Have you seen those adverts for Computeach that appear on some UK satellite channels during the day? You know the ones, they promise to get you off the sofa and into a £35,000 a year IT job. The problem with these adverts is who they are actually aimed at, who their customers tend to be. I’ve noticed quite a bit of press online for Computeach lately as some disgruntled customers have been complaining on forums and reviews websites because they haven’t managed to get their 35K salaries, but upon reading the complaints in detail I find that they haven’t even completed the course.

One in particular hadn’t even completed the first piece of work he was sent, and was complaining that the bank he received the loan from for the course wanted their money back. Can you imagine that? A bank wanting their money back?

Computeach are like any educational course, school, college or University. You get out of it what you put in. If you’re willing to do the work, to put in the effort and the time then you’ll get the rewards back. Those 35K per year jobs aren’t handed out to people who can’t even be arsed to finish the first module of a course, quit, and then complain on a forum that the bank wants its money back. In actual fact, it was this guy’s mum complaining rather than him – he couldn’t even be arsed to complain himself.

So if you’re considering a career change and wanted to move into IT and take up a course with Computeach, or any other similar company; remember it’s what you put into it that counts. It’s not a magic wand. If you’re a lazy, unmotivated sort of guy who’s never finished anything in his life; don’t bother.

Rather than an oversubscribed industry such as IT, which doesn’t feature £35k salaries as an average, you’d be better off with something like CeMAP Training to be a mortgage advisor. You’ll find it more rewarding than a bogus IT course.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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55 thoughts on “Computeach”

  1. I studied part time really hard for four years… I got a first class honors degree in an I.T. related subject and successfully changed career.

    I have also completed (got certs on) CISCO / ITIL / PRINCE2 courses….

    I am on a management grade, and still fall (a couple of grand) short of 35k p/a.

    Perhaps if you were working night-shifts and weekends in London you could achieve 35k with a computeach course, outside of London, 9-5 I bet the average is more like 16k…

    Their adverts state “xxx now has a career in I.T. support” for which I read:

    HELPDESK !!!!

    I think computeach are misleading people, creating false expectations…

    IMO that is why they get complaints…

    It is not all about the amount of work you put in, but what the quality of training is, and what the value of the resulting qualification is…

  2. I have always wondered about those Computeach courses, they make it sound so simple. I went with good intensions to a place in east Croydon to improve my chances of re-training in IT. I come from a web design background and know my way around the usual Applications ie;Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver etc.

    At this meeting I ended up slagging the jumped up little salesman off, calling him a conman. He claims that I could be earning £40,000 a year after 3 months of home studing literature provided by his company. To receive this bit of literature that would tell me everything I need to know about the tools to get me my dream job I would need to sign for a career development loan (£3,000) supplied by the bank that wouldn’t need recovering until I started earning.

    The knowledge I have in the web took me years!!

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but you Mr Daz come across like those types, who knows nothing about the product you claim to sell and when people complain you always pull some overused success story outta your arse to defend yourself, scum like you makes me sick.

    I deliberately left profound words out of my rant to cover any excuses you might want to use to avoid publishing this.

    I bet you wont put this on yer site, If you do, then you will have a regular visitor reading your blogs. If not, you site aint worth the space it takes up on the server.

    B.gates jnr

  3. Can I just say, my partner signed up for a computeach course, he paid £5,250 for a networking course. He was asked how many hours a week he could study for and the guy put him down for that.

    He then stated that computeach would give him good support while he studies, a website, tutor at the end of the phone, ect.

    He was told that the information sent to him would be top quality and that within his three years he would be on upwards of £35,000 where we live, without having to move.

    My partner has recieved his pack, a disk that doesnt work on his computer and nothing else.

    He has had one letter off them stating that his assesments were overdue, he had not been sent any assesments.

    When he contacted them about this he was given an automatic email responce stating they will be in touch within 5 days, nothing.

    He wrote to them about these problems, disk, no assesments ect.

    They promised to sort it out asap, that was 6 months ago and we are still waiting.

    Stay clear, they are a bunch of conmen!

  4. Shocking thing is Mr Daz from insdide knowledge I know for a fact what scam artists they are!

    Looks like you have been paid to write the review I understand their latest tactics is to try and remove all the negative feedback online as it was damgaing their sales. The way to do this is to get as many positive reviews (falsely) to help!

    They should always be avoided I would always advise people to contacrt local colleges first!

    Publish this or deleted it – I wonder!!!

