Damage to my BMW that Royal & SunAlliance haven’t fixed

I took these photographs of my car the other week with a view to eBaying the bastard because I’m fed up waiting for the wankers at Royal & SunAlliance to actually fix it, like they should have done 15 months ago last July. You can see the damage to the back of the car and the ariel that has been ripped off. Both of these things need fixing, but RSA just can’t seem to be arsed god bless ’em.

I guess it must be difficult, fixing a car that you’re responsible for and you’ve admitted liability for and you’ve stated that you will actually fix within a 2 year timescale. Maybe they’re waiting for it to rot away so there’s no evidence?

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that my car isn’t fixed and Royal & SunAlliance are still dragging their feet over doing the work. I can see me leaving this in my will for my descendants to get fixed.

BMW rear end

BMW ariel

I guess what we’ve learned from all of this is: If you want to use an insurance company that does fuck all when you’re car is stolen, use Royal & SunAlliance. They’ve their own special brand of ‘We couldn’t give a twat’ philosophy.

I certainly will never use them for anything and I urge anyone who actually expects an insurance company to ‘act’ when you need them to do the same.

Darren Jamieson

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