CSA force me to quit my job

Sadly it’s finally come down to my having to resign from my job as a direct result of the CSA. It’s not something I wanted to do, but as they’re taking 40% of my salary, refuse to speak to me over the phone and haven’t sent my employer an updated payment schedule in almost 2 years, I can’t continue.

The last message I received from the idiots stated how they had sent a payment schedule to Just Search in July 2008, however they hadn’t sent one. I didn’t receive one and Just Search didn’t receive one.

The CSA lied.

I then heard that my DEO (deduction of earnings order) can’t be changed by my employer until the CSA send them an updated payment schedule, which they’re not planning on doing until July this year. This is despite my having already overpaid according to my records, and my employer’s records. Now, as the CSA lied about sending one in 2008, am I to trust they’ll send one in 2009?

Not likely. Even if they do actually send a new payment schedule this July, with the correct reduced payments, I would then have to APPEAL to get my money back!!!

Again, this isn’t going to happen.

As the CSA refuse to provide my employer with the correct payment schedule, haven’t done so for nearly 2 years and refuse to speak to me I’m left with no option but to quit. I can’t afford to work anymore.

I’m not the first to have to do this and I won’t be the last. I really don’t understand how the CSA can legally demand money direct from your employer based on a calculation that they refuse to update, and claim they did in 2008, when they blatantly didn’t. They have lied to me, they have lied to Just Search and they have been stealing money from me. No one can do anything about them, they are not governed by any policing body and they’re answerable to no one.

It’s a shame, but that’s the child support agency for you. Of course the real losers in all of this are my children, as they won’t receive any money from now on. The CSA have made sure of that. That is of course assuming they’ve received any of it in the first place?

Here is the letter I sent to the CSA informing them of this. Perhaps someone has a comment on this?

Birkenhead Child Support Agency
Great Western House
Woodside Ferry Approach
CH41 6DA

REF: Resignation from employment
National Insurance Number: **********

Dear Sirs

I write to notify you that due to your failure to act accordingly, and your failure to supply my employer, Just Search, with a payment schedule since July 2007 (almost TWO years ago) I have had no option but to resign from my job.

May 7th 2009 will be the last day of my employment as it just isn’t financially viable for me to continue working when the CSA are taking 40% of my salary and refuse to update my payment schedule to account for my overpayment.

Congratulations to you sirs, you have forced another hard working father who just wants to earn a living, pay his way and see his kids, to quit his job. I do hope the government rewards you accordingly for adding to the country’s unemployment figures.

I will be unemployed until further notice, but won’t be going out of my way to find a job. Nor will I be claiming benefit, as I don’t believe in sponging off other people who do work.

I complete a self assessment tax return for my affiliate earnings, but made a loss last year due to increased costs and reduced revenues. I might break even this year, so there is still nothing you can claim from me as I will not be earning.

This will be my last letter to you as I do not wish to correspond with you via letter in future. Any future correspondence must be made via phone call. You have my number, but here it is again just in case: ***** *** ***.


Darren Jamieson

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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45 thoughts on “CSA force me to quit my job”

  1. thats some shit news mate , CSA are a bunch of wankers all the gov are here for is to dip into our pockets sorry to hear it mate

  2. Sorry to hear that the CSA have managed to deal the final straw, I can understand that being caught within their riduculous system which is full of abuse, victimisation, maladministration and errors simply becomes too much.

    I can’t see that your letter will lead to any action within the CSA walls. It appears all we can do is increase public awareness, which this website does well, and overwhelm them with complaints so the statistics reach the political agenda of MPs.

    Watch out they don’t try to get you for purposeful deprivation of income.

  3. man these csa twats are leaving with 342 a forthnight, my rent is 600 a month and i am left with less than 25 a week to live on. what kind of country do we live in where i am force to quit my job in a time where the gov are so worried about the incresing levels of unemployment. i love my job and dont want to leave but i will be better off by at least 40 a week. fuck this country and the money hungry pricks that run it.

