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Looking for the Carphone Warehouse in York? Thought as much, you might want to read this review of their service before you continue and perhaps revise your intentions to shop there.

Over a year ago I wrote a post about how Carphone Warehouse in Newport had tried to rip me off, before finally admitting they were wrong after I went to their complaints department.

The post has obviously struck a chord with other dissatisfied Carphone Warehouse customers leaving over 40 comments about their experiences with shoddy service from the company.

Today I received a comment on the post with one of the worst examples of poor service from Carphone Warehouse that I have ever read, and wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to read it. The original comment can be read here, on the Carphone Warehouse Complaints post, and here it is in full from Jayne.

Carphone Warehouse in York most certainly have not heard of Customer Service!

I bought a PAYG mobile on 26th June for my daughters birthday on 3rd July – she loved it but the screen kept ‘flickering’ so I recharged it fully on 4th July. When I turned it back on there were lines on the screen so I took it back to CPW.

They told me that I had dropped the phone and it was not covered under warranty. I most certainly did not drop the phone! it was not out of my sight for the 24 hours it was in use. I then saw a Manager who said that I may not have dropped the phone but that it had been damaged and was not covered. There was no damage to the casing or the outside of the phone so I am intrigued as to how he ‘knows’ that I damaged the phone.

He would not budge, he would not agree to repair or replace the phone and when I pointed out that our family had 4 phones currently and always bought our phones from CPW but wouldnt in the future, he accused me of trying to blackmail him!

Anyway, I have contacted Trading Standards and have written a letter to CPW quoting the Sale of Goods Act 1979 asking for a full refund (I bought a phone elsewhere when they wouldnt help) – – fingers crossed I will get a refund but I will not take this lying down!

CPW – for the sake of £50 you have lost at least 4 future customers and probably many more as I tell everyone I know what happened and will continue to tell people until I am a satisfied customer (i.e. have my £50 back)

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