  5. i’m a wagon driver who know’s my way round a computer its all sef taught thou and i was wondering if computeach would work for me, I would love to get a job in IT but i’m worried that i go down a path in a different career and nothing comes of it, as you will appreciate i have bills to pay and a family to look after. I just wanted a true opinion

  6. It could be Paul, you can do your training while you’re still working so you wouldn’t have to quit your job. It just depends what you’re looking to get out of it. When you say you’re a wagon driver, do you mean lorry driver? They’re quite well paid aren’t they?

    You need to evaluate whether you’re looking to make a career change for money reasons or for more of a challenge in life.

    Also the area where you live would be a factor, have a look in the job papers for IT related jobs near you, see what sort of salaries they’re commanding. If you’re not looking to relocate for a job you’ll need to be sure there are plenty of opportunities near you.

    Let me know how it goes.

  7. dont do it paul its rubbish value wise look in other direction’s for that dream. I’m not aloud to say much more as they put a gagging ban on me

  8. I find the computeach adverts totally insulting. As an IT professional I find the idea that after a 3 month at-home course someone could earn ridiculous sums of money utterly repugnant!

    I have never interviewed a computeach student, but their CV would have to be very, very impressive for me to even consider it.

  9. Just DONT DO IT. Thats the only advice that I can give anyone who is thinking about going with computeach.

  10. Its a course. Like any other course.

    For those of you requiring a magic bullet that gives you 20 years experience. Grow Up.

    I took the course and now with 25 years experience and earning well in excess of the 35K a year (i’m a contractor) I could be a Computeach success story.

    Would I recommend Computeach. Probably not. Its the same as any local place you can take courses. There are better and more appropriate qaulifications but they do help.

    As for Phils comment about rejecting a CV cause it has a Computeah on it, well i think its not the course a person has taken but what he done with what he got from the course. I’ve employed a number of Computeach students in my time and Ive rejected many but not becuae they did or didn;t do a computeach course.

  11. It seems that there are plenty of complaints (not just here but other forums) from people who have paid for a Computeach course but not finished it because it is too difficult.

    Why not try a taster course first, to see if you are suited to distance learning in your chosen subject? If you like the taster course, go on and do a full course. If you don’t like it, you haven’t lost thousands.

    If you are looking for a programming course, try If you want another course such as SQL, Windows admin, hardware or networking, I’m sure there must be some available out there.

    Has anyone tried asking Computeach if you can do just the beginner’s stage first, to see if it’s suitable for you? If a company is confident in the product they sell they will be happy to offer a taster course, secure in the knowledge that the customer will come back for more. If they don’t offer just the beginner’s stage, that might tell you something.

  12. Just to anyone considering computeach, i’d stay way clear of them.
    I signed up back in april 2005, and after receiving the pack it had nothing to do with the course i signed up for so i cancelled and sent it back, i’m still in a dispute after the lack of communication between clyesdale and computeach trying to cancel there trying to fleece me for £11000.
    After getting solicitors invovled clyesdale seem to have washed there hands of it and passed in on to barclays its still on going!!

  13. I had a visit from a computeach rep just recently. When I told him that I needed to discuss things with my husband he made me very anxious and told me he was very disapointed I wasnt signing up at that second. He also told me if I didnt do it on the day that the fees were going up very soon and I would be subject to them. He said he wouldnt have bothered coming if he knew my husband wasnt going to be there which I thought was abit strange. When telling my husband about the meeting and the price of £7700 he decided to look into it abit further. Good job really as all we have seen is negative feedback. A very pushy sales technique which Im sure has got innocent people into alot of debts.

  14. Oh dear. I want to train up to be a web designer and have an initial meeting with one of their reps next week. My web design skills are so basic and have not found any luck in getting a job. I really do not want to do this computeach course after reading all these negative comments. How else do I reach my dream then ?

  15. Hi Owen, there are much cheaper, and dare I say better, ways to learn web design than a Computeach course. You can pick up some great tips and basic skills from sites like Hicks Design.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

  16. Having had experience of Computeach and trying to obtain a partial refund (unsuccessfully so far) I would urge anyone considering a course to think very carefully before paying a huge sum. Their material is not worth that amount and the tutor support is almost non-existent.

    Anyone who is having similar difficulties I would urge you to contact BBC Watchdog. The more people who contact them the more chance we have of getting something back.

