CSA gives me lots of traffic

Due to my many blogs on the corrupt and incompetent Child Support Agency I seem to be getting a substantial amount of traffic from people searching for them. Whilst looking through my web stats I noticed all of these searches on Google have meant different people have found my website since January 1st this year, that’s less than 1 month.

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bmw csa wanted
can csa find a place of work
csa , no address
csa 2 weston road crewe
csa and mortgage payments
csa any good?
csa can i claim travel costs
csa cant claim arrears if they dont have correct address
csa changed my arrear payments
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csa complaints
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csa complaints letter
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csa incorrect arrears
csa insurance company complaints
csa leigh eglon
csa lose my house
csa making me bankcrupt
csa mortgage variation
csa not paying my wife the money
csa over charging
csa owe me
csa property rental income
csa scum
csa take money out of savings
csa took my car
csa travel expenses
csa variation 8%
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mr daz csa
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I hope all of those people found what they were looking for on MrDaz.com. I aim to help!

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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3 thoughts on “CSA gives me lots of traffic”

  1. Oh dear, think one of them may well be me!!
    4th from bottom???
    How interesting what you can find when you know what your doing?

  2. i have been reading all of these threads vigorously hoping to find some kind of loophole so the csa will leave me alone, they are ruining my life, i am wondering if an unbelievable number of people stood up, took part in campaign marches, signed protest partitions etc etc there is no way the government can avoid this especially if it was some kind of hunger strike i think by law they cannot ignore it. i am just sick of slowly going brunkrupt.

    there are no doubt something like a million of us being screwed over and no doubt millions more who would join our cause.

    We CAN make all the difference make them shut down the csa instantly we just cant do it alone sitting in our lounges moaning on the internet. i say SHOUT at whoever will listen, outside the csa head quarters over the news, in newspapers, protest marches in front of mp’s and the prime minister.

    THEY CANNOT IGNORE US ALL, AND CERTAINLY THEY CANNOT ARREST US ALL!!! Im not sure how long this will take to get deleted so please write down my email. joee1985@hotmail.co.uk

  3. Well, the 28.10.09 has brought complete misery to me and my partner of 10 years, on the date above a letter from the good old CSA fell through my letter box regarding a child i new nothing about,….. wait for it ..wait for it…… from 17 years ago. according to the CSA i now owe £27000 in arrears. suffice to say i have requested a DNA test for which they were supposed to ring me back, but so far they have not, i am now worried sick about this, i have my partner and two step children to consider and on top of this we are so heavily in debt to the point that if i were to have one day on the sick at work i would be in arrears with debtors, i cant even afford a trip to the dentist (which i desperately need)
    and can barely afford a hair cut. my fear now is that i will lose my car due to not being able to meet the payments, the reason i worry about my car is simple,,,,, i work night shift and always start a Midnight, there is no public transport at that time of night to get me there, if i lose my car i lose my job which can only add to my problems, what will become of me and family now is anyones guess and the furthest thing from the CSA”s minds,

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