  4. The csa took me to court last week for arrears of which they made themselves by not accepting money from me they have given me a signed agreement to pay the debt off and have been doing so for the last year never missed a payment ! so the csa spoke to me before i went in to the court room and said i would have a liabilty put against me whether i went in the court room or not ! so i went in and told them the real facts and guess what no liabilty was put on me so i would like to say to anyone out there they are a bunch of liars so stand up and fight your case in court !

  5. Never mind Daz.
    The CSA can’t stop you loving your kids, they content themselves with indiscriminately ruining good people instead.
    I’m very tempted to move abroad myself so I can earn a good living without interference from the CSA and hopefully build for her future that way, except my daughter and I would be heartbroken under those circumstances. What do you do with a corrupt ‘company’ that has free reign to discriminate and extort money from good people with the governments blessing so they can hit their targets?
    It’s disgusting but it doesn’t surprise me when so many of our brave young men are coming home in body bags from Afghanistan without the government batting an eyelid.
    Did you see the Labour Party Conference? A sychophantic display without any substance whatsoever to my mind.
    You’re not alone… and that goes for all Dads reading this.
    Don’t let the Bastards grind you down.
    Paul Magee

    P.S. If you wish, you can contact me by e-mail. We should group together you know.

  6. Interesting article that I was looking for, I’m now in this position. I’ve been telling the CSA since September that £500 a month is too much as I travel a long distance to get to work and back (it was that or wait to be made redundant in my previous job).
    They’ve been telling me I can spread the arrears payments over two years instead of one. And telling me, and telling me. Still £500 a month comes out. The exhaust has fallen off my van, the tax is up and now my bank has foreclosed my account for defaulting on my bank loan.
    I can’t afford to work anymore.

  7. the bunch of fuckin arseholes ave gt hold of my earnings n r takin over 40% of my wages off of me, the way things r lookin im also guna ave 2 do the same as ‘Darren Jamieson’ n quit my job coz there is no way i can afford 2 live n give my children the life they deserve anymore, i’ll jus ave 2 find cash in hand work so the bullying c*nts cant take fuck all off me, csa i hope u come unstuck one day n u get wot u deserve, if u were a person u should marry the social services coz u’d b a well suited couple tht r only gd at one fing, destroyin peoples lives

  8. They took my job too, with an estimated liability based on averaging my first 3 months income a year. This showed an income of £3000 a year more than I got. Failed to get them to look at it again for 8 years now. Liability order pending. So sick of their bullying, lying, cheating, misdirections, unclear manipulations have set up http://www.classactionhero.co.uk . Please join class action suit – CSA /CMEC are clearly undermining basic human rights and the Secretary of State is ultimately responsible.

  9. im going throught the same thing now paying nearly £3000 a year for my two kids. its not the money that i refuse to pay its not seeing my kids. i have no idea of where they live, i have been told my ex has changed the maiden names to hers and CSA expect me to fork out £400 a month which is outragous. I have another child on the way with my new partner, and i am determined to let CSA know this and that i cannot afford to pay that amount. if needs be ill sit outside citizens advice to see what can be done.

  10. If you go onto their website and make a claim, any claim for any person but near the end it will ask if this person is working or on social security/Job seekers. If you say they are out of work or whatever it is then they don’t want to know simply because they wont be able to get anything out of these people meaning it’s a lot easier to target the working than the non working….. what a joke!

  11. i to am in this situation , i only work 31 hours a week at a supermarket and get paid every 4 weeks, the money i get just about covers rent and other bills, i have paid to my children for years and now my ex has got the csa involved because she wants to make my life hell , i have had her hanging the csa over my head for years so she would get her own way ,the goverment need to look at both families incomes and assess it that way , because my ex has more per month coming into her household than i do , i dont mind paying for my children its just the amounts that the csa come up with are unrealistic and leave many families in hardship .they are making it so its not worth me going to work .

  12. I Myself also has had his problem. I was earning min wage doing 30hours due to redundancy from my previous job which when I worked there I paid 50 a week cash to my sons mum but she clearly went in a huff when I was made redundant and therefore contacted csa. They say I have to pay 47a week and also I have 1200 arrears as I have no proof of giving her money. Not only does she earn nearly double her house is local authority so its cheap. And yes you guesses it I’m private let but not Through choice its because I don’t have a dependant so can find my own house. All this despite he spends 3sleeps a week with me every week.

