Blackeye Lashes

I was just watching TV and a very short advert asked the viewer to Google ‘Blackeye Lashes’. I’ve never come across this type of advertising before, so naturally being in front of a computer at the time, I did. The top result was this YouTube video for Dido.

As the result was in the natural results, as opposed to PPC, it’s also very risky in case someone else manages to rank for it as well. It’s also very clever, using natural SEO to display a full length advert on YouTube, promoted via Google, showcased on TV.

Full credit to the marketing company for coming up with this one.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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4 thoughts on “Blackeye Lashes”

  1. Didnt you just really want to watch a transexual boxer dancing in the sand and made a whole ficticious story up about a tv advert? 😀

  2. oddly enough by making this post, you totally usurped the video as your post is now the highest ranked result for ‘blackeye lashes’

    as you said, clever campaign but as proved here: v risky.

    – yes i saw the ad on tv too last night but didnt check until just now

  3. Hi otu, yeah, I noticed I’d usurped them as #1… funny that, almost as if that was my intention 😉

    I notice they’re now paying for PPC on the keyword. It was a brave idea from them, but they really should have cemented their position first, or at least hired an SEO to consult on the idea.

  4. It proves that SEO has a lot to do with ideas, rather than just ticking off a set list of items.

    The mixture of the two things is a killer – as mrdaz has proven.

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