CSA mistakes continue

I phoned the CSA again today, chasing up my request from January 20th where I asked for a complete breakdown of what I had paid so far, and for a recalculation of what I am due to pay.

As you may remember from my phonecall on January 20th, I was told that I had paid £58.75 for 23 weeks, totalling £900. Of course, as I pointed out at the time, £58.75 x 23 isn’t £900, it’s £1,351.25. The woman on the phone knew it was wrong (as you can hear in the phonecall) and she said she’d get it resolved and I’d get a new payment schedule sent to me in a few weeks.

It’s been 3 weeks now, so I phoned up just to check where they were up to.

Guess what?

That’s right, not only have they NOT done it, they have NO RECORD of my ever phoning up!

You honestly cannot make this shit up. The CSA may not have any record of my phonecall, but I have. Plus, I have a record of this one too, so you can listen to it here.

Is this latest error down to incompetence from the woman I spoke to last time, or simple corruption within the CSA? You decide.

Darren Jamieson

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