CSA refuse my variations form

I’ve just had a reply from the CSA, it was very short. Just the one paragraph in fact. They said that Mrs Jamieson had disputed that I’d made any mortgage payments between the dates of January – August so they’ve refused my claim.

Hmm, I wonder why they take what she says as fact and then take what I say as a lie? I wonder too who they think was making the mortgage payments on the house. Was it:

  1. Aliens
  2. The Tooth Fairy
  3. Father Christmas
  4. Mrs Jamieson… or, more likely…
  5. Me

It’s not like it’s difficult to prove that I’ve made the payments either. I have mortgage statements and bank statements. It’s in black and white.

What bothers me, as well as why they believe what she said without any proof, is that she was so stupid as to say this in the first place. She has lied to the CSA (much the same as she lied to Direct Line when she defrauded them over my car) yet her lies will only have one result, her house will be repossessed.

They’re continuing to deduct money from my pay that I don’t owe them, causing me to have to forgo any more mortgage payments, causing our jointly owned house to be repossessed on January 21st.

Surely she understands this? Just what is wrong with the woman?

Naturally I’ll be in touch with the CSA after Christmas and will one day get the full apology they owe me. They’ll come to understand that Mrs Jamieson has lied to them. They’ll also come to understand what it means to take on someone like me.

If you think the CSA Fonejacker video was bad, just wait to see what I have planned 😉

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One thought on “CSA refuse my variations form”

  1. Hi have you heard of an organisation called NACSA ?? they would have a field day with this. Just google nacsa and drop the chair an email………….they helped me when i was at my lowest! Good luck keep up the fight.

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