  13. Looks like i will be joining the unemployment list too.
    CSA are going to start taking 40% of my wages.
    Theres no talking to them, they dont care if you cant afford to pay your bills.
    Ive contacted my local MP who has written to them but im not holding much hope.
    My next step before quiting my job will be the CAB to see if they can help in anyway.
    I love my job but i just cant afford to live on £20 a week.
    So you end up jobless, homeless and maybe dead.

  14. we need to stand together and protest and get in the public interest or its never going to change

  15. It seems there are far too many of us who are being forced to give up work because of these money hungry sharks! It has too stop, life should go on after splitting up from some dumb arse ex wife/girlfriend but unfortunately it doesn’t. They contact the money sharks who only care about getting as much as they can out of you, this government wants this country to work then it needs to look whats going on with the csa! Protest and I’m in! Why can’t these bloody afghans and Iraqis blow the csa up, I’d even help them!

  16. im in the same boat here…

    I have 3 kids and 2 live with mum and 1 with me.
    my partner is disabled and cant work so has no imcome. i have had to reduce my hours at work to care for her, losing yet more money… i love my job and dropping my hours was an alternative to quitting whilst caring for my partner. I also love my kids i see my 2 kids every other weekend and every monday totalling 6 days in every 14.
    i earn now 110 per week for the three of us to live on whilst my partners DLA claim is sorted.

    Now the CSA have started tp take 40% of my wages leaving a family of 3 just £88 to live on.

    my ex left me in debts up to the eye balls and lives the life of a king. she gets the working tax and child benefit for the 2 and i get the same for 1. my ex hasnt seen the daughter that lives with me for a year and never payed a penny yet the csa have me by the balls.

    All i asked the CSA to do was leave me enough to keep a roof over my head.

    And guess what they said nothing and i lost my home and so did my daughter.

    I know live in a council house and i cant even afford the rent because of these pen pushers.

    oh yeah and my ex doesnt even buy the kids any clothes. of i dont buy them then my kids look scruffy

    how am i expected to live… all this has caused depression and my disabled partner is struggling to cope as well…

    All i want is to see my kids and support them best that i can not best the CSA can give the best i can give.

    The CSA are a law to themselves and supposed to help families not distroy them, i love my daughter as much as the 2 that live with mum and i cant provide for her so it looks like the only way she can have a decsent life is send her to live with her mother which she doesnt want to do.. but as a father how can i sit and watch my daughter have nothing and no live because of my ex. as if thats not hard enough to watch without trying to cope with a disabled partner.
    the relation between me and partner and me and daughter are almost at breaking point because we cant live…. i wish i could make the csa see whatn they are doing to people…. i am one day short of having my kids the same as my ex 6 in 14 days and she gets benefits and csa i get nothing. when i cant feed these 2 babies.. what will come next social services? this country is a joke …… i guess its cause im english and not an imagrant….. Thats why this country is becoming a joke.

    even imagrants get more to live on and i have more rights to be here and i paid my taxes and shit…

    i have already had a breakdown and nearly took my life to end this misery… but thats selfish my kids need a dad.

    What kind of dad lets there own kids suffer ….

    Im left to take the law in my own hands and fight as dirty as my ex did to get custody of the kids in the first place

    The csa treat me like a monster…. and guess what… they made me into one

    this country is a joke and its about time the goverment heard it from normal folk not peole who sit behind desks judging and destroying families

    Stand up Dads and be counted

    dont let the csa ruin your family like this

    i wish i could answer everyones prayers and get fathers a fair shot with there kids

