Computeach reviews?

When I posted about the IT Training company Computeach last year, I was slightly shocked at the number of negative comments the post received from people who had received bad experiences with the company. It’s one of my most commented blog posts.

Just last week however someone commented on the post asking where you can get legitimate reviews of Computeach, so I had a look and found a website that offers Computeach Reviews.

When you search for ‘computeach reviews’ in Google, you’ll see a sponsored link (on Adwords) for a site that offers:

Read real stories and experiences from students of Computeach!

When you click through to the site you’re presented with Computeach Reviews from supposedly real students, however all is not what it seems. The website isn’t a website offering genuine balanced reviews from people who have taken Computeach courses; it’s a website owned by Computeach.

The whois details show thus:

Domain name:

Andrew Jones

Registrant type:
UK Limited Company, (Company number: 1242854)

Registrant’s address:
University House
Jews Lane
West Midlands

These are the details for Computeach… interesting isn’t it? If you’re genuinely looking for real reviews for Computeach, you’re better off going to a truly impartial source, such as

It’s important before you spend any money on a product or a learning course that you seek out reviews online from impartial sources, and people who have already experienced what you’re looking for,

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27 thoughts on “Computeach reviews?”

  1. I whole heartedly agree. I pretty piss poor effort at reputation management….they even advertise the main computeach on there. Looks about as genuine as a £50 Rolex.

  2. It goes to show just how good their helpful marketing agency, ROI are dont you think?

    The whole thing is a joke. The computeach marketing manager for allowing it and allowing such a piss poor agency to help them to make what is a truly laughable solution.

  3. place is a joke, they have made 35 staff redundant and you now buy your course online, there is knowone to help you with your course ,please dont buy with them

  4. Hi guys, I’m one of the ex-students of Computeach and have to tell you they just a scam.
    It had taken me a lot of time to drop out of course and stop paying any money to them. It’s getting very interesting to the point where Computeach sends me a letter that they prepared to close my case (no further studying with them), I won’t have to pay more money for the course….IF…I don’t tell my story to Newspapers, don’t share it on the Net or Radio and TV.
    And I still got that letter from Computeach…I would be more than fucking happy to show it to the world and I don’t care if they not happy.


  5. after your course at computeach here are the kind of jobs that their job agency have available (these are the only Kind of jobs I have received) ….Pay a lot of money to get a poorly paid job:

    1) Job Title 1st Line Support, Helpdesk – Normanton, Yorkshire
    Salary/Rate: £14,000 – £16,000 per annum
    Benefits: Benefits
    Description :1st Line Support / Helpdesk Analyst – Normanton, West Yorkshire.

    2) Web site and E services technician
    Romiley, Stockport. SK6
    £15,663 – £17,177

    LocationMATLOCK, Derbyshire
    Hours9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday
    Wage £15.00 per hour
    Work PatternDays
    EmployerStaff Connect Employment Agency
    Employer RefHelpdesk
    PensionNo details held

    Hours5 DAYS
    Wage £17,000
    Work PatternDays
    EmployerJobwise Stockport
    Employer RefVG3214
    Closing Date30/03/2010
    PensionNo details held

  6. I undertook a Computeach course three years ago and, following incorrect testing material being issued, e-course and microsift materials being deleted and changed, I managed to get to the next stage of the course and then was diagnosed with terminal bowel and lung cancer.

    I advised them and they were very unsympathetic, considering that the initial stages of my dealing with them-apart from the points above- included the hard sale of the course and being told that I had missed the original cancellation date even though I contacted them well before this after having second thoughts about the entire thing.

    Admittedly, after having to prove that I had cancer as they seemed to believe that I was mying by the tone of their correspondence, they did agree to extend the support period.

    Now, they have taken the hard line again and have decided that they van no longer help me and will only do so if I pay the additional £210 extension fee.

    Comouteach is without doubt the worst investment that I have made in my life. Oh, the termonal cancer, well I beat that easier than getting a result fro Comouteach.

