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Chris Moat is the managing director of Direct Line insurance and the person who decided I wasn’t going to be compensated when they paid out the wrong person after my car was stolen. The reason I’m writing this particular post is because Chris Moat has been one of my referring keywords of late as I’m ranking in Google for his name. I’m not ranking high enough because I haven’t optimised for it, until now.

I imagine that when this blog shows up on the first page of Google for Chris Moat it will be a little embarrassing for Direct Line because everyone will see what they have done with regards to my stolen BMW Z3. In fact, if we get #1 for Christ Moat that would be highly embarrassing for Direct Line. Let’s see what happens folks 😉

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10 thoughts on “Chris Moat”

  1. Now that was fast! I’m front page on for “Chris Moat” already, under 2 hours. This is going to be highly amusing.

  2. We’re now front page on and #3 on for ‘Chris Moat’. I give it less than 2 weeks before we’re #1 on Google.

    Time to step up the back link campaign.

  3. Now this page is #3 in for ‘Chris Moat’, and we’re also page 5 in Google for the phrase ‘Direct Line Insurance’.

    Keep an eye on the Serps, is rising like a spider… never really understood that line from Rocky.

  4. Can anyone help? I too have had problems with Chris Moat. Basically I had a car accident on August 12, 2006 and the insurers for the motorist responsible is Direct Line. A settlement was agreed in January 2007. To date I have not received it. I wrote a letter of complaint to Chris Moat on August 24, 2007 and, surprise, surprise, I have not had an acknowledgment from him.

    Does anyone have an email address for him? I am living in Canada now and so the time difference makes it impossible to call him.


  5. We are having HUGE problems with Direct Line aswell over payment (I would NEVER EVER use them again!!). Does anyone know the e-mail address for Chris Moat?!?!? This company is a NIGHTMARE!!!

  6. Directline are nothing but liars. Aug 09 I took out fully comp insurance & in Jan 10 I was stopped by police who then impouded car for no insurance which I protested the officer then called DL to which they said they had cancelled my policy because they had not received two bits of info ( imobilisation & proof of no claims) which I sent two copies. I then went to court three times on the last time was to trial, a so called rep for DL turned up & I was shocked to see an Asian lad of no more than late teens wearing filthy jeans & a coat to match, handed the prosecution three a4 sheets of supposed phone calls, three of which never took place & no recordings to back up the phone calls, i said aloud in court that he was producing lies to which the magistrate said ” computers don’t lie” I replied ” no but the person putting the fictious info does “. I was banned for six months & had to pay a fine. Anyone reading this should be warned do not take out insurance with DL its not worth the paper its written on & will lie in court.. Be warned.

  7. I the past I’ve worked for a few “call centre based” organisations. Direct Line (UKI actually) being one of them.

    Here’s where you guys fall down time after time…. It really is simple…

    If you think that you are so important to the company that the only time you write a complaint letter it’s directly to the MD, the mere mortals like me will see you as an arrogant “difficult customer” and your letter will fall accidentally into the shred box… The MD will NEVER EVER EVER EVER reply to you, he’s not there to answer customer queries, he’s there to run the company at director level. If you get a letter signed by the MD, it almost certainly wasn’t written by them and probably hasn’t even been seen by them…. You do realise that right???

    Follow the proper channels, stop being arrogant and realise that the people being paid just over minimum wage opening your letters are the ones who can sort the issue you have at the click of a button.

    One more thing… If you are being told no, fucking sit back for a second and consider if you are actually wrong rather than taking the “me customer, me always get what I want” stance.”

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