  17. I would gladly join any group against the CSA. We are in a slightly different situation, we moved to Australia to try and salvage some of our life after the csa ruined it. I am the wife of someone being screwed to death by these arrogant self centred pricks. My husband left his ex a house with almost no mortgage, a new car full paid for all the endowments and insurance policies and left with nothing not even any furniture. All this to make sure his kids were safe and secure. They are now taking over £2000 a month leaving us with nothing to live on. They will not take into account what was given to her. They have come up with imaginary arrears of over £20,000 and are charging £200 a month in interest because we cannot pay it. We do not get a penny in benefits have to pay all our healthcare, dental, schooling and child care. We have no house, no car, no savings and zero in our bank account. We cannot afford to take our son the the dentist. We cannot have a loan as we are on a working visa and are living off a credit card month to month. All this time the ex bitch is living a life of luxury. No mortgage to child care as the kids are old enough to be in the house alone. We live below the governments breadline and they will not assist us. Meanwhile we are paying more in child support for two children than we are allowed to have to live on for three people. We are being forced to leave Australia because of this and will return to the uk with nothing. We cannot even afford to bring our furniture back so will be stuffed. Where are our human rights. The stupid thing is we will be unemployed and unable to pay anything so the kids are not going to get anything in the future. All the time we are told that she has a choice Of whether she wants an English assessment of £6000 or an Australian assessment of £24k. As an evil twisted selfish bitch what do they think she is going to take. We are desperate and not a single person will help us. MP’s won’t even bother responding. You would think on the assessment that my husband was earning a fortune but I can assure you he is not. He has a company car and they say that’s the same as having £20000 extra disposable income. Joke the car is not even worth that with all costs fuel, insurance thrown in. This system is a disgrace where they would let my son go without basic healthcare to pay for the other children to live a lifestyle way beyond any normal family. She gets all the tax credits and benefits and council tax relief for being single on top of this and does not have to pay tax on it. She also works part time (less than the amount required to loose benefits may I add). So sponging off the welfare as well as us. I hope that this one days stops as it is criminal. Ps so you know the CSA are the only ones who can still come after you if you are made bankrupt because of them.

  18. |Feel for you all, my situation isthat i was diagnosed disabled back ion 2004 but have managed to keep going workwise fortunately. CSA payment taike into account my wages(meagre) and also tax credits and expect them to come to 300 a month. All this while she sit there in a newly built house, while she rent another house out, and she’s going cruising to the caribbean at christmas. She refuses to let mew see the kids, and has poisoned them againt me to the point they are scared to talk to me on the p[hone. All iin alol nim sick of it but cant affford to lose my job, iv been on the sick for 3 weeks now due to stress and MS relapses caused by it all. Contacting the csa did no help. “we dont take inhto account her income or anything”… what a depeartment, give to one who doesnt need it, kill off the other…. suppose it saves on the benefits…

  19. Sadly I have had to do the same today.

    I have worked solidly for the past 14 years and in my job I got paid a quarterly bonus if all targets were hit.

    CSA based there monthly calculation around this and if I dont hit a target one quarter it cripples me for 6 months.

    I explained this to them again and again and just got told its the way they have to do it. I told them I do not mind paying but they must base it on your actual income month to month via PAYE.

    anyway I spoke to them today and told them about my change in circumstances and they asked “Did you quit because of CSA”.
    I kindly answered yes as I cannot afford to live with the payments your demanding”.

    Now she puts me on hold for a couple of minutes and then says “Well as you have quit to avoid paying the CSA you can face a fine and will not receive any benefits”

    Im shocked and surely this is infringing on human rights to a degree?

    Anyway it seems like this organisation need to be abolished as like many others here its forcing dads that always have and want to work into the unemployed figures.

  20. I also can no longer afford to live .. I am working for nothing .. cant afford basics … I smell because cant afford electric and basics to live .. bring on prison please at least its a roof over my head and 3 meals a day .. better than this hell i am getting now .. fuck the csa it cant force me to work because worst it can do is inn prision me and I would,love that ..no more bills to pay and no more struggling

  21. I have just given up work due to nor able to get to work as 40% off my wage left me with not enough to actually get to work as petrol costs are to much. These bastards do not care and I will be claiming dole getting, and all the things my ex got for nothing for 20 years I will get and not have to get out of bed at 4 in the morning till 7 at night for nothing. It nis a shame as I loved my job both my children hate me as my ex convinced them I never paid a penny to there upbringing even though over the years I have paid thousands. The problem is when you went to court to arrange payments and seeing the children it was in the open, now have a baby andn no need to have any contacty just ring CSA and get screwed and have no say in the childs welfare or upbringing as what the mother says goes and you are kept away.