  7. Sorry, just noticed some typo’s in the previous comment. Chemoneuropathy does funny things to you.

  8. Jay,
    I am in deep trouble with computeach,presently trying to wriggle out of the quagmire I found myself. Is it possible to have a copy of the letter from computeach to assist me in resolving my problem with them. It would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I joined computeach in 2006 and left them in 2007,after seeing and watching my life bieng fucked, i have never been robbed and i will never forget dis moment, in 2007, i joned Josko another cousin of computach who very doggie, and scam. aslo robbed me i left them and in 2009 , i went to college 2 study Batchalor in it And CIMA Charterd Institute Of Management Accounting for 2yrs accredited with ,Middlesex university, will be graduating in 2012

  10. I have enjoyed reading your collection of articles on Computeach, it’s interesting to read feedback from others like yourself, but also a select few of your commenters that actually sound like genuine (ex?) Computeach students.

    I realise your articles were written some time ago now, was there any final outcome from the contact your received from Computeach?

    Just for reference to other readers (and if it’s ok with you Daz), I would love to get some feedback on a series of posts I am writing about Computeach and how the same end result can be achieved for a 5th of the price:


  11. I’m probably one of the one who has been well and truely shafted by Computeach out of all the people with bad experiences of computeach.

    I was duped into paying 5 and a half grand for A+, MCDST, MCSA, MCSE and CompTIA security and to study and try and pass all of these over a 3 year time period.. I signed up with them in sept 2008 and havent even passed the A+ yet because their study materials are not that great and at times after weeks or months of studying at home Ive needed a break. Since I joined their so called learning institute for these courses, Ive spent hours reading, studying and watching videos, using their material both online and using the less than satisfactory manuals they gave me and other material online and other A+ books on and off for over 2 years now and they only gave me 3 years to do all the courses that they duped me into buyng into…im pretty angry with them. No one on this planet could study and pass all of these courses in 3 years whilst studying at home and I think they knew that before I signed up with them. Little did I know how much there was to learn and how shoddy their learning material was until I signed up with them and handed over my hard earned cash. Unfortunately, I only found this out after a few months of studying and taking their online tests regular and most of all, because of the amount of objectives to learn. Ive been an entertainer for 10 years and now that I’m sick of living by an unpredictable work schedual…travelling up and down the country doing shows and going back home at stupid o clock in the morning on the motorway. I’m desperate to get some qualifications for a real job and they seen me coming. They took advantage of my desperation. I even moved away from my home of Liverpool down to the midlands so I could be near them to take my exams in their test centre. That was also a waste of time because everytime I wanted to take an exam, they would give me study diarys to complete to prove I am competant enough to take the exam…(morelike they wanted to make sure I passed to improve their passrate statistics)

    Computeach have ripped me off! Im now doing a Cisco course at telford college in a CLASSROOM and this is much better of you want to learn properly. I’m seriously conidering seeing a solicitor over this.

  12. I was considering enrolling on one of the numerous IT courses provided by Computeach. I am now thinking of using an alternative course provider because whilst researching Computeach I discovered something interesting. It was a dubious relationship between a since liquidated Advent IT, Barclays and Computeach. Below is a vital feedback resource for anyone considering enrollment on a Computeach course. Legacy Advent Courses Given to Computeach

  13. hi all,
    just giving up on my computech c# course. very poor 🙁

  14. if you know nothing about pc,s stay away from computeach,
    they dont learn you nothing ,they give you a pile of books , and your on your own till your ready for exams, they will not contact you asking how you are doing with the course, student nightly chats were none existent , tutors not logging in ,then using excuses that there net was down ,
    but if you know about pc,s and need your certifications, you can pass them quick with computeach,
    make sure you know exactly what you want , and take the course bit by bit dont let the salesman try and put you on this that leads to this that leads to this , start off with one course like comptia , then the next one mcse, then mcsa, just pay for one at a time ,as they try to limit you time on the course i.e how many hours can you do a week studying , i was like 10 hours and the salesmen was trying to put me on a 20 hour studying a week to cut the course in half,
    the tutors are ok when you go to dudley , but you can take your exams anywhere in the country that does them ,just google microsoft exmaination centre
    so if you know nothing about pc go to college near you and learn there ,
    but if your company wants to put you on a course and you know about pc,s go with CT

  15. I was on the verge of applying with them a few years ago because after losing my job I was looking for a change in career etc, but once I saw the sheer number of bad reviews I changed my mind, I don’t mind so much if a company gets the odd one or two complaints, that’s bound to happen, even with the best company in the world you’ll always get bad customers who just complain for the sake of complaining but the amount of Ex-Computeach students who all said basically the same things concerning their experiences with Computeach left me in little doubt that all is not well with it, perhaps they’ve put their house in order since because this was a few years ago to be fair but I don’t know, has anyone had any recent experiences with them?

