BBC Radio 5 Live reporting on the CSA this week

The guys at BBC Radio 5 Live are featuring the Child Support Agency this week, and are looking for people who have experienced horror stories with them. I’ve already had a phone call today from Phillip Kemp asking to be put in touch with people who have expressed their views on, and I’ve just had an email from ‘Howard’ pointing out this request from the Beeb.

Radio Five live is looking to do a story (on Sunday) about cases where CSA have created large debts on accounts but despite this being their fault, they are threatening enforcement if the debts are not repaid as per their demands.

They are particularly interested in any case where this has happened and the case involves a child that the NRP was unaware of until CSA made contact years later.

This is one of the rare opportunities whereby the press are looking at issues of unfair practices from CSA, so I have taken the liberty of emailing everyone as I know how many of you have been affected by this problem.

I hope many of you will want to make your story known, so please email Phillip Kemp on

If you are going to email please be brief. They will not have time to read the full history of your case, so just put two or three sentences to explain how CSA have created the debt, the debt total, plus what if any enforcement action has been threatened/taken. If they want more details, they will contact you.

The program is due to go out on Friday, so will be wanting to speak to people to make recordings in the next day or two.

So if you’ve been troubled by the CSA, maybe they’ve sent your bank details to someone else or whatever the story, tell the BBC now!

Darren Jamieson

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