Anti CSA website causing some problems for the CSA

My problems with the Child Support Agency are well documented, as are a great many people’s problems I guess. Because my efforts to get them to admit their mistakes proved fruitless, even when they posted someone else’s bank details to me, I set up the anti-CSA website

This website was created to allow people who are having trouble with the Child Support Agency to voice their problems to the world and maybe get some advice on how to deal with it.

On the website you can read emails we have received from non resident parents and parents with care who have given up hope on trying to get the CSA to do their job properly. The website also features my famed YouTube videos of phone calls I have had with the CSA.

Now, how has this impacted?

Firstly, anyone looking for the ‘child support agency’ who Google’s ‘child support agency’ is able to see my legendary CSA video on the front page of Google, as you can see here.


The video has received almost 10,000 views at time of writing this, and will receive a lot more over the coming weeks and months. The ‘administrative error’ the hapless Ryan admits to on the phone is hilarious, and very damning for the CSA.

But what of people looking for ‘CSA Complaints’? Well, I have that one sewn up in spades. Not one, but TWO websites on the front page of Google, and


There’s no escaping for the CSA. We’re here to stay and we’re only getting stronger.

If you’ve been screwed over by them, have your say at and tell the world your story. It will be heard, by a LOT of people.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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8 thoughts on “Anti CSA website causing some problems for the CSA”

  1. Top work Daz.

    These websites are found when people first search for help to resolve frustrations and issues with the CSA. CSAHell shows that there are a lot of people suffering at the mercy of the CSA and that people are not alone.

    Just need to somehow pull all that support together and create public/media awareness of the CSA’s scandalous operations so that MPs make sure changes happen for the better.

  2. When are CSA going to give people a break>My partners ex wife lied to the csa and told them he had never paid because he had no reciepts even though she made him sign a letter for the benefits office .To inform them that she was not getting anymore than £20.00 as it would affect her benefits and in actual fact he was giving her more Now the csa despite having the relevant information have listened to the lying scheming cow and are charging him over a hundred pound a week and after his rent has been paid he is left with £30.00 if lucky.Thank you CSA

  3. anytime the csa telephone you tell them to put it in
    writing or fuck off – be as abusive as possible. the next letter
    you will receive will be for collection of debt because the person
    you spoke to only has to press two buttons on their system and a
    letter is sent automatically. keep telling them to fuck off or be
    really abusive and charge them to take you to court. a) they don’t
    have a budget to do this so never will it happen. b) it acts as a
    good stress reliever. i hate them – no-one ever says thanks for
    paying on time seriously would not bat an eye lid if they all were
    killed – if everyone stops paying until the government produces
    fair legal status for fathers then it will happen.

  4. I’m stuck with paying £100 a month to CSA based on their miscalculation of my income despite being given all the info. They drove me out of my career with their wrong bills. This is extortion by any terms and I follow Mr. Daz’s lead by posting all to . Name and shame the useless MP’s who give up on you!

  5. Hello,
    Good post Malcolm…I tell them too fuck off at every opportunity. I also ask the officer Cunt for his address. They ask why (probably recording it) and I say you know where I live why shouldn’t I know where you live! I now have a surname to a Cunt named “kevin” I am going to send him a friend request on Facebook! See if that shakes him up. This is of course after he abused me and threatened to have my house sold from under me. Like that is really going to help my child. In my last year of payments my income was reduced by half and they continued to bill me as if I was earning double from the year before even when I was on unemployment benefits! They were billing me a$1200 a month!

  6. The CSA want back payment off me even though I had absolutley no way of paying when the money was due to be paid. How the fuck is that legal? – despite been given all my contact details they failed to get in touch with me and ask me for the money ? – I chased them up and was told they had gone straight to my employer without even giving me a chance to pay the money willingly.
    Now my employer did not co-opperate with them so they could not deduct my earnings. So I begged them on the phone to put some kind of payment in place so I did not get anymore into debt but they refused to do it. How is this legal ? Its utter bullshit that’s what it is.

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