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A while back the recruitment agency BD Recruitment sent out a spam email to every SEO in the North West, with the contact details visible for all of them. A schoolboy error to say the least. After I posted the tale of how they’d done that, I was contacted by BD Recruitment via Linked In.

The message said thus:

Hi Darren,

I saw your little piece on BD Recruitment on Mr Daz. What can I say apart from everything you said was right. However, Sandra is a trainee and didn’t really think about what she was doing with that email, and will certainly not do it again.

I have worked very hard to get BD Marketing to where it is today. We have testimonials from Mediacom, Mindshare, OMD and many of the top agencies in the World. I have placed many very senior SEM specialists in to various successful agencies around the UK and have also placed people that you know personally.

I’m sorry that you have had this experience with BD but I assure you that this will never happen again.

Paul Lewis

Now that’s all fine, but following this BD Recruitment were contacted and asked not to try and poach our staff by contacting them direct. However they have done this again, via a woman named Stephanie Pender from BD Recruitment.

Just what is it about recruitment agencies and their desire to poach staff from businesses, even if they’ve dealt with the business themselves in the past? They’re just ruining relationships they already have.

Paul, thanks for the apology, but do stick to your word and steer clear. Tell Sandra and Stephanie to do the same.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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6 thoughts on “BD Recruitment reply to my post”

  1. Daz

    I’m wondering why BD would entrust a sensitive contact issue to a trainee? It seems typical of their throw enough shit and some will stick approach.

    Clearly they don’t understand online conversation. Clearly they dont understand business relationships.

    Why would anyone trade with them?

  2. So its not just me who thinks poorly of BD Recruitment then? Paul Lewis may have spent considerable time marketing the company but that is certainly no reason to excuse unethical methods.

    I have experienced the same as you from both Stephanie Pender and Paul Lewis. Not only did they both require CONSIDERABLE time and assistance in identifying the sort of skills required for the marketing roles (more than you would expect from a supposed Industry recruitment specialist!) but Stephanie tried poaching one of my SEO staff via linked in at the same time she sending me PPC candidates.

    Not only that. When Paul first got in touch with us after hearing we were recruiting, the owners of the speculative CVs he sent in the first instance mysteriously could never be contacted. Funny that!

    I personally suspect they send CV’s without permission. Imagine the damage that could cause – we all network at the end of the day.

    Maybe there are some Data Protection issue there too.

    I wouldnt touch these people in a million years. If you did I am 99.9% confident they would be on the phone to that placement the day after the ‘6 month’ period was over! Maybe even sooner via linked in!

  3. With regard to you statement:

    ‘Maybe there are some Sata Protection issue there too’.

    You are right on this as this is a subject that I know alot about. BD Recruitment refused to disclose to me where they had sent my CV. It is the right of everyone to know where there personal details are being sent. If companies do send CV’s without first getting permission of the person concerned they are breaking the law.

    I recently updated my Monster CV to say I did not want to work with agencies that refused to disclose where they were sending my CV and that I would take action against any that did so. I have had emails of support from employers from all over the country on this issue. I only found this post becuase I have been left so fuming by agencies in recent weeks and I am considering starting somekind of ‘name and shame’ site for these people. For more infomation on this issue please go to:

    Great post Mr Daz!

  4. As a recruiter myself it is not only illegal to reapproach anyone that has been placed but also extremely unethical and stupid when you have spent time building a relationship with a client.

    The data protection act applies when sending CV’s so yes permission must be gained from candidates before any details are released (we get this permission both verbally and in writing).

    With regards to poaching staff, if you market yourself as a recruiter you should not be trying to poach, especially in the pond you fish in, it just doesnt make business sense. If you are a headhunter then thats the nature of the job but good headhunters will never get found out.

  5. As a candidate – I had a bad experience with BD recruitment and I have to say that they do not seem to be concerned about building good, long lasting relationships with people.

  6. BD Recruitment (especially Mr Kennedy) seem to lack basic knowledge of what certain SEO jobs require. I hope my name isnt released in this instance because I wouldn’t want it effecting a job I may get.

    I phoned BD interested in SEO jobs – told them my experience and got put forward for jobs that were either 5 years + out of my league or simply way below what I can do! It really suprises me how many times you need to tell someone your skills or send them your CV.

    Specialists in SEO? No! Specialists in being lazy, unprofessional, patronising people – Yes.

    I do not recommend BD Recruitment to anyone

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