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Adsense Video Contest Winner Announced

Google have posted up the winner of their Adsense video contest, and it’s not me 🙁

Still, this video is good, fair play. Plus they said they’d post some of the interesting ones over the coming weeks, so you never know. If you can’t remember my entry, it can be viewed here.

The winning video is from Don Vandervort from

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Adsense Video Units coming to the UK

A while back Google launched Video Units for its Adsense network allowing publishers to place Video units from YouTube on their website and earn commission based on related adverts. Perfect for websites like What DVD you’d think?

No actually, in their infinite wisdom Google made this functionality available to US based publishers only. After all, only people from America use the Internet, despite What DVD being mainly focused at the US, because my registered address is in the UK, I was frozen out.

Now they’ve decided to roll out the video units to the UK, Ireland and Canada. From Google’s Adsense Blog.

With this new launch, publishers in the UK, Ireland and Canada will be able to show videos from our YouTube content partners and choose those videos by category, individual YouTube partner, or have video automatically targeted to their site. Based on publisher feedback, we’ve also just added a feature which lets you choose individual videos to be displayed in your video units.

About time too. Now I can start loading up some websites with Video content. One or two sites spring to mind 😉

Google Adsense makes it harder to click

As John Chow correctly reported earlier this week, Google have were planning to make a fundamental change to the way their Adsense ads are clicked. Well now they have.

Adsense Click Areas

As you can see from the diagram Google have reduced the clickable area from the whole ad, to just the Title and the URL. This, they say, will help prevent accidental clicks.

Of course what it will do is reduce my revenue. I’m already considering ditching Adsense on certain websites, despite the increased revenue I enjoyed recently.

You can read Google’s explanation for this on their official blog.

Just buy Toys launches using Affiliate Shop Window

The network Affiliate Window recently launched a great system called ‘Shop Window’ where you can take code written by them that imports all of the available merchant feeds direct to your website. It means you can create your own Affiliate site in minutes, and with a little website design flair and CSS knowledge you can customise the website to your heart’s content.

With this in mind we’ve just launched the website through Just Search. It contains product feeds from many of the major merchants in the toy industry such as Toys R Us, The Entertainer and Woolworths and features category pages for toys like Barbie, Bratz and my personal obsession; Transformers.

Just buy Toys

Have a look at the site, browse around and buy some toys! Seriously, you don’t need to buy any toys if you don’t want to, but the website is a shining example of how Affiliate Window’s ‘Shop Window’ can be used and customised.

Naturally we’ll be making a few of these now in different sectors and promoting them using natural SEO. I’m so excited I could rip a tissue.

Just buy Toys - Optimus Prime

If you want to create your own affiliate site like Just buy Toys then you can sign up to Affiliate Window and get designing.

Earning money with Amazon

Amazon are to the Affiliate Marketing world what James Brown was to Soul, they pretty much invented it (no letters please, I’m being colourful to illustrate a point).

I did want to clarify something this week though about Amazon and their method of tracking commissions. Most affiliate schemes work on a cookie system whereby when a user clicks through from an affiliate site (say for example) into a merchant site (Dixons for example) the cookie is dropped on the user’s machine so that if the user makes a purchase is credited with the commission.

Nice and simple so far.

Cookies generally last 30 days, so if the user returns to Dixons at any point during that time period and makes a purchase, still gets the commission. However, most affiliate schemes work on a last come, last served policy… so if that user then visits another Affiliate site (say for example) and clicks on a link to Dixons, would get the commission, even though the user had first found Dixons from

It’s OK, it’s a fair system. Honest.

With Amazon however there’s no Cookie policy. Amazon work on session IDs, so if a user clicks on a link on and goes through to Amazon and looks at the Commando Collector’s Edition DVD (great choice by the way), but then leaves Amazon and returns the next day with a direct link, or via organic search on Google, will NOT get the commission.


But hey, they invented the game, we have to play by their rules.

Shoemoney’s $132,994.97 Adsense earnings in a single month

I first saw this cheque from Internet money maker Shoemoney sometime last year and it’s always intrigued me that money like this can be made from Adsense. Well, now Google have granted Jeremy permission to put up his full stats for the month in question, the month where he made $132,994.97 from Adsense.

We can see from his screen grab that his CTR isn’t particularly high, meaning he could have optimised the ads on his page a little better. We can also see that his eCPM isn’t very high either. What he does have that’s incredibly high is traffic. Pure, raw traffic. Almost 500,000 page views per day. That’s impressive, but with that sort of traffic my sites would net considerably more that the $133K he made.

That’s decided then, I need some traffic. The mission begins.