CSA fail again

I recently received a letter from the CSA (Child Support Agency) concerning this blog. Seems they’ve seen it and are unhappy I’ve named one of their employees (Steve Gibson) in a previous post. I’ll post up their letter and my reply this weekend when I get home, but the purpose for this post is when I called them this weekend.

You see, they’ve been trying my patience for some months now and still fail to understand what I told them back in January. I telephoned them on Saturday (recorded the call of course, podcast to follow) where one of their call centre buck passers said that my case had been passed to a ‘complicated case worker’ and he assured me, nay guaranteed that this person would phone me after 7:00pm Monday night.

I offered my scepticism of whether this guy would phone me as the CSA have failed at every attempt to contact me, but the chap insisted yes, I would receive a call Monday night.

Guess what?

That’s right, no call. As the CSA read my blog, could they please give me a call at some point like they’re supposed to, like they promised to do and like this weekend’s podcast will reveal them promising to do?

Is it any wonder they’re the laughing stock of the country?

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12 thoughts on “CSA fail again”

  1. maybe you are known to everyone at the CSA, and they have labelled you a vexacious caller, and been told under no circumstanses to speak to you, and are at this moment in time standing around listening to some of your other phone calls that they have recorded and are laughing at you. just a thought.

  2. I am known to the CSA, they’ve had a company wide email about me, but as for them standing around laughing at my phone calls… I think my most recent podcast will dispel that theory.

    As for what I’m going to do this weekend with a video file and YouTube, well, let’s just say the CSA don’t realise what they’ve started.

  3. so – is itthe ‘csa’ as a government agency you are angry at, the MP’s who come up with the legislation, the government who paid out of the tax payers coffers for a computer system that doesn’t work as well as it should do – or are you angry at the staff who work for the agency, who probably get paid a pittance, and do the governments dirty work for them, or is it the thousands of absent parents who think they shouldn’t have to support their own children, or is it the greedy parents who want every penny you have so they can drink it all away, or are you one of the good guys who could just come to an amicable agreement with his ex and pay his maintanace without having to go through the csa in the first place? who is your pod cast really aimed at hurting?

  4. Listen to it, it’s pretty obvious who my anger is aimed at. Even someone from the CSA could work it out.


  5. Shut up, and pay what you owe, instead of whinging on all the while.
    I don’t like paying council tax – I think it is basically unfair, but I don’t start whinging at their staff, and making out that all the world is against me lie you do.
    For once in your pathetic life be a man, pay for the upkeep of your kids, and don’t expect the long-suffering tax-payer to do it for you

  6. Thanks for the ill thought out and uninformed comment Chris. However if you bothered to read further updates on the CSA on this blog you’d realise the level that they’ve stooped to.

    They’ve lied, posted stuff to the wrong address and conned me. Illegality is illegality, whether you’re a government run agency or not.

    Incidentally I always pay what I ‘owe’… the question is what do I owe?

  7. The reason they don’t ring you back is simple….. they generate between 40 and 60% profit from every call you make….how you ask…. well that’s simple also…they use 0845 phone numbers, do a search on google for 0845 numbers and all will be revealed.

  8. Oh and BTW Chris Smith Anderson, lets hope these scumbags don’t come after you at some point in your life, if they do i hope you have the balls to post your feelings then, you now need to ask yourself something…. will my partner be with me forever 100% guaranteed… because when she’s gone mate you are well and truly stuffed.

  9. I could be wrong, but from the comments sense slight hostility towards Chris which I feel is unfare. My views-
    1. The moral reponsibilities of parents and the welfare of the children should be paramount considerations in this particular government initiative.
    2. The CSA don’t give a damn about a parent’s moral responsibilities as their practices have reduced the role of the father to a ‘cashpoint’ and takes no account of the emotional needs of the child(ren) involved.
    3. My guess would be that the fathers mostly affected by the CSA are hardly the types of fathers that the system was (supposedly) set up to target.
    Good luck Chris

  10. Chris I have to agree with Mr Daz, just prey these people never come after you.

    I am now going through the sickening process of the dreaded CSA. I was “paying what I owed” after my partner lied and cheated on me and walked away with the kids, the house and all it’s contents. Not only did she leave me neck deep in debt – I was the one who had to start again. I was paying her voluntary until she moved her out of work boyfriend in and like a vulture she demanded more money than we’d agreed.

    It seems in this country .. the great UK, a man does not even have a statutory right to see his children. Here’s another great concept by the CSA – they reduce the payment amount by 1/7th for every overnight visit. I wonder which genius thought this up? My ex saw this as the perfect way to increase her intake whilst reducing my visitation rights to see my child.

    I never thought things could be this bad and I can forsee that we now have the involvement of this CSA … it’s going to get a lot worse!

  11. Oh… and while I’m at it …

    My ex then went on to marry “the out of work boyfriend” but failed to notify the CSA of this fact. During a conversation a number of months later I informed them of this and was told she could do whatever she wanted … Hell they’re telling me she can.

    I was then informed how they calculated how much I “owe”. After the third time of the person refusing to tell me at a pace I could understand or write down I asked the simple question … “so you don’t take any of my outgoings into account when you do this calculation?”

    The answer = No

    Ah now that’s interesting … I said.

    The answer = Legislation

    I could go on but to keep it brief my next 6 or 7 questions all met with the answer …. “Legislation”. I considered that to be the moment I had hit the brick wall.

  12. Attention of Chris Smith Anderson…

    You sound very nieve indeed i dare say you dont have kids or been lucky enough no to have a wife cheat on you.

    As a tax payer whose kids are you paying for not mine thats a fact. The CSA continually get it wrong, are inefficient, inept and borderline criminal. They make a council seem like the hive of efficiency.

    My ex wife and child have had 3 holidays in 1 year, yet the CSA take about 85% of my free cash after tax and bills. Anyone in there right mind who beleives this is a just system is retarded in my eyes.

    My ex moved 125 miles away and now this level of robbery from my wages is affecting my child as i can no longer afford the petrol to see her. The father in modern Britain is dumped on from a great height. The CSA is often a tool for money grabbing or bitter sinister women to use it as a tool to make there ex’s life a misery rather than reach a private agreement that benefits the child first and foremost, the mother and the father. Not just the mother

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