CSA worker leaves baby in car

The Manchester Evening News reported on Tuesday how a woman left her baby in her car for a few hours while she got pissed up in a bar. What’s worse is that the car had the keys in the ignition with the engine running. You wouldn’t leave a dog in that condition, let alone a small child.

What’s even worse is the woman worked for the Child Support Agency. You know, the corrupt incompetent bunch of retards who excel at being useless.

The woman’s name was Gemma Train and she was 23. Even worse was she was let off with a suspended sentence. She should have been locked up for at least a year and had her child taken from her. What a scum bag.

This led me to search on the MEN website for other CSA related stories, and I came across a great many. You can read them all here.

Leigh EglonThe most harrowing was this one where a father killed himself after the CSA left him with just £10 to live on. He was forced to pay whatever the CSA calculated he owed for his 3 children leaving him with a tenner for the week. Not enough to pay the bus fair to work, let alone the food, bills and mortgage. Leigh Eglon is dead now, so the CSA can’t get any more money from him. Notice though from their response that they don’t actually care that they’ve driven someone to suicide:

A spokesman said: “We cannot comment on individual cases. The Child Support Agency has a responsibility to ensure both parents support their children financially.”

I wonder if I should go to the Manchester Evening News? You know, I think I will.

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