CSA screw me over once again

I just had a call from Nicky Taylor from the CSA, and what she told me was staggering. It seems that my last variations report that they received in November, where I listed the mortgage payments I’d made on the property that is jointly owned my myself and my ex, cannot be taken into consideration because they can only consider payments AFTER the variations report is sent in.

This is something of an issue for me, as I originally contacted them about this in JANUARY 2007 and spoke to Shelly Dacoure, she assured me that case worker Steve Gibson would phone me back. It took him TWO MONTHS to contact me. He phoned me in March 2007, after I’d chased him for several weeks.

Steve then advised me that I could claim for my rented accommodation in Manchester as a work expense, and for the travel back to Wales to see my children.

Nicky has just told me however that I cannot claim for rented accommodation. This rule was changed by law in 2003, so Steve lied to me when I said I could claim for it in March 2007. Nice one Steve you lying twat.

This variations report was of course refused, and some months and lost letters later, I filed a second variations report for the mortgage payments, which has now been refused because as I’ve just mentioned the CSA won’t take into consideration anything before the variations report was filed.

Now, the issue is:

  1. I contacted them in January 2007, it was there fault that they didn’t get back to me, even after I chased them several times.
  2. When they did get back to me they lied about what I should do.
  3. After they lied they took weeks and months to respond and even sent documents to the wrong address.

This is disgusting. It’s the CSA’s fault that my variations form wasn’t filled in correctly and given to them in January 2007. Through their incompetence, lies and delays they’ve cost me thousands of pounds. I’ve been paying for two cars and two properties through no fault of my own, and still have had to pay them their money on top of that.

They’ve screwed me over, pure and simple.

The best of it is Nicky is sending me a stamped addressed letter for me to complain in writing, which has to go to their mail handling depot in Crewe. Like that’s going to come back with any results.

The CSA are a thieving bunch of lying incompetent cunts.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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12 thoughts on “CSA screw me over once again”

  1. I agree with your opinion of the csa completely,I have had first hand experience of this dealing with my partners situation they say what they think you want to hear! its a disgrace that this is allowed to go on,anyone else in a job would get the sack for making the amount of mistakes or telling so many lies.Do what I said earlier I know its a pain but write with details of the whole shambolic situation, address it to the current Chief Executive and copy your case officer,also write a seperate letter to the Data Protection Officer requesting all the data held by them on you,they have to provide this by law (section 7(1) of the data protection act 1998. address as follows
    CSA Dept Data Protection,Room 165J,DSS Longbenton,Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE98 1YX, also copy this to your case officer. There is 2 reasons for doing the above,firstly it gives you the chance to check that the details they are using in the asessment are correct and secondley they really despise having to part with these details and its a arse of a job to do, believe me its reams of paperwork!!. Just check on the csa website that the address is correct first,its been a while since I have used it you can find it under ” How to Complain”, there most viewed page!.I should imagine by now you are fed up of those horrible brown envelopes arriving,but do not give up its well worth the fight! Good luck

  2. Mr Daz, just checked the csa website,they have changed things since I complained,check on the site for address as to who is currentley dealing with your case.Wouldn,t it be fun to get as many angry dads to apply for there info as possible,the csa only have 40days to get it to you by law,they would be in bigger meltdown than usual!!

  3. Thanks Poppy, I’ll do that. I’ll also send the complaint letter for them as well, and of course I’ll paste the fully copy of the letter here for everyone to read.

    If the CSA wanted this handled privately they should have done their job in January 2007, not act like a useless bunch of incompetent morons and then lie to me.

    If someone was as incompetent as this Steve Gibson in any private company he’d be fired. In the CSA he fits right in. What a country we live in eh?

  4. Just a thought that crossed my mind how many women would have children if the state didn’t give houses out like confetty at a wedding I was trapped (used by a woman and lied to) for one week she then tells me 7 months later she’s pregant she the has me hounded by the csa for god know’s how long why didn’t the woman concerened just go to a sperm bank,perhaps we could fight the csa on the beaches and in our homes by taken them to the european court of human right’s.

    I.e. if the british govenment didn’t give houses out like confetty at a wedding and worry about the population so much and give women so much power.I going to live in dubui or saudi being an Islamic country has its benefits i.e. they stone women to death or behead them for what this women did to me and how many men have to commit suicide before someone in the csa is held reponsible i.e. sent to prision for second degree murder (for there incompetence)


  5. Simon, I’m not sure this is going to engender much sympathy for the plight of Mr Daz – women are the work of the devil, of course they are, they are evil incarnate! I don’t know a bloke whose life hasn’t been spectacularly fucked up because a woman has decided to be unecessarily vindictive and callous.

    However, Islam’s attitude to women is unacceptable to anyone with a mind of their own, and any man who genuinely supports this is approaching the levels of evil women tend to radiate without even trying.

    Of course, the CSA is ACTUALLY the earthly embodiment of Satan itself, come to spread misery, pain, confusion and general ioncompetence across the Earth.

  6. I don’t know Jon, I think Simon has a point there. Many times I’ve thought it would be better if I’d lived in a Muslim country. As it stands in the UK men have no visitation rights to their children at all. Oh they can try, they can fight it in court, they can spend thousands of pounds like I have, but at the end of the day if the woman says no that’s it.

    It’s the social workers you see. They’re the real problem. They’ll take the woman’s side every time and believe everything she says. All the woman has to say is that it’s stressing the children and she doesn’t think they should see the father and that’s it. The father cannot see his kids.

    There is nothing whatsoever the father can do about it. I’ll probably never see my children again until they’re old enough to look for me. Of course by then who knows what lies they’ll have been told and how they’ll have been conditioned to me. That’s the sad truth in this country. That’s what it’s become.

