BT transfer a customer through to ANOTHER customer!

I’m pleased to say that it’s not just me who finds British Telecom an utterly useless bunch of morons. This extract comes from the blog

At one point, two days before actually moving house, I was actually transferred from a BT operator to some guy in his living room at home. He was watching TV at the time and seemed quite annoyed that another person had been put through to his phone. I obviously wasn’t the first! He said I should tell BT about this, but in order to do this I had to hang up. But after spending another 45 minutes on hold I gave it up for the day.

This is shockingly bad. Passing someone through to the wrong department seems to be the BT policy, but transferring them through to another customer at their home? This must surely represent the worst example of customer service ever.

The rest of Phil’s blog explains in great detail his seemingly endless struggle to become a BT client. I wonder if it was all worth it?

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