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Last week I appeared on local radio here in the North West talking about the website CSAhell.com, and how it has helped people dealing with the Child Support Agency. I was approached for the radio talk show because the researchers found the website in Google when they searched for phrases such as ‘CSA Advice’, ‘CSA Mistakes’ and even ‘Child Support Agency’ – proving how SEO can not only benefit your website’s rankings and traffic, but how it can also lead to offsite promotion such as local radio.

I recorded the segment and have uploaded it as a podcast, but must apologise in advance for the poor sound quality and additional commentary because the program I used to record it also recorded ambient sound from within the room.

Very useful!

Anyhow, have a listen and do let me know what you think.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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4 thoughts on “CSAhell.com on local radio”

  1. I think alot of you are completely missing the point here, all you absent fathers go on about rights for fathers and hang off bloody roof tops dressed as twat man and dobbin. You go on about not seeing your children and yet the majority are shirking your responsibilties as a parent, you fight for parental responsibility and take very little or none. What about rights for mothers?? I have gone through the CSA to get payment from my childs absent father as he did not want to pay direct to me, infact he was the one who told me to go through them. It has taken 3 years to get payment from him through a DEO thanks to the CSA. This so called “MAN” and “FATHER” to my child has tried every trick in the book to get out of paying for his child, from claiming shared care, being in and out of work, and this is the best one, actually claiming he had a dependant living with him. He ignored letters and phone calls from the CSA to his own demise as I have recieved bulk payments which include arreas for his child and also receive monthly payments too. In my opinion this serves him right as absent fathers should pay for their children instead of expecting the mother and/or state to provide financially for their children. If you add up payment I’ve recieved begrudgenly from him and divide this between the age of my child, it amounts to £5 a month give or take afew pennies! How much is it now to raise a child? £20,000 + until they reach 18? And thats just 1 child what if you have more? These “MEN” are getting off lightly in my opinion including my “SPERM” donor as I refer to him as he has done little more than to provide that! So thakyou to the CSA for making these bastards pay whether they want to or not!!!!!

  2. Hmm…let’s see.

    Why did he refuse to pay you?

    Is it because, like the majority of other decent fathers hounded by the CSA, he was refused access to his child?

    Children are not pay to play items. You don’t with hold contact and use your kid as a bargaining tool for money.

    I suppose you are the exception no doubt and never stopped contact or cancelled visits unless your palm was greased?

    I suppose you are the exception too and spend all your child benefits and money from the father, on your actual child, and not yourself?

    Maybe if you got off your fat backside and got a job and supported your child as well, you wouldnt need to steal from taxpayers.

  3. I am the partner of a non-resident parent (or in other terms, my bloke’s ex ran off with his child). Neither myself nor my partner begrudge paying for his child – what we will not accept is the sheer extortion from the CSA.

    The ex in our case, decided not to work from the day she had the child – as far as she was concerned, the child was her ‘meal ticket’. The CSA now expect my partner to repay every penny that she has claimed from the state in the last 10 years (and believe me, she’s used every trick in the book to claim as much as she possibly can). She was receiving approximately £30,000 per year in benefits due to the child being deaf. As her son turned 10 she was faced with the prospect of being forced into employment by the Gov’t – so she went out and adopted another two disabled children!!

    In the meantime, the CSA have tried to pin a £60,000 bill on my partner. They’ve dreamt up this figure by illegally accessing data, lying, exaggerating and hounding me and my children. The CSA has drove my partner to the brink of suicide, by persecuting him. They do not listen!! They would be quite prepared to put my family on the streets, so that they can say they’ve screwed another father.

    So we are now ‘water tight’ – my partner doesn’t have a penny to his name. I own our house, our cars, our business. I pay for our luxury holidays etc etc. And that is the way it will stay.

    Don’t get me wrong, my partner pays maintenance for his child, however it’s at a rate the Gov’t set, not the ridicuous amounts that the CSA dream up. If the CSA were reasonable, they would be receiving much higher maintenance payments, but their attitude towards fathers is a disgrace.

    I’m sick of listening to mother’s preaching about how they struggle to support their children, when infact I (and every other tax payer out there) support their children – because they are living off the state. If you don’t like your lifestyle, get out there and get a job – like the rest of us hardworking mothers!!

  4. I am having problems dealing with the Australian Child Support Agency, this has been ongoing since 2002!
    My ex left the UK in 2000 & took my 3 children to live in Australia. The Australian CSA have pursued me every since.
    I went to a UK court in 2004 who wrote off the debt the Australian CSA said I owed and agreed a new payment figure that I could afford.
    In 2008 I requested a reassessment, as 2 of my children were over the age of 18 and in full time employment. It was agreed in the English court (2010)that my payments were reduced to just paying for 1 child. I have made all payments as requested by the English courts and to my dismay have now been informed by the English court that they made a mistake??? I now owe arrears of over £15,000?? How can this be?
    Is there nowhere to go for advice?

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