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I just had an email from a guy who says the CSA have threatened him to take down content from his website here.

This is absolutely disgusting. The CSA are a bunch of freelance mercenaries profiting from the break up of relationships where children are affected and then stealing money from the children. They claim they’re only trying to get money to children but they’re not, they’re after their commission for the money they steal. Rather than actually try to improve their service and their image by talking to both parents with care and non resident parents they hide behind their own omnipotent bureaucracy and issue cease and desist notices to websites like mine and this guy.

Of course, they have no leg to stand on. The truth can be told, and will be told. Not only by me, but by the thousands of people they have stepped on, lied to and stolen from.

Their time is coming to an end and they know it. This is just the beginning. The children of the UK deserve to get the money they are owed, in full. They don’t deserve to have this self important agency stealing from them.

The CSA are thieving scum who rob money from our children.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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10 thoughts on “CSA threaten someone else”

  1. Right, so let me get this one straight…….they have no time to work on their backlog of applications and get money to children who need it, and who have been waiting long enough

    They are so pressurised they can’t copy an address down from a screen in front of them

    They waste time screwing parents who are already making payments

    YET they DO have time to spend looking round at websites and contacting the webmasters with threats.

    Little wonder then that there is no time to do the above, their working hours are spent seeking out websites, which, incidently they are not supposed to do in work time, as it is an offence which warrants disciplinary action.

    And we are surprised when there are so many cock ups. Hmmmm……

    S’cuse me but when I PAY MY TAXES I expect people who earn their salaries out of that tax to do their bloody jobs and quit arsing around!!!!

    Besides, I was under the impression that this government ran a country of free speech, free thought and free opinion, as well as the right to voice such. Which begs the question of what business do they have to threaten someone for exercising that right by sharing his opionions on a website?

    Arseholes, the lot of ’em.

  2. you seem to be a very shallow minded person.
    the csa does not profit from the money you send in, they dont get interest on it at all!!!! so there not stealing from your children.
    also you’ll find that the staff who you actualy speak to on the phone do there jobs well and properly. the people that contact others regarding websites etc are not the people that you speak to on the phone.
    we all pay our taxes mate!!! and im glad the csa staff are there. at least they can get parents to financialy support there children.
    there!!! nuff said MATE

  3. @’D’ – you clearly have no comprehension whatsoever of what you are talking about. ‘Doneover’ is a parent with care and she’s having troubles with the CSA. Wake up and understand, for once in your uneducated life, that the CSA are a profit organisation that make money from the unfortunate circumstances of children.

    Both non resident parents and parents with care have had enough of their lies, incompetence and theft. The only people who defend the CSA are people who have NEVER dealt with them, and CSA workers themselves.

    Yes, we know who they are. They’re always too stupid to properly cover their tracks when replying.

    Go home, keep your idiotic comments to yourself and leave the discussion to people who know what they’re talking about.


  4. @ D again.

    It is well publicised that the CSA keep payments from non resident parents in their bank account resting and make plenty interest from it, the figures of interest are announced annually.

    Secondly they do not get payments to children – if that were the case, then my children would be provided for accordingly, but I have yet to see a single penny from the NRP, despite the agency having all sufficient and up to date information on him, including his NI number.

    I suggest you check up on your facts and CSA figures prior to slating my comments which incidently you appear to know sod all about, although you seem to think you do. Do you by any chance work for the agency?

    I agree that some CSA workers on the phone do their jobs well and properly, seeing as it appears that for a CSA worker to do their job well and properly they have to lie through their teeth, lose your file, insist calls that were recorded never occured and so forth. I rest my case.

  5. after 16 times in court, they still havent “won” even with solicitors, i represent my husband. They are incompetent, liars and unprofessional. The courts are useless against them. Judges who thought the CSA had been “closed” and magistrates who agreed with us but went in their favour!

  6. It’s time to target these CSA lawbreakers individualy. If the agents of the state abuse their position, they should pay the ultimate penalty. They break the laws with impunity, so what can a citizen do against the state? Target them specifically, bring them down and make them pay, on an individual basis. Start a Website naming these people and their crimes. Take them out of the loop. Publish their names and provide proof on the net. They are the real enemy and they should pay and pay with all they have.

  7. Just spoke to my ex….. we dont HATE each other, we live quite close and like alot of relationships we ended up breaking up,, i asked her how much csa she is getting a month she told me £150.23 ..how much am i paying? £205 per month – we are going to try sort are differences out of the csa this way she gets more money and they get a big FUCK U, I cant beleive they have the cheek to put on there letters ‘It is important that you pay the money your owed, if you dont it will result in hardship for the child’ Just shows they no absolute fuck all about my child – life – everything else, he is always in the best clothes – goes out for the best meals, goes to the best places,,, ill be happy once my hard earned money stop’s going to these robbing bastards and to my son instead. THIEFS.

  8. I’ve got the CSA story from hell. I’ll make it short. Made arrangement with ex, all ok for first 4 years then she gets CSA involved , since then I’ve lost contact with daughter and legally been abused by CSA in everything they’ve done. They’ve wrote to me telling me its all been disolved and no further money required, then 5 years later started again, I’ve fought them in court since, they ignored the court when the court said that nothing further was to happen till I’ve had all my Issues resolved, they ignored this and Instructed Bailiffs, they acted Illegally and my wife took them to court and won, ( Drakes ) then I took the DWP to court after they offered £125 for grossly mishandling the case right from the begining ( 10 years of hell £125, I don’t think so ) the csa admitted they had made a big mistake, The Independent examiner confirmed this and the Judge on the day( Judge McHale Kettering ) said I’d been treated appaulingly, yet they still won because they dont owe the NRP , PWC or the child a duty of care, and I got costs against me, so much for British Justice, I’ve made this short, I could write a book with the whole story, you could’nt make it up!

  9. The CSA make profits in most cases, work it out.
    Payments are greater than benefits, so they are a profit making business. They will then have to deduct money for plush offices and staff, but they are still a profit making ogranisation taking money from parents.

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