Cole Brooker the illegal driving instructor

The One Show just did an expose’ on a driving instructor who is apparently working illegally. They said the guy’s name, Cole Brooker, and then Googled his name to find contact details… thus:

Cole Brooker

A click on the first result gives us this page, with Cole’s phone number and his details still listed as a practicing driving instructor.  Now I’m all for exposing people, but as someone who has received random anonymous phone calls in the past (and podcasted many of them) I’m not too sure that the One Show were entirely professional here. Their little film made it very easy for anyone with a computer to get this guy’s phone number and call him.

I no doubt imagine he has received a few prank calls tonight, which isn’t fun unless you enjoy confrontation… which for the record I do.

Think before you do this next time One Show guys, you may as well have published the man’s number yourselves and touted for people to phone him.

Darren Jamieson

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