Cast your vote, will Direct Line Insurance compensate me?

After what happened with Royal & SunAlliance, where they shirked their responsibilities for over a year and then eventually caved in when they saw the bad press they were getting both here and in the SERPs, do you think Direct Line Insurance will also see sense and compensate me before it gets too messy for them?

They’re the imbeciles who paid out the wrong person when my car was stolen, recovered and then fraudulently claimed on by my ex-wife. They then placed a stolen marker on the car saying they wanted me to hand it over to them, and refused to speak to me on the matter. Over a year later they admitted via letter and taped phone call that they were in the wrong and should have done more to discover the true owner of the car earlier, but insisted that they were not responsible for my car being frozen in limbo during that time.

Obviously they were responsible, they’re the idiots who paid out the wrong person and refused to speak to me. They have ADMITTED their error in writing, yet they still say they won’t compensate me.

Well, now I’ve beaten RSA so convincingly, I’m turning my attentions to Direct Line Insurance. They either compensate me to the tune of what I have demanded, or this thing escalates to the likes of which they couldn’t possibly imagine.

Do you think they’ll buckle? Do you think they’ll stand firm? Cast your vote now.

Will Direct Line Insurance give in to my demands and compensate me?

  • No (60%, 9 Votes)
  • Yes (40%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 15

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Incidentally this website now ranks on page 3 of Google for Direct Line Insurance, and page 1 for Direct Line Insurance Claims Department. The stats for this site read like a veritable list if car insurance related terms and companies. Talk about bad press!

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