  17. Briefly..For reasons the same as the majority of people, I was pesuaded to sign up for a computeach course, travelled 150 miles for a training day where I recieved my pack, struggled with the on-line services have had no communication with a mentor (I was told they’d never be off the phone, in the hard sell) I did eventually get some help via e-mail but you have to chase them for everything, may I just say I’m not affraid of hard work and was willing to tackle anything they gave me but it seems once they have payment they lose interest in you, I did try to cancel as they haven’t lived up to their end of the bargain and I do begrudge paying a lot for very little, but have been told by citizens advice its unlikely to work, (paying upwards of £5000) after 3 months of waiting and reading lots of similar cases I’ve decided to get the most out of a bad situation and chase them until I complete the course, I would really like to read a success story or two, are there any?

  18. The Truth is guys that the IT industry is over subscribed and dreams of the high flying high paid jobs don’t just fall off the shelf anymore, I’ve worked in IT since 1989 when a 10MB hard drive was the best you could get. In the old days Computer engineers and programmers where hard to find so saleries where high now there’s too many in the market and saleries have dropped, there are a few specialist field IT jobs still demanding good money but in general saleries are no longer that good and Comuteach are only trying to leur you by lying about the prospects of fantastic rewards. Finally it takes a lot of hard work to gain something like the MCSE cert and if you don’t have many years experience in IT already to fall back on your in for a big shock many people drop out from the courses and end up losing thier money.
    Just thought I would let you know.

  19. I have decided that i will not be signing up with computeach after reading the feedback on a few different sites!!
    ive got a rep from there coming down tuesday, ill probably waste his time by getting down here then ill tell him to p*** off and poke him with a stick through the letter box.
    on a serious note distance learning is ideal for me as i work shifts and can not attend college. are there any reputable companies out there??

  20. I am a former computeach student & I must say that they are a company like many others, no more no less. I started on the CIW course many moons ago & found it very enriching. You only get out what you put in, people on here are probably people who have in the past thought that they would try their hand in IT & just expect a huge job & salary to fall into their laps, it doesnt happen. I started at the bottom & worked hard to get to the top, I now earn more a day than anybody on here earns in a week.

  21. Computeach conned me out of £5000. All their promises turned ot to be rubbish.

  22. Just to update my last comment on computeach,it`s been over a week since I emailed them regarding my account and why I can`t log in to my elearning,,,,,,,,,,,here`s a first for you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,still no reply from them,,,,,,,,,,,,,so another snotty email to ask why and telling them to stuff the course,but as I`ve paid,still want what I have paid for to continue in my own time.
    You would think for almost 3 grand I`d get something back,,,,,,,,,,,,but oh no,,,,,,,,,,,,nothing at all.
    I have had letters via snail mail,all signed by different people,,,,,none of whom seem to be still there as they have no answer to quote me on in replies.

    I have never come across a body who shout off so much as leaders in IT,and can`t even send emails to answer,,,or even explain why the site doesn`t work.

    Ah well I suppose it`s down to the local primary school and get some real experts to see if they can sort it out.

    NOT HAPPY,,,,,,,,,,,DAVE

  23. Yep, I’m 23 and dropped out of college and after working on building sites and farms for a few years I decided to do an open university course, but after the first module I realised was going to be 6 years hard work to get a degree.

    One night I got really disheartend and knew I needed something better and faster and like many others saw that carefully planned TV add, phoned up and signed up within a week

    Im doing the networking, the info came for the IC3 (a big ass folder that looks like its ment for an IT tutor? and the same info on a CD with the tests on) Its not worth the money you pay but you can still learn a lot from it.

    I realise I was conned and could have gone to college and qualified for a lot less but like a lot of people having paid the money I’m going to struggle on.


  24. I’m on a computeach course, they bent over backward when i started studying for my A+, their website had just switched from one learing system to another and ment I couldn’t log onto the new one when I tried, they sorted that as i was on the phone to them.

    I’m currently waiting to sit the A+ exam, I’ve been waiting 3 months scince I CALLED to see if I need to tell them, but they said their system delt with it all, they still insist i’m on the list to sit the next test!

  25. Has anyone taken computeach to court for their false promises!! I would like to get some info on that as I would love to take them to court.

  26. I have currently signed up to their MCSE course and so far have had nothing but not communication, unanswered e-mails and no structure to the course.

    My only concern is that I signed up to payment plan on the 4th August.

    Even now, is there anything I can do to get out of this deal or they are taking £75 a month off of me for 5 years. Help?

  27. By the way, I have had no welcome pack, no Cd or anything. Just a letter suggesting my start date and also an e-mail with my course login to a mindleaders website.

    I don’t anything physical other than read whats on the screen and then answer multiple choice to which if I get wrong, i can click back and reanswer till I get right…come on.

    I fail to see how this is going to help me to be honest, any advice?

