFS ‘we don’t care’ style promised there would be no problems and they’d sort something out.

I also said I’d need the sofa before March 20th as my first child was due and we’d obviously require seats before he was born. No problems again.

3 months later the sofa arrived, and surprise surprise it didn’t fit through the door. I phoned DFS about this only to be told that I could order a 2 seater to replace it but I would have to wait a further 3 months for it to be delivered from Italy. In addition I would have to still pay for the 3 seater!!!

Say what now?

That’s right, despite the promises from DFS I would now have the PAY for the 3 seater that they couldn’t get into my flat, instead receiving the 2 seater 3 months later. I’d already signed for the sofa so couldn’t cancel the order completely.

They lied to me in the sales room then ripped me off over the phone, forcing me to pay above the odds for an item I didn’t receive and wait twice the delivery time for it anyway.

DFS are thieving scum bags and I implore everyone to avoid them like the plague. Don’t believe Linda Barker and Martin Kemp, DFS are not be trusted.

Has anyone else had any bad experiences with them?

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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8 thoughts on “DFS Furniture Store”

  1. If any issues in future just say to them you will contact Qualitas the furniture ombadsman and they will back down every time due to them having to pay for the privalige of having them deal with it to the tune of £350.00 approx.
    If they ever say”I’d already signed for the sofa so couldn’t cancel the order completely” if you’ve used the finace option until it is received it into the property you the finance cannot start. So don’t let it in.

  2. Thanks Paul, that’s good advice for everyone else, but for me personally it doesn’t matter because I will never use the lying, cheating DFS ever again.

    I seem to recall the sofa was on finance but was on a 12 month interest free credit option. I was a lot younger then and didn’t have the customer service knowledge I have now.

    All I can do is make sure that everyone interested in buying furniture from DFS is made aware of how they treat their customers.

  3. Hi,

    I used to work for scs sofas and all the sofa companies work the same,

    Always check ur door size, always check the sizes for everything. Its down to you the customer to ensure everything is in order to recieve the furniture into your property, if it wont fit in the door need to get a window taken out, this is how they operate, if the sales person tells you something ask for it in writting and signed by them and store manager.

    Other wise its your own fault for listening to the sales guys whos there for the money.

    Always allow up to 4 wks for ur sofa arriving late, it will be in the contract, you cant cancel because the products is designed for you to your spec.

    Dfs and sofas from italy dont go in the same sentance 85 of dfs sofas are made in china by dfs them selves! using cheap china labour.

  4. Jan 2011, I ordered instore, leather sofas from DFS. The salesman, their web site & brochure only stated their sofas made for them in UK.; this swayed my purchase. Found out 4 days later from another member of staff at same store that my sofas were coming from Asia!
    No-one then would give me H/O managers names. So wrote generally, for a reply in writing, but a woman just rang and passed me back to the store! -where an adamant, forceful manager insisted absolutely no cancellation.
    I took the point to the ASA and The Furniture Ombudsman. Outcome: intervention from these caused DFS website and brochures wordings to be modified – people can now deduce that over half of their sofas are made outside the UK. So eventually my contract was cancelled – in a letter from H/O.
    Take care!

  5. i bought 3 2 1 ,,in march,,black leather,,not leather cant b,,hac recovered once all leather rubbin off,,and stichin come un done,,packin goes flat so looks like 3 years ol,,now been recovered 6 wks leather rubbin off again,,when phone office u get nasty women on phone what u spilt on it how u done it,,thats y u buy leather to wipe down with kids ,,so see what happens this time ,,not havein recovered,,again ,,i will take my sofas sit out side shop make sure press there and makesure noone buts any frm there x

  6. About 20 years ago, I bought a suite from DFS which comprised a 3-seater sofa, a 2-seater sofa and a chair. I also bought a coffee table which is still going strong. I spent around £1,000 – not cheap 20 years ago! When the furniture arrived, there was a tear at the back of one sofa, the frill around the bottom on one didn’t match the rest of the fabric and there were lots of loose threads like a fringe hanging from all three items! Upholsterers were sent in and these faults rectified, so I was happy again – the suite looked fabulous. However, within about 6 weeks, the fabric on the seating started to look shabby, despite having paid an extra £80 at time of purchase for a special spray to be out on to protect the fabric. The material felt and looked bobbly, instead of shinily smooth as it did in the showroom – might have expected this after many years of use, but not after a few weeks. There followed a long exchange of correspondence and DFS absolutely refused to budge, saying the suite was for light domestic use only (don’t recall anyone telling me that at the time of purchase) and that someone was sitting on the sofa wearing jeans! I did say I wasn’t in the habit of asking visitors to remove their jeans before sitting down in my house! A suite is generally bought for your lounge, so will likely be used daily, and jeans were worn by a large proportion of the population even 20 years ago. Like Mr Daz, I swore I would never buy from DFS again – and haven’t, and that I would tell all my friends the story of my experience – and did, I never did get any recompense and can’t help swearing when I see or hear an advert for DFS!!!

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