BT stagger me for incompetence again

If you remember my blogs about trying to get broadband with BT, and their constant poor customer service where they cut me off, transferred me the wrong department and failed at every level to do what they’re supposed to; you’ll be delighted to hear I phoned them again last night.

This time, I recorded it…

Have they improved? Well, if truth be told, they’ve got worse. Not only did they transfer me to the wrong department again, not only did I get cut off again, this time they ripped me off as well!

I attempted naively to transfer my phone and broadband to a new address, only this new address needs connecting. Seems that new builds have all had BT installed by default when they were built, but have not been connected; so to connect it BT are going to charge me for the installation… even though it has already been done!

124.99 pounds for something that has already been done by them when the house was built; just for the privilege of being one of their customers, it’s a bloody disgrace.

The arrogant sod on the phone suggested BT were being kind because they could charge customers the full mount, which was thousands. I did point out that customers wouldn’t actually pay that, but what the hell. He seemed to think it was fine.

What made matters worse was that I seem to currently be paying over 60 pounds for broadband and my phone, when I don’t actually use the phone line. He reduced my monthly bill, but not the level it should be, and refused to say whether I was in credit or not. I clearly am, because the only call I’ve made in the last 4 weeks was to BT, and that was a free phone number. Why can’t they just charge me for what I use, not for what they think is enough to cover my expenditures with a little extra thrown in for them?

I asked if I’ll get interest back from them when they calculate how much credit I have. Obviously not; this is how BT make their fucking profits. They hold onto your money for you so you can’t use it. Thieving bastards.

Anyway, the whole podcast will be online shortly – including my frustration at being cut off AGAIN by the useless bastards.

Why does this always happen to me?

Darren Jamieson

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