BBC Watchdog doing a follow up story on Providence Properties

You may remember the posts I made a few weeks ago about the letting agents in Leeds who appeared on BBC Watchdog. The posts generated a lot of comments from angry people who claimed to have had their deposits kept by Providence Properties. They were very angry indeed.

As a result of the posts I also received an email from Providence Properties’ solicitor, who threatened to take me to court if I didn’t remove the posts.

Then I received a phone call from Basharat Zaman asking why I was trying to destroy his company?!?


Well, followers of the excitement take note that this Monday, 22nd of December on BBC One at 19:30 the chaps at Watchdog are doing a follow up on Providence Properties, where they say they’ve managed to get a face-to-face interview with Tariq Zaman. Watchdog have asked me to spread the word on this so as many people as possible watch the show.

Remember, BBC One, Monday 22nd December at 19:30.

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12 thoughts on “BBC Watchdog doing a follow up story on Providence Properties”

  1. I also received a phone call (on my office telephone number :S) from the solicitor acting on behalf of PP basically trying to use bully-boy tactics to get the related Google group I ‘manage’ removed.

    Unfortunately, although I’m every bit confident that there are no examples of defamation on the site, and that access to the content has always been limited and the solicitor obviously has nothing to go on, I’ve had to remove the group as I don’t want to take any risks or put any more of my own cash into pursuing this further.

    Such a shame. I have, of course, exported the content so if anyone was using this information as evidence in their court cases, I can provide details of the postings.


  2. I will watch this program with interest.

    Based on the information presented in the earlier Watchdog transmission, I would not have any dealings whatsoever with this company, or its associates.

    If anyone is contemplating a contract with Providence Properties or its associates, they will find a large amount of information on the web to help inform their decision.

  3. It seems that quite a few people have had these calls threatening to sue. In reality they have nothing to go on and are just trying to scare people off posting anything negative about them. People don’t suddenly decide to criticize a company en masse for no reason.

    Maybe they should try giving people their money back and being courteous to their clients. That would certainly stem the flow of negative internet postings.

    Just a thought.

  4. Hi there, just watched Watchdog and did a quick Google on Tariq and found your site. Great Stuff.

    Out of interest, do you know if Leeds University/LMU student associations have blacklisted the guy and made their students aware of his behaviour?

  5. Hi Darren, I don’t know if Leeds University have a blacklist, but they do have a list of approved letting agents, and neither Providence Properties or My Homez are on it.

  6. Hi Mr daz,
    Watched the follow up on watchdog. excellent viewing & may i take this oppurtunity to salute the watchdog team.
    Can i also add, did anyone notice when Tariq takes the Nick & the t.v crew to view a property for themselves…ha ha it was perfect & Tariq states that he will make sure that the students living there would get thier deposits back? Earlier he states that he had resigned from being a company director? so how on earth will he be giving deposits back??
    The entire organisation i guess was a SCAM from the very start. All these involved are driving around in their flash cars with no worry at all… whilst us students are living on pennies saved to gain our degree for our honest future!
    Courts are something that have not been helpful so far for us. Its this image we students carry (Some of Us!). courts tend to believe in providence/my homez etc. This organisation is known to do that… getting courts on thier side, whilst us innocent human beings are suffering loss. Tariq Zaman is someone who is on the top of the list but what about the rest of the organisation? I will carry on to GET BACK WHAT IS OWED TO ME!
    All I can add is you carry on TRYING too. We will get the courts to listen now, WATCHDOG has given us the kick start its now up to us!

  7. As far as i am aware (and i am a student), all the Leeds university unions are aware of whats gone on and are encouraging students not to have anything to do with companies that are not unipol approved (Which Providence and Myhomez are not). While they cannot strictly tell people not to go with a certain company, they are all pushing for people to go with Unipol approved agencies, of which there are many.

    The core issue is the deposits that students have paid and even with the government scheme in place, i had serious concerns about the status of my friends bonds. I honestly have doubts that myself or any of my friends will ever see ours again.

    Word of mouth is a great weapon, and i know through experience what this company is like. They threaten and intimidate people to get their money but when you actually need them, they are less than helpful to say the least. And yes i can back up what i say with evidence and witnesses.

    I honestly hope that they are held accountable, as i cant see that they will remain in business much longer with the immense backlash against them.

  8. Good to see these scumbags getting their come-uppance. I rented a very crappy little flat (actually a cellar) from them, leaving in June 05. I had to call Environmental Health in about the noise from above. EH told them to install a fireproof wall in the kitchen and to fireproof and soundproof the ceiling (I honestly don’t think I slept in 2 years), they did none of these things. Towards the end of my tenancy they used to let themselves in at any time of day or night. When I complained Zaman exploded and told me (in front of a prospective tenant) that I didn’t “know who [I] was messing with” and that he would have me “duffed up” if I didn’t keep quiet. I cannot hope for any more than everything they have coming to them.

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