  16. I and many others have, John64! Theres still many complaining students out there who have been thoroughly ripped off recently! I read a review posted up on another review site from this guy who had signed up for a contracted 12 month period, fully expecting that at the end of the 12 months his payment would end. Oh no! Computeach then continued into an automatic renewal and took more money from him. That reveiw was quickly removed by Computeach. Im sure they frequently check the site cuz theres always 5 star reviews on there that look obviously fake.
    And theres a YouTube video from a guy who is now being chased by debt collection companys because of the course he NEVER RECEIVED when he actually cancelled it. It aint good, John64. And my bug wiv them was I signed up and when I saw there “facilities” by logging online to there student site I tried to cancel still within the cooling off period but it seems once you do that you’ve ‘accessed there services’ and they wont give your money back. A total bad company, with an even badder attitude.

  17. I signed up for a Computeach course three months ago, and have had nothing but problem with them. I lost my job and was really struggling to pay the cost every month, I rang up to tell them about this and they did nothing to help me and said to me I had no choice but to pay em every month. I tried to do the course, and found the tutor help not good. I have rung there customer services helpline to ask to talk to a tutor but every time I call I speak to some grumpy lady who told me she would pass mesage to tutor but they never called me back. Just one time me did speak to a tutor he didnt seem to kno what he was talking about. He told me to read book and i would learn. Tis a lot of fees and you dont get anythin for your money. Wished i had read reviews before i signed with this copany and gone to local college where it was cheaper.

  18. I would just like to say a big thank you to all on here. I was seriously considering signing up to a Computeach course until I read this, and other, forums but now I have decided to take the advice and look at a local college instead.

    I don’t know why companies, these days, seem to be so adamant in trying to get money from their customers by underhand means. I’ve seen it a lot in my work and with companies deal with on a daily basis. It’s so wrong and word of mouth seems to be so important these days.

    So I am sorry to everyone on here who has unfortunately been duped by them but here’s one potential customer who has been saved the financial heartache.


  19. Hello guys,

    Computeach should be embarrised in fake Britain. I wanted to sign up for a course but after I read the above reviews, I am nervous. I also checked the site where it shows computeach at the 25th rank in the UK Top 50 IT training companies in 2012.

    Like most of you guys, I am looking for a career in IT. Does anyone know the best IT training institutes in the UK ?

  20. They sold me one of their courses in 2009 for £1,500. That was the end of it. No input, no help, and an office-hours-only presence, which is weird for a distance learning course at such an inflated price. I think Computeach is one of the biggest scams in the country, and I am tempted every time I see one of their adverts to refer them to Watchdog or Trading Standards. AVOID!!! Sign up at a local college instead. Or buy a SAMS Teach Yourself book.

  21. They shafted me. Had my credit rating in bits since. As I refuse to pay for something that you don’t receive. Sold me a block of four which apparently was only a block of 3. I only found out after the cut off date and once I had moved on to the next stage to be told I could still receive the block of 4 for more money again.
    Worst thing I ever did. Now my credit shows a default.

  22. I am sure many people will be interested to learn that Computeach has now gone into administration: its doors are now shut, a For Sale sign at the offices, its people laid off.

  23. Interesting reading.

    I paid these guys 4K back in 2002 for an MCSE.

    Managed to pass the MSCA (4 out of 7 exams), before shifting my focus to Cisco.

    I am now (and have been for 7 years) a Presales Consultant earning very decent money.

    The 1st MCP I gained as a result of the Computeach course did get me my first job though. I soon realised the course was not great value, but for me it still firmly pointed me in the right direction!

    Bottom line is this – If you are new to the Industry you need to find your direction, whether that is web design, networking, DB design, programming etc…..Computeach for me then, was simply an expensive finger to point me in the right direction!

  24. It’s a fascade, just a sales company. The course I took was really expensive and the materials dismally poor. The input was almost zero from their side and when arriving in Birmingham for the onsite courses and tuition/exams, the content was shockingly amateurish.

    When we wrote the exam, we spent half the time writing the exam, then they allowed everyone out for an hour break where we could talk with one another and discuss the questions and when we came back in, we were told that we could start the exam all over again to improve our results. Absolutely shocking, and that was when I knew I had pissed money out the window, because any Computeach qualification is just a worthless gimmick.

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