    That’s why you had fathers dressing up as Batman and Spider-Man and climbing up buildings to make a statement. They want to see their children, but can’t.

    I hate this country and what it’s become.

  7. I was introduced to your broadcast on Utube by a friend of mine, that, unfortunately works for the CSA. Some of the stories he tells me are horrific.

    As for the CSA siding with women… Take the bloke that had made a payment of £20k for each of his children so the wife could look after them without worry. She decides she wants revenge and tells the CSA that it was a present to her and guess what? The CSA beleive her, he tells the CSA that it was for the children but as he has no proof hes in the shit.

    Where in British law does it say that the CSA have the right to beleive anyone over another? The woman doesnt have any proof its not for the kids.

    I just watched your video on breaking into your own house. I would have put in a complaint to the IPCA over the attitude of the cops. Also they have no right to stop you filming from your own property. And because I am a stubborn git I would have still broken into my own house. You have enough proof to present to have the case thrown out if it did end up in court. BTW it would have been cheaper to smash a window than break the door!

    Have you ever thought about caming up your house? Proof of theft?

    I wish you all the best in your plight.

  8. Cheers Dune, the trouble with the cops when I broke into my house is that they WOULD have arrested me. Yes it would have been thrown out of court, but that wouldn’t have helped me. I’d have still spent a night in the cells. That’s another problem, the police in the UK aren’t held responsible for their actions.

    I wish your friend in the CSA would come forward. They’re a house of cards right now and it’ll only take a nudge to bring the whole thing down.

    I’m in a nudging mood…

  9. Dont give up on your kids,they will evenually see there mother for what she is!!! it may take a while but you will always be there dad dont forget.

    As for the other men who have had bad experiences with ” Devil women” us normal girls are out there we are normally the ones who are solvent in our own right,hold down a regular job and have a good family around us……. Take note!

  10. Mr Daz,

    Dont I know that the cops are a law unto themselves! I got knocked off my bike by a copper last summer. Ive tried everything to get him charged with at least undue care and attention esp. seen as it took him just on 2 hours to get breathalised!

    Whilst I do not have anything to do with the CSA (thank god) I am fighting the Child Tax Credit cretins. I wont go into details but I am up against the same idoits that you are. They dont even follow thier own rules! They have even ignored my MP.

    I look forward to you next vid and wish you the best.

  11. Hi,

    I’m just going through that magical thing the CSA call a “re-assessment”. You know, when they increase your payments by thinking of a number?

    My payment has gone up 263% (No shit!!!) – but my income went up by 5% – AND they got an “enforcement officer” (Seig heil!!) to call me to enforce the payment – even though they provided no evidence that I should have this increase. Then, when I sent the EO away with a few choice words, low and behold a case worker called Sara called to “sort my claim out” – my claim?

    Apparently I have had a mortgage with the Abbey National since 2001. No, I haven’t. I have rented a room since2001. And they haven’t updated my file since 2004 – apparently I should have informed them I no longer had the mortgage!!

    It is my fault I never told them I didn’t have a mortgage! What else am I suposed to tell them I don’t have? Breast enlargements!! (I’m a bloke!)

    The conversation went like this:

    Sara “Your mortgage is for £248”
    me “I don’t have a mortgage”
    S “It says here that you do, with Abbey national”
    Me ” I never had a mortage with Abbey”
    Sara ” Who is it with then”
    Sara “sometimes they just put that to get it through the system” (honest, that is what she said!!!) “who is you mortgage with then?”
    Me “I told you that rent a room”
    sara “it is your responsibility to tell us this”
    me “I did, in various letters, take a look at the file”
    sara “I don’t have it in front of me”
    me “why call me when you don’t have the complete picture, go away and get it, then call me back”
    sara “we tend not to use the file as it takes 3 weeks to get”
    me “thats not my fault”
    sara “You need to prove your mortgage is not with the Abbey
    Me “how can i prove I DON’T have a mortgage with a lender?”
    This is a real conversation.
    Sara “you must have told us this at some point”
    Me ” I rented a room since 2001″
    Sara “when did you tell us this”
    Me “in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005”
    Sara “there is nothing on the system”
    Me “thats because I wrote you a letter”

    And so on. The point being that these people are like robots – the assumption is that they are right, you are wrong – even when you prove you are right. It seems that the CSA and my ex have a lot in common – they are useless and

    My ex wote to the CSA to claim I had a “brand new car” which turned out to be a £500, 13 year old volvo with 120,000 miles on the clock. But the CSA “had a duty” to investigate. The catalogue of incompetence goes on – even though I have never missed a payment.

    The latest wheeze is to inform you that they don’t have to prove anything, we do. This is plainly attempting to operate outside the law – not having to get it right is a right of the CSA – even when the correct details are plainly pointed out to them they still ignore it – incompetence at an extreme level, why? Because they only want money. They don’t care about anything else.

    BUT, the real problem with the CSA is that it is not fit for purpose, never was, and never will be. Just like my brand new 13 year old volvo. C’est La Vie!

  12. well gang, i’ve been to the magistrates court and ordered to pay £3880 to the csa back in may, they had a charging order placed against me at that time, i’m not paying it cos i don’t owe these arseholes a penny.
    i’m now sommonsed to go to the county courts next month because i refused to pay, i sent the csa a letter stating that i would charge them £5,000 p/h while i am at the courts unless they reply in 14 days i will concider this to be acceptable and a tacit agreement would be formed, they did not reply so they now owe me £10.000 for the last appearance and again for next months apearance is subject to the same conditions.
    any advice would be gratefully accepted…

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