CSA lie about receiving my complaint letter

I’m astonished, truly astonished. I telephoned the CSA today to find out why they hadn’t contacted me to discuss my complaint letter, as their letter stated, and why it had been over 15 days since the date of their letter and they hadn’t resolved it, or contacted me to arrange an extension, again as their letter stated.

Guess what they said?

That’s right, they’ve no record of ever receiving a complaint letter from me! Despite not only receiving it, they’ve actually replied to confirm receipt of it, they say they haven’t got any record of me sending them a complaint.

Is it any wonder this is considered the most incompetent, corrupt government organisation ever created?

I’ve now been told by Paul Gratton from the child support agency’s Birkenhead office that he’s passing my telephone complaint onto someone, who he refused to identify, and requesting that she (he did say SHE) calls me back tomorrow. He did not confirm that she would call me back however, as I doubt she will.

So, if I’ve been told that I cannot speak to the CSA over the phone, and they lie about receiving my letters despite replying to me confirming receipt of them, how am I supposed to contact them?

Perhaps I should try a fucking carrier pigeon, or maybe conduct a séance? Whatever I try, the lying bastards will no doubt refuse to accept that they’ve heard from me.

This is why I record everything and keep copies of everything. They can lie all they want, but I have the proof of their lies and incompetence both in writing, and as MP3 files.

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2 thoughts on “CSA lie about receiving my complaint letter”

  1. I learnt my lesson also about them lying about recieving letters. What i do now when i need to contact them is email them from thier contact link on the website which also gives you confirmation that they’ve recieved it. Even with that they’ve said a few times they’ve not recieved the email but i got the independent case examiner involved with thier constant lies and failure to act upon information given. I’d advise anyone else to do the same and maybe if there’s enough people complaining through ICE then the Goverment will stop pretending there’s no problem with the clowns that work for the CSA and start p45in them starting from the top and working thier way down

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