CSA worker wants fathers to kill themselves

The website CSAhell.com featured a story on its Facebook page today about a New Fathers For Justice protest outside the CSA offices in Dudley. The protest saw fathers dressed up as various superheroes, including the Pope. There was also a mother there as Wonder Woman – just in case anyone thought NF4J was an exclusively male domain.


What is interesting however is the comments this post attracted on the Facebook page, where many people offered their support for the fathers in their protest. One person though, Jamie Smith, wrote the following scathing insult about the New Fathers 4 Justice:

“what a joke – a load of blokes who cudnt keep their pants on and expect to get away without paying. Id pay some of them to jump off some ver tall buildings with their batman suits on – then we’ll see how man they are lol”

Jamie Smith's comments
Jamie Smith's comments

Jamie Smith is insinuating that all of the fathers mentioned in the story refuse to pay any maintenance to their children, and he’s suggesting that they all commit suicide by throwing themselves off the roof of a building, with his blessing.

This seems very uncalled for, but Jamie Smith has made similar comments on the Facebook page before about fathers and their dealings with the CSA. So what does Jamie do for a living? He works for the Child Support Agency of course – it says so on his profile page.

This CSA worker has posted on a public page, where people go to get advice about the CSA, his views on how the fathers in question should kill themselves, and that he’d even pay them to do it. Jamie is typical of the sort of person working for the CSA which, in itself, should tell you all you need to know about the values of the organisation.

Hopefully the CSA will take action against Jamie Smith and other members of its staff who choose to insult already emotionally traumatised people via the Internet.

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11 thoughts on “CSA worker wants fathers to kill themselves”

  1. Heh – I notice that Jamie Smith has deleted his comment from the CSAhell.com Facebook page, and he’s changed his profile picture and altered his privacy settings so you can’t see that he works for the CSA.

    Too late pal, damage has been done 🙂

  2. This is thoroughly appalling and is something that really should be aired publicly.

    Have you contacted the media about it? I think it merits that type of attention.

    I have to say that my experience with the CSA has been good – maybe because I always made sure I was paying my ex far more than CSA guidelines and I suspect they saw through her when she tried it on with them to get more money out of me and have them take it directly from me. (They agreed to take it from me, but it was a lot – and I mean a LOT – less than I’d been giving her directly, mug that I was.)

  3. If anyone wants to complain about the comments from Jamie Smith, here are the details:

    CSA Belfast
    Great Northern Tower
    17 Great Victoria Street
    BT2 7AD

    Tel: 08457 132 000 (Old Rules)
    Tel: 08456 090 092 (New Rules)
    Fax: 0845 713 2336

    Or you can contact one of their complaints departments:

    (Client Service Director)
    CSA Complaint Resolution Team
    Durham House
    Room M0901
    Tyne & Wear
    NE38 7SF

    (Chief Executive)
    Child Support Agency
    Durham House
    Room M0801
    Tyne & Wear
    NE38 7SF

  4. I am in the process of losing everything because of the CSA but my case is far too complicated and long to post on here, I have tried everything without any joy at all. The comments left on the facebook page just goes to show what kind of brainwashed scum they employ to harass rob every last piece of dignity you have!

    Oh btw I like the site 🙂

  5. I am paying the CSA for my Daughter that I found out was illegally adopted and the CSA ,ICE and Adoption Agency knowo f this. My MP Martin Horwood and MEP’s know this too. I have sent several emails to the CSA about this and they ignore my commnets as well as requests for informaiton under the DPA and FOIA regarding an alleged THREE PAGE INTERVIEW that they claim took place but never did in 1995. The CSA are more worse than criminals they encourage men to commit sauicide so that their children never see their Fathers in any event. The ECHR, EP, EO and LGO are also aware of this matter and they too conspire for the CSA. As for my useless lawyers, they deserve to be shot too. I have only seen my Daughter once for less than Ten mintes, she was born on 12 May 1994 and I met her on 7 August 2008. This proves how evil the Mother and Stepfather are for denying me the right to see my “alleged Daughter” I done a DNA and she is biologically mine but the CSA know she was illegally adopted and still force me to pay. I now have suspect brain tumor caused by stress.

  6. Does not surprise me at all.
    The guards in consentration camps thought they were just doing a job an probably learned to enjoy it. They really need a more imparshal view. Were not criminals. Were fathers.

    Jamie Smith should be sacked. End of !

  7. In the 1980s various government public bodies and election parties started being infiltrated by groups hell bent on the destruction of our society. Councils and for instance the Labour Party-Militant Tendency was the media label. They band up, remove moderates and build a networked power base and then cause trouble. Labour did a hood job of removing them, however where secrecy rules they werent removed , they grew. The family court, the CSA, social services and others. They are in there, goading people to suicide, destroying finances, creating a ground swell of anger and fury at our public institutions which are now not only hopeless but actively deviant. How was it that someone like Jimmy Saville had the keys to Broadmoor, how is that there are so many men sent to jail for crimes they are innocent, how is it that the CSA and judges in the Family Court get away with what is quite literally murder. You can out these people but the gas chambers of the CSA and Family Court will continue to operate.

  8. I’ve complained. Let’s hope this scum loses his job. Then he can see how he supports his own kids without money from a job coming in.
    Utter scum.

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