Demands made to Direct Line

Just a quick update on my stolen car. I’ve spoken to the finanical ombudsman and he’s suggested I give Direct Line 8 weeks to respond to my complaint.

I just phoned Ray Harper at Direct Line to let him know I’d be sending him a letter and outlined what I wanted:

My V5 returned
The marker removed from my car
1,000GBP for the depreciation on my car
2,090GBP for the amount I have paid in loans on the car since it was stolen

Ray in his defence was disgusted at the decision from Chloe O’Driscol, and said he’d be investigating himself. He gave me the name of Chris Moat, who is the motor division manager. He’s the person to address my letter to.

I will of course post the full letter here when I write it, so stay tuned for more rants and raves.

Darren Jamieson

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