CSA receive Fonejacker style treatment


When I phoned the CSA on Wednesday their incompetence left me stunned. They were refusing to speak to me because they thought I’d record the phone call and embarrass them. Well, as they’re trying to steal money from me that I simply don’t owe them, refusing to speak to me AND can’t get my address right they’ve left me with no choice.

I have to fight them on my terms, my way. Watch this video, this my friends, is just the beginning…

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128 thoughts on “CSA receive Fonejacker style treatment”

  1. [..YouTube..] this guy is a prick…if he talked to me like that id tell him to stop crying….look dude its your house..pay for it…they are your kids pay for them….tosser.

  2. [..YouTube..] these type of systems can not be stopped, but only slowed down. i’d suggest all dads, give-up their lively-hood, stop working, build-up in arrears, and demand to goto prison longterm, refuse to leave prison until demands are met. let women work and take over everything. let them pay for the entire state bill, especially, building and maintaining larger and larger prisons. let the kids sue the state, CSA. watch the national debt rise, and courts and CSA start to change.

  3. [..YouTube..] Did you listen to the whole clip???? The CSA were the ones who stuffed up. The CSA made every mistake, NOT JakeCop…. They even admit to it!!!!

    I don’t often use insults but you are a MORON!


  5. [..YouTube..] craig your clearly a cock who does not listen.

    He is paying but as the csa posted the information to the incorrect address he was issued with a DEO.

    Dont talk shit pal when you dont know what your talking about. Are you paying csa, if not i hope you end up doing and feel like ending your worthless life.

    Mr Daz your a legend, ignore this ignorant prick 😉

  6. [..YouTube..] I totally sympathise with and support you JakeCop.

    CSA is a corrupt, incompetent, unjust, murdering SOB that does not exist for the benefit of children affected by family breakdown. Rather they exist to attempt to recoup money paid out in state benefits to single(?) ‘parents with care'(=mothers) from ‘absent parents’ (=fathers). The parent with care gets another £10 per week in benefits whilst the absent parent struggles financially to pay excessive CSA assesments.


  7. [..YouTube..] 2
    as an alternative, let these systems work the men and women to death, as modern day slaves in concentration camps, and remove all chances of having a life ever again. this would increase adult/child suicide, family homicide, child abuduction, teen crimes, and school drop-out rates – writing off the CSA bill. Else, as slaves if they become disabled, then write-off their CSA bill and let the state take care of them, increasing the national debt. SO, MORE KIDS, HIGHER TAXES!!

  8. [..YouTube..] i have been hounded by the csa for 12 years. I have paid almost 60k no exageration plus all expenses for my kids.
    One of my kids lived with me and I reve=ceived nothing.
    If you have never had to deal with the csa then you can’t appreciate the frustration involved. It is total extortion, the rules are totlly slanted.
    I received a phone call from one tosser whi screamed threats down the phone at me.
    guess what he didn’t log the call and there doesn’t seem to be a recording.

  9. [..YouTube..] The CSA defied a court ruling on the 23rd May 1995 in my favour and should have repaid me £86.00 wrongly taken. My son lived with me at the time. Both Tony Benn and myself failed to get it put right. Court orders are worthless.
    The CSA clerks are deliberately fowling things up and costing lives. I emigrated to Eire in September 2006. The UK is out of control. The video clip is OK.

    Michael Stephen Nolan
    Dublin – Eire

  10. [..YouTube..] I forgot to mention that Paul Holmes MP for Chesterfield (helped by his wife) queried the evidence that magistrates ruled on. It was not rocket science to convince the court of CSA errors. The UK is lawless. When I was a public servant standards were high.

    Michael Stephen Nolan
    Dublin – Eire

  11. Amazing, i think anyone who speaks to these people should do the same, the left hand doesnt know what the other is doing, theres too many cooks playing with the figures in that place, and as for arrears chasing……….. they are like pitbulls (they get commission for getting arrears payments pushed up)

  12. [..YouTube..] To all you fathers out there, that do the right thing and pay child support (like I do), good on you for doing the right thing, even though you will be financially devastated for years. The system sucks.

  13. [..YouTube..] Try working in the Agency.
    Its hard enough with people swearing and shouting and then you pick up the ‘phone and speak to customers and get the same.

  14. [..YouTube..] trooner41 with regard the Child Support Agency and their defying court orders. I was in England on Friday 26th September 2008 nad have reported the debt owing to me including interest as at the 26th September 2008. The CSA have taken at least 45 lives through suicide.

