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I received a comment on one of my Tesco blog posts this week from a Durham University student named Charles Evans. I say his name was Charles Evans, he actually called himself ‘The Chicken’, but he entered his email address as so I’m guessing, being a bright spark student, that he is actually called Charles Evans.

Anyhow, Charles Evans, from Durham University, decided to have a pop at me using some choice language claiming how he, being a Geography student and predicted a 1st, is better than I. Of course, being a student and unaware of the way the world works, Charles will be oblivious to how potential employers, and even higher education establishments (should he attempt to take a Masters or PHD) often use Google to research potential staff and students. As an employer myself I wouldn’t hire someone with Charles’ potential for embarrassing the company or school, and I certainly wouldn’t hire someone with Charles’ obvious poor grammar and spelling – seems they really do give out qualifications like candy these days if this illiterate imbecile can achieve 10A* grades at GCSE.

So Charles Evans, as you are in full time education, you’ll be used to someone (who is your inferior, of course) correcting your badly spelt twaddle with a red pen.

This is Charles’ message to me, and how he would represent your company.

The Chicken
Submitted on 2010/05/30 at 9:30pm

Mr Daz, your you’re a fucking chief. You work in the media? How the hell can you brag about that!? You have made a ‘film’…HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BRAG!?!?!?
I am a Durham university University educated student, has and have undoubtedly achieved/done more than you have at the age of 20 than you have in your entire live life, you pathetic little prick. I work at Tesco part time, got 10A* at GCSE and 5 A’s at A-level and am currently on track to graduate with a 1st from Durham (top 5 universities in the UK) in geography (currently most employable job amongst leading blue-chip firms)…what have you got? You have made a film? Fuck you.

Thanks for the feedback Charles – look forward to your next message with interest. However, not as much as I look forward to the look on your face when you realise just how the job world, and Google, work in tandem.

Good luck!

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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7 thoughts on “Charles Evans”

  1. lolz
    Something tells me Charles will be at Tesco for some time. But he will be highly qualified at the job.

  2. Weird considering Charles wouldn’t even have a job if everyone used the self checkouts.

    However I have to disagree with you. I will only use the self checkouts at my local Tesco in Elephant & Castle, because the cashiers make far too many mistakes. They can’t cope with the concept of scanning each item, so miss out some items and scan some twice. I’m not kidding, this really did happen every single time!

  3. I do not believe for one moment that Charles is at University. The spelling mistakes & poor grammatical nomenclature are a sure sign that he is inept when it comes to the English language. Why did he say Durham ?, if he was going to lie he should have said that he was studying for a Ph.D at Oxford. The mind really does boggle, I have come across many cases like this, each time I just have to laugh.

    Tim Ph.D

  4. I bet Charles is just rolling in the dosh with all those qualifications. I’m guessing after Tesco’s it will be McDonald’s and if he works hard he could try and get all 5 gold stars.

  5. I cannot believe this guy has now done even more in his life and I wonder if appearing on Mr Daz will now appear in his CV?

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