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I was certain that my MOT certificate was due for renewal very soon, so I dug around to find it today. It took me a while as I’m not that organised (it was in a bag, in a cupboard in the kitchen) and luckily I found that it’s OK until November. Great stuff.

However my car insurance certificate was there as well, from Direct Line. Now I’ve been expecting a renewal letter any day now because I knew it was about this time last year I insured the car, but I’ve not had one. Lucky I found this letter then, cos my car insurance was due TOMORROW!

Thanks Direct Line, you useless bastards. No renewal notice, no letter, nothing. I’d have driven to work Tuesday, blissfully unaware that my car wasn’t insured.

That was the final straw, I’ve gone with someone else now online. Direct Line were still quite cheap (for someone of my glittering history at least) but the fact that they don’t do anything when you need them to is something of a let down.

My last claim for example, when someone reversed into me, is still in limbo because Direct Line haven’t bothered to do anything. I know they haven’t approached the security booth in the car park where the guy hit me because I’ve been there and asked.

So don’t bother with Direct Line, they just take your money and keep it.

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One thought on “Car insurance renewal from Direct Line”

  1. maybe the problem is not the insurance company, but the fact as you say you are not organised – learn to organise yourself and you dont have ot rely on others

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