CSA want an interview, but won’t speak to me

I received a letter this morning from the CSA asking me to attend an interview next week at the local job centre. This could be a problem, because I work and can’t attend at such short notice. I called the number on the letter and spoke to a woman, in Chester. When I gave my name she immediately knew who I was and told me she couldn’t speak to me, as I was to be contacted by letter only, and then she hung up on me.

What should I do now? I can’t attend the interview next Thursday as I’ll be in work, unless I manage to move some days around at very short notice. Even if I send a letter back to the CSA (as the woman said I should do) I can’t print one and send it until Monday when I’m next in the office, so they won’t get that until Wednesday, and the interview is Thursday!

Anyhow – listen to the call and see what you think.

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7 thoughts on “CSA want an interview, but won’t speak to me”

  1. u cant record a call without telling the person ur calling at the offset that ur recording the call and then eveyone has the right to end the call

  2. Hi Mr Jamison,

    Can i just point out that people are refusing to speak to you regarding your Child Maintenance because you are recording the telephone calls and they are legally within their rights to terminate the call. Also it is a breach of their privacy and as such may entitle the person (if they were that bothered by it) to sue for damages/ slander. As with your telephone conversation with Ryan you accuse Ryan of making errors/ mistakes, when in fact if you listen to what he says the mistake was made by somebody else.

    If you want the CSA to help you i would highly reccomend stop recording the telephone calls or at least bleep out names.

  3. Steve

    It’s ‘Jamieson’… wonder where I’ve seen mistakes like that before?

    Someone’s legal right to terminate a call eh? You mean, people can legally hang up a call? You do surprise me. A shocking revelation from you there, well done.

    As for a breach of privacy by recording calls, once again someone is offering their opinion as though it were fact. I can, and will, record every aspect of my contact with the CSA, and there is no way they can get round that. If they want to speak to me they will be recorded, and the conversation will be broadcast.

    I do not want the CSA to help me – which is lucky, because they won’t.

  4. Putting the boot on the other foot – are these correspondents telling me/you that if I make a call to any Service Provider who tells me that “calls may be recorded for training purposes” – then I have the divine right to put the phone down on them? But if you need to talk to them, you have to initiate the conversation even if you then ask them to switch off the recording – and I doubt if individuals within a call centre even know how to do that?

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