Cram it in your cram hole Lafleur

I was looking for some novelty t-shirts this week, something other than the standard Transformers t-shirt or the Mr T or Knight Rider t-shirt. I was looking for something along the same lines as my tattoo (which I may discuss later), something that was impossible for people to recognise unless they were fans of the particular series/film.

The idea came from a guy in work who has a Karate Kid t-shirt. Not the usual Daniel-san Karate Kid t-shirt I’ll have you know, oh no. This is the badge of Cobra Kai, the enemy of Mr Miyagi in the film’s series. Only true fans of the films would know this.

Luckily I found this novelty t-shirt website that offers shirts with such niche classics as the Karate Kid t-shirts, some Chuck Norris facts t-shirts and some of the brilliant Dodgeball t-shirts, like the title of this post from Ben Stiller’s character Wight Goodman ‘Cram in your cram hole Lafleur’ and the ‘Average Joes’ gym t-shirt.

These types of shirts are much cooler because most people won’t know what they mean.

I’m getting an ‘Average Joes’ by the way, although the Global Gym t-shirts were mighty tempting.

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