BT prices extortionate?

I spoke to my good lady last night from Nantes, in France, and she explained how she’s getting a ‘nuefbox’ (excuse the spelling) for around 30 Euros a month, which works out around £20.

This gives her over 100 TV channels, Internet and phone. PLUS – free land line calls to Germany AND the UK. Not a bad offer eh? Meanwhile I’m paying BT £68 per month for Internet.

Isn’t the UK just great? I love living here, it’s the best ever. Shit weather, shit roads, shit police, shit taxes, shit prices and shit beers.

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2 thoughts on “BT prices extortionate?”

  1. True my Ginger friend, Samuel Smiths is indeed a fine pint, but my point refers to good lagers and their scarcity within the UK due to the chavish morons who consume shit lagers.

    San Miguel for example was removed from Spoons in Cwmbran because the local populous only wanted to drink Carling. It wasn’t selling. Anyone who enjoys fine beverages is best to leave these shores.

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