  22. I’m at a total loss as to what to do, my partner is in the same situation although his is a little more complicated. Two kids by two different mums. He is allowed access to one who he sees 4 days a week and a daughter he is not allowed to see who’s mother made the claim to CSA. We had to get the other mum involved in order to make the payments equal otherwise they don’t even take into account the other child!!!
    They are now taking 40% of his wages and can’t explain how the payments are so high coz it just doesn’t add up, they basically said their allowed to take it so their going to!!!!
    This leaves us with very little to support the child we’re actually allowed to see and pay for rent, bills, petrol etc. They just won’t listen, you get no straight answers, their rude and just fob you off with all sorts of shit.
    I’m so angry that they have the power to destroy peoples lives just so peoples ex’s can get revenge. Idiots

  23. The reason so much money is being taken from you is because you’ve probably dodged paying for your children’s upkeep.
    You’re all moaning because your precious lives are gonna be hard, well tough, don’t you ever think about the children in this, my son tried to kill himself recently, we’ve no money and no life, he’s just turned into a teenager, his dad dodged the csa and lives like a king.
    I hope the csa gives him a taste of his own medicine, most kids live in poverty and go to bed hungry because of men like you.
    How do you like it, most people don’t have enough money, working or on benefits, I’d rather my children ate than me, they are vulnerable, adults can fend for themselves! It’s 40% of your wages, you’re not gonna die! – budget like the rest of us have got to and pay for you kids then you don’t have to pay so much arrears when they finally catch up with you, irresponsible idiots.

  24. it as also got to the point in which I too will have to leave my job because of the csa incompatance. having lost my paperwork for 11 years there have now come up with arrears of around £11,000, to be taken by DEO at £850 per month, but £7,500 of these arrears occurred, over a 17 month period, before July of 2000 when I was on low wagers or unemployed. the csa will not listen to me so would appreciate any useful advice.

  25. Sally whilst you are indeed able to freely speak your mind, please do so having considered the position that the corrupt and unjust government agency that is the CSA place many decent and hardworking NRP’s under.
    I have paid thousands to my ex over the years via the CSA and from experience as an NRP, you’re voice is never heard when requesting a fair and just treatment by them.
    I pay in excess of £400 a month to support my children. My wife and I lead a frugal lifestyle and will have to continue to do so, whilst the other party enjoy the benefit of a house and other assets I worked hard for but lost.
    Forgive my simplistic approach, but in a bid to promote fairness, one would reasonably assume that my contribution of c.£400should be matched by my ex. Thus meaning that £800 would be the hypothetical sum to raise two children each month. Do the maths and I think not! The system is biased towards the NRP paying a large sum without any consideration to their welfare or monthly expenditure that they may have in also supporting their new families whilst supporting their children. In many cases NRP’s lose contact with their children and arguably worse cannot afford to buy the basics for them when they do have contact with them. In many cases, through no fault of their own that their marriages came to an end.

    If you take the time to read many NRP’s posts here, you will see the general consensus is they largely have no problem in supporting their children. What is their plea is to be treated with fairness and consideration financially with arrears which can largely be due out of the blue, due to the incompetent administration by the CSA. Maybe if you have walked the path of many of us who’ve had the misfortune of ‘talking to the brick wall’ that is the CSA, then you would understand the stress and pain it causes when you’re treated like criminals.

  26. I too have just been hit with the 40%. Taking 40% of my wages leaves me with just enough to pay the rent and not enough to get to work (I live 7 miles from work and bus fair is 70-80 a month).

    I have contacted my local MP to ask for his assistance, I have asked for a more lenient percentage to be taken over a longer period. By my reckoning I have 7 years left of CSA to pay (my daughter is 11).

    Why do they always work in 24 month periods when it comes to arrears (yes I am at fault but I am trying to correct my mistakes).

    The CSA would be a more likable situation if they calculated using years remaining:

    You owe X amount, you have X years left, we will increase your CSA to accommodate this.

