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According to the BBC website there was a massive pile up on the M6 today. This is kind of lucky for me as I came home from Wales yesterday and would have been caught in the traffic today.

There are no reports of fatalities but a number of people have been seriously injured in the crash between junction 16 and 17 at Sandbach in Cheshire.

The Air Ambulance attended and casualties were given first aid at the scene, a motorist told the BBC.

Both carriageways were closed at first but the northbound carriageway has since re-opened.

The thing is though, as much information as the website affords me, it’s no use to me when I’m actually driving; which is why I use the radio for traffic updates.

Now yesterday, being a bank holiday, there was a lot of traffic on the motorways of the UK, which Radio 1 kept reporting on. That’s nice. However, rather than giving me details, like oh I don’t know, which motorways and which junctions, Radio 1 merely said for details check our website.

Excuse me? I’m in my bloody car, that’s why I have the radio on. How can I check your sodding website while I’m flying down the M6 at *ahem* miles per hour?

Stupid woman.

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3 thoughts on “Check our website for traffic updates”

  1. why the hell would you listen to radio 1 for traffic updates? its probably considered too boring to go into detail for its ‘yoof’ audience.

    stick to radio 2 or radio 5. You are over 30 now daz, you are too old for radio 1!!! 😀

  2. Daz, I would like to let you know that I am feeling a general sense of dismay that you listen to Radio 1.

    @jamesw: You cannot lecture anyone about what music they should and shouldnt listen to. You have the most eclectic music tastes of anyone I have met.

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