Cannot send this item. Was this information helpful?

Sometimes Microsoft just sets out to piss me off; I know it. Whether it’s changing the way basic functions work from one version of Outlook to the next, or producing incredibly unhelpful error messages that border on the python-esque.

This latest attempt by Microsoft to rupture my spleen was sparked by my old foe, Microsoft Outlook. This useless attempt at an email program managed to error when trying to send an email, offering the pointless message of ‘cannot send this item’. As if this pitiful attempt at an apology weren’t enough, Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, thought they’d garner some feedback for their endeavours to anger me by further annoying me with the question ‘was this information helpful?’.


Are they deliberately trying to piss me off? ‘Cannot send this item’… ‘was this information helpful?’ – oh yeah, well useful. It’ll come in handy when I have to send another email and know that the reason it hasn’t sent is because it could not send. Thanks Microsoft, you retarded bunch of morons. I now know you’re the ‘go to’ guys for pointless fekking error messages.

Incidentally, if anyone from Microsoft is reading this and they are having trouble understanding sarcasm: no, that error message was not helpful. Did you really think it was when you dreamt it up while trying to evade another bollocking from Bill Gates for the latest cock up within your bug ridden software?

Was this blog helpful?

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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6 thoughts on “Cannot send this item. Was this information helpful?”

  1. Dear Mr Daz,

    My name is Charles Evans and I am currently studying at Durham University. I recently googled myself just to see what would come up and it seems that someone (not sure if it was a friend or enemy…) has left a rather rude comment upon one of your blogs pretending to be me. I’m not sure why he or she referred to himself as ‘the chicken’ nor the reason why your blog was chosen for such a mindless attack.

    I am, however, in my final year at University and due to attend the RMA Sandhurst next year. I am slightly concerned that your blog in response might have some kind of negative impact upon my future Army career. If you would perhaps consider deleting your previous post which was, somewhat understandably, an attempt to tarnish my name I would very much appreciate it.

    Otherwise please give me an email and maybe we can discuss it further.


    (the real) Charles Evans

  2. I presume you’re referring to this post here.

    If that wasn’t you, I wouldn’t worry about it – there are a lot of people in the world with the name ‘Charles Evans’. Comparing your standard of grammar with the person who wrote that comment, it doesn’t look like you and he are the same person.

    The person who left that comment also left their email address,, perhaps you could email them about it?

  3. Thank you for your reply. The email address given was one that I have used in the past and thus I am presuming that the person who left the rude comments must have known, or known of, me and my email address.

    I apologise on the behalf of the, unknown to me, person who left you the message and I would really appreciate it if you took the post down. It has served what I assume to be its purpose – its made Charles Evans look like an idiot. However, it was clearly not me that left it. I’m not sure what benefit to you it serves in leaving it up but I would appreciate it if you took it down.

  4. So, what you’re saying Charles, is that someone made that comment using your email address unbeknownst to you, and you have no idea who it was?

    Did you work at Tesco part time, or was that made up? Did you use Sky an Internet Service Provider, because that’s who this Charles Evans was using when he made that comment?

    Surely you must know who made it, as he clearly knew you, where you were studying, your email address and your school history?

  5. Thanks for the tip ‘Gertrude’, I may one day just do that – it’ll go nicely with my iPhone 😉

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