  27. I agree with the point of the csa incompetence. According to the csa, or whatever name they use now , I was earning in excess of £74000 a year according to her. Which made me laugh for a few minutes me being unemployed through illness and other circumstances not to mention in and out out basic wage agency work. I confronted the “lady” on the phone and told her that using lies to threaten me was illegal. Funnily enough I got a letter 2 weeks later with correct info. I am spending ever day applying for jobs and chasing them up. I don’t have a problem with paying csa/child maintenance but I do have a problem with how the new calculations are made. Off my gross income and not after I pay my living expenses. How is that fair when no deductions are made from the disgusting amount of benefits my ex receives but instead gets csa as extra. I’m not entitled to any support and don’t really want to sponge. I even attempted to go self employed. Didn’t manage a full year ended up borrowing of family to pay costs
    . These vultures have been given too much power and appear to be above reproach. Surely there is a way to challenge this system legally as there seems to be human rights issues. After all this is a democratic country ….isn’t it??.Once again when I am successful in finding work I have no problem paying towards my kids needs , but there has to be a fairer way to calculate payments taking into account both net incomes. Just saying

  28. I too am going through CSA hell. They have said I have £7k arrears as they had wrongly assessed me from day one. They said I was assessed under the old scheme where they should have assessed me under the new scheme, so I am having to pay for there error not mine. It’s £297 extra a month they want for 2 years which I cannot afford on the salary I earn. I have contacted my mp, but unsure if he can do anything, time will tell. I hear people say contact CAB, but are people aware that CAB are stakeholders in the CSA?
    Here is a list of stake holders, you would be surprised its on pages 31 and 32. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/s … on.pdf.pdf
    Not sure what to do, cant afford not to work, but Cant afford the arrears, what a nightmare.

  29. The CSA bullied me, harrased me to the point of having a nervous break down and made me loose the will to live. I feel suicidal every day. I have also been discriminated also due to being transsexual.

  30. I want to do a protest outside thier office and will do it on my own if i have to. This organisation should be abolished with the way they have destroyed so many lives.

  31. I have just been reading the horror stories and it truly amazes me that after all these years our voices have not been heard.
    My case has only just got to the ombudsman stage after 8 years of fighting the CSA/Cmec.
    We have now proved fraud which has been fully supported since 2009 when my ex finally admitted that I was not the father to her children (something we knew from the beginning in 2007) still the CSA/Cmec still fully support the mother.
    I had a break down and lost everything mean while the mother poisoned my biological child against me to the point where I haven’t seen her for five years. The mother does not want the biological father pursued!
    I have done the 40% of my wage thing even when I got into a new relationship which involved 3 children, the CSA failed to acknowledge them.
    The law says 40%, I have wage slips from 2010 clearly showing 76.4% of my wage taken and still the CSA did nothing.
    My case has been filled with maladministration which the ICE failed to find, Ive had my MP involved, been to several solicitors that all say the system is biased and that the law doesn’t support the male!
    I have made youtube videos, written two books to blow this wide open, I almost got the story printed in the Mail on Sunday/Sunday mirror and both pulled out at the last minute.
    We have had our human rights violated and been discriminated against as well as branded “Dead-beat-dads!” and yet it still goes on.
    Where is our voice? Who is fighting for us?
    I personally will never give up and never give in. I have stared death in the face several times due to the depression caused by the csa and almost sectioned because of it!
    We simply must stand together and fight for our lives, we are the ones that didn’t run away, we are the ones that wanted a life with our children and we are the ones that have been decimated by a system that doesn’t work for the benefit of all.

  32. All the women on here getting on their high horses, men get left with nothing after a relationship breakdown, women get the house, car, kids, tax credits etc. I am a single mom to 3 boys and when I got divorced told my solicitor I didn’t want to screw my husband over for pension , house etc, she said if I could get £10k together I would get everything, I told her I didn’t want that. I take a small amount off my ex now (not done via CSA), he spends a lot on them at the weekends taking them out and stuff which I appreciate for my children. When my ex left I had 3 jobs to ensure I had enough money to support my children, if you cant afford children then really you shouldn’t have them (man or no man), i’d have more self respect than to go hassling my ex for money i’d rather make my own. As for the women who stop their kids seeing their dads money or not it’s absolutely disgusting, the damage will be irreversible and they will resent you for it when they are older, children love their mom and dad and that doesn’t change when you separate. I have a new partner who’s ex only allows him 5 hours contact a week all on her terms, it’s gonna cost £5k to go to court to see them more even though there is no reason they can’t stay over night with us , the CSA take maximum off him every month even though they come to us dirty and in clothes that don’t fit it all gets spent on fags and booze she has cleary said we cant have them over night cause we will have to pay the CSA less! 15 months on she makes every saturday an absolute nightmare picking the kids up, its so stressful to be honest can see why some dads walk away from it all . She’s took his pension, everything in the house, car and only lets him see the kids when it suits her. Should be more rights for Dads now , CSA money should be dependent on visiting and other factors as everyone’s story is different

