CSA Deny they’ve had my complaint letter

Yesterday I posted how Paul Gratton from the child support agency said they had no record of my sending a complaint letter to them. This was despite my having the letter from them confirming the receipt of my complaint letter in my hand while talking to him.

Needless to say they never phoned me back today, and I’ve still had no resolution or contact from them since they promised they’d resolve the issue.

As a result, and as I do keep my promises, here’s the podcast of my phone call with them.


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12 thoughts on “CSA Deny they’ve had my complaint letter”

  1. Mr Jamieson, your website has amused me and also provided me with ideas of my own with regard to the Child Support Agency ( Rather an inappropriate name) as I am suffering some of the same issues. I do pay monthly for my children whom I do not see at their request (although they were 8 and 10 when they made that decision). I work as a Network Manager (IT) for an Education establishment and earn a respectable salary for a hard months graft as you will know being involved in this sphere. Unfortunately from my 1800 or so monthly pay i actually get 1135 (minimum drawing rate) as they take the difference. With a mortgage of 742 plus your bills it leaves you with diddly squat. You try and tell them this and ask them to look a little more objectively and they suddenly begin to ignore you. I’m not yet in the same position as you with being “banned” from talking to them (you naughty boy) but I might adopt a similar approach as they never fulfil their promises to you.

    As a matter of interest what is the address of the complaints department, they won’t speak to me anymore in Belfast and always direct me to Liverpool.

    I hope you get your case sorted although I don’t hold out much hope as they seem totally oblivious to reality. I’ve written to the PM, the Lord McKenzie and a guy that heads the department above the CSA and they never reply. We are the commoners see!! I keep telling them it is a robin hood syndrome in reverse, robbing from the poor to give to the rich. Personally I’m close to depression with it and it is my new family that keeps my head above water, its only a matter of time though.

    Any advice would be great.

  2. on reading and listening to your phone calls i wish to make one very large point, IF YOU HAD COME TO AN AGREEMENT WITH YOUR EX WIFE TO PAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN then you would have no need for the (as you put it incompetent CSA). I also happened to have 2 members of my family that work for the CSA and hear about scum like your self using every which way he can not to pay everyday. so what you have to pay the mortgage thats a a privalage not a right. if you cant afford it sell your house. i also happend to be a branch manager at carphone warehouse. and frankly if you and your now EX wife where to stupid to know you get a free upgrade at the end of your contract then its your own fault. and just to add to your coments of cpw, it is in know way true that we offer any sort of 14 day money back garentee. surly a man of your so called knowledge and expertese on what is right and fair is capable of making his mind up on a mobile phone handset after deliberating for over half an hour in store. I do beleave not only are you trying to make a quick buck from posting your perthetic stories on the net that really its your incompatence that has caused you all this hassel. not only can you not keep a wife, but now you have a second marrige with a further 2 kids. maybe uf you keep it in your trousers you could afford repayments, fact is your a failure and your scared to admit it.

  3. Thanks Poppy, I think I might make a new post out of this moron as he also emailed his comment, anonymously of course. Gutless people like him tend to do that.

  4. Total incompetence What really can get then jumping is that every time they make a mistake and you can prove it, if you demand compensation they have to pay. Now it is not a great deal, but after the second payment, and a good MP involved, they tend to be a little more attentive, as the payments get bigger.

  5. Hi,

    Life’s a shit at times but money towards your child is the very least a MAN can do.

    You made life now support it – the tax payer does at the moment you worm.

  6. No dipshit, I pay now. Read the fucking post. I pay double. However the tax payer does pay for her family because they’re all benfit claiming dole blaggers.

    No doubt you know something about that too?

  7. Hi Mr Daz,

    I have had similar problems with the CSA. I pay over the odds for my child with my Ex. She is happy with the agreement but the CSA were not.
    After I recieved alot of threating letters from the CSA and reams of letters, I decided the fight back.
    My Ex also helped by letter and phones calls to them saying she was happy with all my payments and that I paid over and above what I needed to pay.

    I gave the CSA 3 chances to stop hounding me. I use their system of recording phone calls and contacted a good CSA solitors.

    My threat of going sef employ and going on minium wage, has happened now and my ex is not happy with the outcome.

    I still pay for all my sons clothes and any school trips and stuff, but now my EX gets very little money straight into her bank.

    I have use the rules of the CSA against the CSA. I think this is the only way you can beat them.

    Now I dont recieve any stupid letters from them anymore and they do not hound me anymore.

    The case worker who ‘WAS’ in charge of our case ‘cannot be contacted anymore’ , as I think she is in trouble for ring me over and over and generally abusing the CSA system because she is a obvious man hater.

    Lucky for my EX Im not punishing her or my kid. Im just standing my ground against the CSA and its employees

    I think the CSA should be chasing Fathers who never pay or help out the children. It just seems to me that the CSA only chase, hound, letter write, cold call, harasse, intemidate , convict and *uck with paying fathers.

    [C]ant [S]top [A]narchy

  8. A few words of advice for anyone dealing with the CSA. Unless your ex is on benefits, they don’t normally act without some prompting from your ex. They have too much work to be bothered.

    Also, beating them at their own rules is very tricky, as they change their rules to meet with the challenge. They will also lie about sending and receiving letters and phone calls when it suits them. Keep records of EVERYTHING.

  9. As someone who is currently battling with the CSA I understand your frustration with the system. In my case they contacted me last year and stated that due to a computer error on their part they had failed to assess the claim but had done now. So due to their incompetence I owe them 17k :S

  10. I am reading these letters with interest since I am in a similar position. My ex and new wife have care of our child, who I don’t see as my ex used tonnes of emotional blackmail along with changing phone numbers/addresses to prevent me having contact. I have paid regularly since he put in the claim, however i’ve been bombarded with letters insisting I set up a DD, despite that there was already one set up!!

    Then letters insisting I provide salary info, however despite regularly sending this they failed to do a further assessment for approx 2yrs (I only discovered this when I called and spoke to moron with 1/2 a brain who confirmed they had not done anything thing with the info i’d been sending in!!). I feel I need to confirm they kept sending new assessment details which were the same I just assumed that things hadn’t changed – stupid of me I know!

    Finally, they advised my “arrears”, however it wasn’t my arrears it was theirs i.e. they took 12mths to begin taking payments I was told at the time I could send payments to ex, but I didn’t have his address so I told them this was not an option. I asked if I could pay them and was actually told that they would “probably lose it in the system!!”, yes they actually said that!!

    My only option was to wait for them to begin taking payments and pay it off then. I did this for four years and then I discovered they had actually doubled my arrears. I have never missed a payment so called them immediately and was told “it’s interest!”, I challenged this and the girl/moron agreed that there is no interest she would look into it – i heard nothing!

    I have now been writing to them for the last 3.5 years and no one will respond they actually acknowledged my complaint 8mths after I sent the letter to say they were looking into it, I was also given the option of contacting another person, should I be unhappy with this resolution (there was no resolution option in the letter) I took them up on the offer to escalate the complaint further and, guess what, no one will respond.

    I am seriously pissed off!! I despise them. To date they refused to communicate with me by letter and are insisting I pay double! Also I would like to say they have breached date protection numerous times by providing details about me to my ex and confirmed it to me!!

    In response to Daniel; My god you are as stupid as the morons working there, but then you did say they are family, are you inbred? You clearly are poorly educated and jealous of anyone who intends to stand up to the moronic actions of an incompetent agency. If the shoe were on one of your six toed feet what would you do, resort to violence perhaps..?

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