  28. Currently on the course paying way to much and getting way to little out of it. I get the point saying that if your not willing to put anything into it , then u cant expect to get much out of it….but this is taking the micky abit.The books are long and outdated.They use Netscape for starters.your suppose to read about 1000 pages and then sit some online exam and then sit the real one.However they really dont help u in any way.ive been with them just over a year a really aint got far.They say thell help u get a job, however thats not entirly accurate. In the first year i got like 1 mayb 2 RELATED jobs emailed to me. The problem was that they wanted experience. Not being funny but if i had it i wouldnt of signed on the course. Luckely my officer has been replaced and im regularly getting new jobs now, however how RELETIVE they are is debatable.I mean ive sent them 10 CVS (which they ask 4 every time they send me a job offer). They send me jobs asking to be fluent in Mandering….hmm nice. Born and bread here mate…european parents….it states on my CV i speak english and greek. Honestly your beter off getting some certificates of w3schools. They will never check up on u, call u or anything and even wen i do call them to ask or complain about something they just move u to the next person or say “well theres nothing we can do about it”. Part of me wants to complete the first stage so i can go up there and meet these nice people 😉

  29. Don’t have anything to do with these people. I tried to take them to court, contending that the materials provided were not suitable for the purpose – they’re outdated and inadequate. They got round it by saying they were a distance learning company and the tutors were there to answer questions. One of these tutors even admitted to me that the tests were too difficult for the level I was at!

  30. I too have been mis sold one of these useless courses. Out of date & inadequate materials & mis sold the finance as they said to me that I wouldn’t have to pay a penny until they had got me in a well paid job! When I questioned the sales person who Computeach laughingly described as career advisers..”what about the economic downturn?” she told me that it didn’t affect the IT industry…. I’ve since found out that she was made redundant in May!!

  31. you obviously haven’t studies this course with Computeach and therefore shouldn’t really be giving this advice.

    I took up the course with them over a year ago and, thank you very much, I have worked very hard to pass the exams but I do not feel that i have had anywhere near the value for money that these courses offer!

    I have a BA (HONS) in Animation and I am a very creative person so I wanted to move into Web design, wasn’t sure how to do it but I stumbled across these learn from home courses and thought yeah why not if it gets me a good job with a great salary it’ll be worth paying the £6500(thats with the interest on the loan I was talked in to taking out for it) to do it.

    The salesman that sold it to me told me it is a recession proof job which is rubbish because a Web design company I have since been involved with had to downsize recently. They give you out of date very theoretical material to go away and learn but don’t tell you how long it should take you or give you any advice on time management. And then they tell you you can’t have the Adobe suite software you were promised until after you have completed the part of the course that teaches you how to use it, how can you learn that without the software?

    Seriously, I feel like a complete sucker. I am a hard working person who is passionate about art and design and wanted to apply practical skills to a digital medium and all they gave me was 3 books to read, for £6500!!!!

  32. Computeach is a complete rip-off !
    You have to pass their own pointless exams and score above 90% to be put forward to official course exams.

    Now they will keep sending you their own exams up until you pass them, even if you get 89% you are screwed and will waste all your course time just like that – back and forth motion.

    E.g. To pass MCSE exams you need 70% but before you even pass that you have to pass computeach exam and score 90% That Sucks!

    Its clear this is a company that scammed people by building false image of greatness. Once you sign the dotted lines you will be forced to pay and then they will just leave you up until you make the effort, but how can you make such effort when they introduce new practices such as passing their own 90% exams. That just puts anyone off!

    KEEP AWAY FROM Computeach !

  33. I am an ex student of Computeach. Personally i thought the help from the tutors and customer service was pretty good. When i called i got through and when i didnt, they would phone me back the sane day saying “hi, you called … we are just making sure everything is ok?” ….even the tutor went out his way to help me. Fella called Adrian, the programming tutor, nice guy and always answereed my questions i had in as much detail as he could. So i cant dis them for that. When ever i was stuck i knew i could phone them and get through, and i always did manage to speak to them so im really unsre where all this negative feedback comes from ? My experience is the complete opposite

    I will however pick a few bad points:

    1) 90 % pass mark is outrageous!
    2) You have to put your hand in your pocket to go down to their centre in Wolverhampton and pay for accomodation
    3) The books are a little complex, even with tutor support.