  33. hi all the csa have tuck my money from my john two i have phone them but they can not tell me anything about my case . they ask me to send pay slips so i did. but when i phone them up they say that they have not got them . they are leaving me with £200 to live one for 2 weeks. my wife can not work as she as got cancer i told them this but all i got was we want are money . we have got rent to pay of £550 a month and a gas bill of £400 and a few bills . i just dont no what to do now . i am thinking of ending it all. that the only way out . i work 16 hours a week as i am on the dr . i know one of my kids have left school and one still at school i told them this but all i got again was we want are money they told me i oh them £4000 what i can not pay but they are thinking it out of my pay my x wife as got a good job . and her new man as got a good job . i dont see my kids as my x wife as stop me seeing them .not see my kids now for over 4 years . so i just can not see a way out of this . can any one help me out there the more money you make they take it of you .phone them up this week again to ask them to stop taking my pay . they said they will but the price i have to pay them is £202 a month . but thats no good as this will just give me and my wife to live on is £20 a week
    there must be some one out there can help all of us men it’s not are falt that are x 2 time us and they get away with it my wife says if we dont see are kids why do we have to pay for them i am thinking of going bankrup but you still hav e to pay the csa so can not do that
    all i am asking is help us men out there why should are x wife get a way with it

  34. Exactly, Ive been there for my kids for the last 8 years never backed down. Lived with me every other week. My son walked out on myself and his grandparents taking my daughter as well. Have not seem them for 6 months, she earns in excess of 40 grand a year and because of this has gone to csm. Despite being there albeit for the last 6 months i am now being stung for £400 pounds a month. I am a hard working nurse who works hard for his patients and is caring. I have just finished renovating a house for me and the kids to live in and am about to lose it due to a corrupt government system. I cannot afford to live. It will be a box on the streets soon. I expect to pay my way but it needs means testing. Divorced men are 9 times higher to committ suicide than women due to financial devestation (its worrying that the government are not bothered abt this statistic). I would work extra hours not for money but to help when the ward was short staffed and because i care abt my patients and ppls welfare. I have to stop now as the ex will just get it all. It needs to change. I will pay but it needs adjusting. This is not my choice all i did was try and bring my son up right and that was it. My ex got my brothers wife involved and its destroyed a family that has already been through enough in recent years. Its all corrupt especially on hard working men who contribute. I am going to fight it…i have too. I probably will not win. If not it will be another man living on the streets. Hope the ppl who work and develop these corrupt laws can sleep well at night because i cannot through stress and worry. Asta la vista house job………wont claim either if that happens. Hope you are all proud at destroying a proud man.

  35. The csa hit me with backdated payments of £46.500. For 1 child who is now 18. I’ve always paid for her the only times I didn’t was when I was unemployed. This time 2years ago I was happily married with 3 other children. Then the csa got involved. The stress of how much I have to pay back etc has caused me and my wife to split up. There for 3 more children Dom a broken home. The csa say there their to benefit the children. I can’t afford to live. To buy a house or rent. My 7 year old daughter even gave me her piggy bank to help me out which broke my heart for her to see her dad like this. The csa r destroying not just hard working decent men but family’s too. I still work even thoo I can’t afford too but what little I have I make sure I can have a day with my children they can’t take that from me

  36. It is very clear that neither the government or the Csa care at all about this current situation!
    People are killing them selves!! But as long as they get money that’s all that matters!
    They say it’s for the children yet access is not taken into account!!!
    It is an unfair system that has no regard for family life!!!
    It is all about money!!!
    Parenting is a two way street yet the income of the mother is not taken into account!!
    A mother could be a billionaire and that does not matter!!!
    It is discrimination against fathers full stop!!!

