David Brailsford wins best coach at BBC sports personality of the year

What the crap was that about? How the chuff did David Brailsford win the award for best coach? He was the coach of the British cycling team at the Olympics, who admittedly did quite well in Beijing, but seriously… a coach? For cyclists?

What advice and leadership could he have possibly given? Go out there, ride your bike and pedal faster that the other guy. It’s a nonsense. He was up against Fergie for Man UTD’s Premiership and Champions League win, Gatland for Wales’ Grand Slam, and Redknapp for Portsmouth’s FA Cup win. Surely any of those deserved it more?

Coaching a rugby nation or a football side takes real knowledge and tactics, it deserves the acknowledgment. Coaching some cyclists to pedal quicker is a farce. Yes they did well, but be serious with these awards or don’t bother doing them. Bloody joke.

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9 thoughts on “David Brailsford wins best coach at BBC sports personality of the year”

  1. I couldn’t agree less with you this time. Why should our sports awards be purely moneyballgame biased? I suppose you’d think a boxing coach was just a guy who says ‘hit him in the face. Lots’ or a weight lifting coach says ‘lift that heavy thing there.’
    Just because football, rugby et al are given more media coverage and more money doesn’t mean that they deserve any more recognition than sports that actually require a specialist knowledge and skill. As opposed to drawing arrows on a whiteboard and throwing shoes at foreigners.

  2. You’re quite right fudger, I’m sure a cycling coach fully deserves the accolades he has received. Lesser cycling coaches may have given advice like ‘pedal slower’ or ‘fall off’, which would have ruined our medal chances.

    Having watched the sprint cyclist events where Chris Hoy won his awards I can see the impact the coaching had. Telling him to slow down for a few laps and then peg it on the last lap was masterful.

    It makes Warren Gatland’s advice of grab that egg, don’t drop it, and dive over the line pale into mediocrity.

  3. Oh jolly sarcasm ho ho ho. Clearly you can’t differentiate between an athletic sport and a well publicised playground game. It’s more than just telling the guy to pedal faster, there’s training, much more specialised than just running in and out of cones, and race tactics (racing line, pacing etc).

  4. Racing line and pacing? Obviously you didn’t watch it. They pedal as slow as possible for the whole race and then someone starts to sprint on the last lap, then they both peg it until someone wins or falls off.

    Hardly requires tactics from Field Marshal Montgomery to win.

  5. I presume this original post is some kind of wind up right? I can’t seriously believe that such an ignorant blog posting could be anything other…

  6. What a total c**T you really are!! People like you are why abortion is legal. As if anyone would vote you in a Prime Minister you thick fu**ing Nazi.

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