    Michael Stephen Nolan

    4th October 2008

  15. [..YouTube..] yeah i know it’s ridiculous that that has even happened.for the past 8 years i’ve paid a third of my earnings to that lot.living on a breadline while my ex swans off to the continent every year at my expense.for the past 3 months they have been trying to avoid me and the situation so i threatened them with court action unless they get thier finger out and sort it.

  16. [..YouTube..] Simple rule not paying Child Support is not an option. Default and the Agency can take 40% of your earnings from your employer. Self employed people the baliffs go in simple as that. SUPPORT YOUR KIDS OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES.

  17. [..YouTube..] To all the posters on here giving Jake stick.

    You obviously have no children and do not understand the frustration that fathers have to go through dealing with this incompetent bunch of f*ckwits.

  18. Perhaps those of you that think all NRP’s are avoiding payments might want to consider my situation. I’ve a 16 yr old daughter. Her mother and I split when she was 3. Since then I’ve paid my ex directly. She soon moved her new boyfriend in (they have a 7 yr old daughter together now) and claims benefits as though she were a single parent. I didn’t know she was claiming as her boyfriend works (own decorating business) and had no dealings with the CSA. The CSA got involved last year when my ex had to re-claim her benefits as my daughter left school and went to college. At this point they calculated that although I’ve paid, as she was on benefits it wasn’t enough and should have been paid through them (apparently private agreements are null if the pwc is a benefit claimant) so they’ve landed me with a DEO and demands for the princely sum of thirty thousand pounds. It’s a ‘repayment’ to the secretary of state (mitigation of loss against her benefit payments) because my ex has never worked and claimed benefits falsely but, as they have me in their grip and I’m a soft target and more likely to pay, they refuse to get some sense and press her for the money. She’s admitted to them what I’ve paid but their calculations come out at 3 times the amount. By the way, I remarried, have a 6 yr old son with my wife and we have another beby due in two weeks. We both work full time, always have, yet have almost no money left in our wages to enjoy life – we couldn’t afford to smoke or take holidays yet my ex seems to enjoy plenty of both. The strain’s enormous and we’re currently facing something called parallel action, where the CSA get the ‘debt’ recognised by the courts and then instruct debt collectors / bailiffs & threaten you with prison terms if the debt isn’t paid within their 2 year remit. In summary, I agree, we should all pay for our children but the CSA’s incompetence and refusal to abide by common sense & morality is having an enormously adverse effect on the working parents trying to have a life and play fair by the system. I already pay almost £950 pcm in tax and NI and haven’t claimed benefits in the 19 years I’ve worked – I would have thought they’d take that into consideration too. Some of you need to climb down off your high horses, take your heads out of your rectums and consider those of us that are being raped by an injust and maladministrated government department which is neglecting it’s duties to consider the welfare of all children affected by it’s actions. It certainly isn’t considering my children.

  19. I neglected to mention that the DEO was issued after I received a letter last January stating the CSA’s intentions and demands – I called them and had several lengthy conversations explaining the arrangement with my ex and for them to confirm with her so I could sort the problem out with the CSA. They instructed me to do nothing and they would contact me once they’d confirmed what I’d told them. They did not contact me, instead they wrote to my employer (I’d told them all the information on the phone they asked for when I rang them, including my employer’s details…….wasn’t a wise thing to do!) requesting pay details etc. My employer informed me of this and I just thought it was standard procedure so did not complain. A few weeks later my employer and I received (on the same day) instructions to comply with the DEO the CSA had set up. I called and complained but they said as I’d not paid through them over the last umpteen years (I never had an arrangement with them, it’s because my ex claims benefits, as previously described) that I was obviously avoiding payments. Absolute tripe. The DEO started at just under 700 pcm (no kidding) and is now at just under 300 after reassessments with proper information yet they are indignantly refusing to recalculate the ‘arrears’ based on my salary (increasing over the years obviously) and information I’d given them about my lodgings payments many years ago when they first contacted me and I told them, by recorded post and phone, that my ex an I had a private arrangement. I never heard from them again. In fact, I lived at that lodging for about a year after I’d (I thought) sorted things out with the CSA and received no communication, written or otherwise, telling me I needed to go through them. Hence my continuing payments direct to my ex. I just wish the people working in the newly formed CSA way back then had have told me where I stood and what I needed to do rather than just bumble along ineptly, mishandle my ‘case’ and refuse to comply with simple requests. I have spent many, many hours on the telephone with a great number of people at the CSA, mainly at their Hastings office, trying to sort this debacle out. Some of them, in ‘debt’ especially, are incredibly abrupt, rude and assume everyone on the phone is a chancer. Whereas many in other departments there are really pleasant to speak with, listen to you (though can’t / won’t help you) and deserve our sympathy for the hundreds if not thousands of calls they must receive from abusive clients. However, it has become apparent that no matter how you try to reason with the CSA or point them in the direction of common sense, you will not be helped and I would advise anyone out there experiencing what I am that you correspond completely via recorded post (I do, always now not just with these people) and write in for a Subject Access Request to the data protection room so you can at least attempt to decipher the calculations and see where the cock ups have been. If any of you reading this work for the CSA please accept my apologies if you are one of the people that remember you’re all civil servants, and therefore respect the requests/wishes of the clients you deal with on both sides of the fence, and deal with people professionally and responsibly, in fairness. You are few. My name is John Daniels – feel free to contact me on jgdaniels@hotmail.com