  37. The Csa go by what the ex partner says they ask them for no proof!!
    And unless you have receipts!!!
    I mean come on let’s be real!!!
    When you have a child and you cos your the only one working pay for everything! Rent food bills pram I mean everything!! At that time do you think oh I better keep receipts just in case in a few years time I get ripped off and acussed of not contributing to my child!!!
    Yet a disgruntled ex can just say no he never paid a thing since the child was born and that is taken as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!
    Ex partners don’t lie according to the Csa!!!
    I mean really!!!
    This has to stop!!!
    Fathers must be given as much rights as mothers and just as there is bad farthers there are bad mothers! Hateful ex partners who guess what tell lies to get what they want!!!
    Equality should mean equality!!!
    If ex partner pays £50 a week then so should the other!!!!
    I know my ex does not give any money to my daughter!!! She has come to me with holes in her socks etc yet the Csa are crippling me with the amount of money they take and this makes me harden to the things I see my daughter in need of!!!

  38. The Csa and the government have blood on their hands!!!
    They are a shambles!!!
    Everyone’s situation is different for lots of different reasons and situations yet nothing is taken into account! You try and speak to the Csa and treated with contempt and ignorance!!
    I tried speaking to them over a mess they caused and when the woman realised they were at fault she got irate and just said well it’s your choice to have children so that’s what you get!!!! Wow woe wait a minute I did not chose this it was forced on me! As a man you don’t actually have a choice!!!
    I was told that she was on contraception to the point I witnessed her apparently taking the pill( little did I know she was not actually swallowing them) and at the time neither me or she was ready for a child!!! And I expressed I did not want one!!! But as most men get I had no choice in the matter and she was having it weather I liked it or not!!!!
    Well in anyone’s book that is not a choice!!!!
    So realising I had no choice I did the right thing!!!
    And supported her and the child !!!
    But damm I did it keep receipts!!!!!!!!
    Cos little did I know that years down the line I was gonna get ripped off off lied on !!
    Was gonna have fight tooth and nail to get any access to this child and then on top of that get money taken from me and not an acceptable amount that would leave me being able to pay my way in society!!!
    I’ve lost my house I’ve lost relationships I’ve lost jobs and am now at the end of my tether!!!
    And would be better off not working!!! How can this be fair and just????

  39. 20% of a monthly income is used in a CSA calculation (private pension contributions are ignored; as are bonuses, income tax/N.I are not); based upon 52 nights/year spent with the non-main care giving parent (male/female/whatever). If a care giver has their child more than 48hrs x2/month the calculation is decreased by 1/6th once the 52 night threshold has been met, so for anyone to suggest they’re being taken for 40% of their gross monthly pay, for failure to use a condom or drink less alcohol is some kind of nuh-uh.

    The absolute most the non-primary caregiver would ‘fork out’ is 20% , that’s the law – if you dip into 53 nights/per year for parenting the amount you pay decreases by 1/6, making your financial contribution less than 20% of your monthly salary.

    Posted October 2017, not October 1917.

  40. Daz. My ex sorted things as being amicable. Payments the lot. Now they still do DEO from wages and causing hard ship between myself my kids and the mother of them. It’s not right at all. They need to be stopped. I’m a hard working individual that wants to make a good life for the children in question. How can I when they take the piss out of us nrp that want to be there?

  41. It’s a scam they have made the law how can you still get child benefit for an adult that can drink smoke vote drive to the age of twenty through there saying this through education then these so called irresponsible adults go out have 4 different children to 4 different dad’s and fleece the system to live they caused this disease they don’t work or want to work when they muppets helped them who holds them for being responsible for there actions it’s the man’s fault I thought it took 2 too make children so she can get help and fleece 4 men through your incompetence why is this surely she should work too they her children too I believe and adult is over the age of 16 why is this there law or British law so why can child benefit be paid the mother should be working as the child is an adult can you explain that to me what a scam

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