    Marks out of 10? …. i would say 8/10
    Would i recommend them? …. Yes

  34. I am also an ex student of computeach and i am still studying for the mcsa which i should complete after the new year , i have no problem with the tutors at CT who will try and help you as much as they can but it does require a lot of hard work and input from the student as well .
    I had no experience within the IT networking feild and it took me a full year to pass the A+ cert and a it will be four years in total before i get my MCSA but ive taken my time and have a decent understanding of 2003 server (i also work full time and have a family and it has been HARD)………so if any body is thinking about studying with CT just because you pay five grand doesn`t mean you are buying your certs you still have to work hard and if like me you have no prior experience it is bloody hard and confusing at times.
    Computeach the company are not that supportive and you have to do all the chasing ……….if you dont contact them and ask they will not contact you………if i knew then what i know now about the IT industry and getting certs i wouldn`t have touched CT and i would have just went it alone and be about four grand better off …………………if you have the balls to stick at something and you want to learn about IT or networking buy a decent book and join a forum theres loads of them and save yourself some money 🙂

  35. Mr Daz Your a complete prick. You are blantently working for computeach. I have been completly ripped of on my course and I am going to get every penny back from them robbing cunts. I done the first module and am on the second and have not got one thing that I was promised yet. What a joke. People If you want a carear in IT go to colleage or university night school but what ever you do dont go to a long distance pretend education centre.

  36. Hi Mr. Daz,

    I am currently in the process of writing a series of articles about the CIW course with computeach and how you could achieve the same end result for a 5th of the price.

    I was also lucky enough to receive an email from Greg Hartigan, head of HR and legal, stating that they (Computeach) are “un-happy” and “hurt” that an ex-student would blog against them.

    Now although the title of my post(s) clearly states “avoid computeach”, the articles are not aimed soley at Computeach per se… it’s aimed at any distance learning provider.

    I wouldn’t be able to back up my claims about any other learning establishment, as I invested my money and future into Computeach.

    I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment or 2 on my articles.



    My partner has signed up to computeach.
    We want to quit as it is a scam!!

    But in order to quit you must not open ANY course material they send you as opening it terminates your rights of quitting?

    Well we were told no rights little information was mentioned
    So we opened the course material to look at the course?

    They telling us we cant quit, we have a contract He has signed nothing!

    They are taking money left, right and centre
    We cant quit because we opened the emailed course material?


    DO NOT sign on to this course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I have finished my course with Computeach … years ago. I just done A+ And MCDST. Paid around 650 pounds per exam, finished 4 exams in 1 year. I dont know why people take MCSE with is probaly 7-8 exams (or more if you do fundamentals) without actually knowing if they gonna like it, not only studying but actually working in IT and they pay 7 or 8K for fox in the hole. If I have to sum up negative points – traning was rubbish for money paid, why we have to go to Dudley just for open day to pick up books -not a sence at all. Second in – trainig for A+ was totally the same as the first one, I had feeeling that i was actually stoped to not study too quickly as time is money for CT, not a change with me …. easy rippers:-) And possitive with CT- woke up and see how people can be ripped off just by their bahama-waikiki dreams. Listen everybody ,same books as CT give you can be bought on Amazon and anybody can book exam with prometric….. that what I learnt wih CT- HOW TO STUDY MYSELF for less than 100 pounds per exam… So now I have CCNA , MCSA and more …….. and I am rather happy-man pushing tickets on the IT database support 24/7.

  39. Yes you get out of it what you put in.
    I would recommend taking your ambitions and get involved with night courses at your local college etc. You could learn the same stuff as Computeach teachs for a tenth the cost. You could take the money you saved, spend it on useful books etc and have enough left over for a really nice holiday somewhere abroad.
    Don’t give Computeach your money. They are a middleman that brings together the availablity of career development loans and naive ambition. The banks that allow this should be ashamed (mind you I doubt they have any shame left). I thought it was odd when the Computeach salesperson actually brought round the CDL form, you never even talk to the bank yourself about it.
    All very strange. Now I know why. I was conned by them back in 2001 and I see they are still running this scam.
    I have since become successful and through my own hard work, there are no short cuts. Computeach isn’t a short cut to anywhere, it will set you back 4 grand and give you nothing to show for it.
    Take that 4 grand and spend it on some real education, please.

  40. Join this group CONputeach have silenced too many people we need to keep fighting them search facebook for

    Legal action against (CON) Computeach new site

    Thanks for your support

  41. I initially contacted Computeach because I was interested in computer programming, they advised the best way was to complete the A+ first, do you really need the A+ to be a progammer?

  42. Not sure what you mean about not paying Computeach? If I was brand new to the IT world how would I start to learn about programming if I did not choose some one to teach me?

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