  20. [..YouTube..] just won my battle with the CSA.they now admit liability on thier part.i will recieve any money due back to me that has been overpaid plus a compensation order is to follow due to thier negligence.

  21. [..YouTube..] Well said. Fathers rights are neglected so much in this society thanks to many idiots, and one of the many bastards like CSA love it. Fuck the CSA and their handlers they are a waste of space even their employees suffer.

  22. [..YouTube..] Well said. Fathers rights are neglected so much in this society thanks to many idiots, and one of the many bastards like CSA love it. Fuck the CSA and their handlers they are a waste of space even their employees suffer.

  23. what a fuking joke this country is … all other methods of benefits are “means tested” except the c s fuking a.. my ex left me for another bloke earns 26k a year hes on about 40k they live now 50 miles away from me and i earn 17k a year but the csa want £53 a week plus arrears from me after i pay my rent council tax etc i`m skint so hence no car to visit and see my kids no days out holidays etc while she has range rover bmw hols in disnay etc …how the fuk is this fair and means tested !!! also i know she has a few hundred k in her account… imagine if roles where reversed … i have no problem paying for my kids and if they were hungry and cloth less i would give every penny but my kids have everything they need and dont want to see there dad cos home life is much better with mod cons holidays sport cars etc …. no fuking wonder people top them selves over this biggest piece of goverment bollocks ever made..

  24. well check this out ive just found out the the csa would like to do a reacessment of my acount i no longer live with my parnter of my second child i pay her maintance directy into her bank becouse i do this and not gone throught a court or csa in other words we came to a agreement like adults i can not clain that i pay maintance of my second son
    i had over 7 years of shit with this lot when my second son was born (not lowing the payment) then i wrote to my local mp and all of a sudden they lowered the pay
    looks like im going to have more bad times with these idots
    last time made me very ill so im not looking forward to this time this phone call was quite mild compared to some of the calls i have had and today i contacted them to ask about why the will not accept that i pay maintiance for my secord son well i got one put a phone down on me and the 2 were like a stuck record
    i need help but who do i goto im lost
    i feel like a child in a play ground being bulied and haveing my dinner money taken away

    ps if you just ganna take the piss dont bother i have not itme for silly comments

  25. iv had nothing but grief with these money grabbing slags and can relate to every sensible comment on here apart from the silly bitches that feel they have been fucked over by blokes.just feel like dressing up loke batman abd climbing on the roof of their hastings building perhaps then they will take notice of what iv got to say which would be pretty colourful at the least. good luck to all of my fellow victims

  26. The CSA are a nightmare, and this is a from a RP. Unlike the Original Poster my ex didnt want to pay a thing toward our children. I would have been as happy as a pig in p** if he’d contributed toward my mortgage!

    As it is they’ve had to do a DEO on him, which quite frankly is completely right.

    They now get the money, but ‘forget’ to pay it to me!

  27. I couldn’t agree more with Mr Daz’s point of view. I got a letter out of the blue from the CSA the other month saying I owed £2000 in arrears and unless I paid immediately they would take me to court. I was mystified. I had been making my regular payments and this was the first I’d heard of any arrears.

    So I rang them up and spoke to someone who said they’d look into it but clearly had an attitude that I was trying to shirk payment or something. However, I was lucky. Someone did call me back. They said they had got my account ‘mixed up’ with someone else’s and I had been wrongly charged. I didn’t actually owe them a penny. Absolutely bloody unbelievable.

    The CSA is one of the most incompetent organisations in the world. It has caused no end of distress to families and it is absolutely right that it is exposed for its incompetency.

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