An email of support from Nick, Cardiff

I’ve received a nice pleasant email for a change (seriously, this doesn’t happen often) from a Nick, from Cardiff, in relation to my house.

i just wanted to say i felt really sorry about your house and the fact your locked out of it and i also wanted to say that ( in a totaly non cocky silly way im 100% with you and think your 100% right) you should watch about telling everyone on the internet the house is empty and reading out the full address online and that you work on all week days incase someone breaks into the house knowing its empty.

You seem to have enough problems and i just dont want you having another one such as a real squatter who decides to move into your house over christmas for instance hope you get it all sorted out if you dont 1 thing you can do is. Phone a locksmith ( tell him you lost the only set of keys to the house and you need him to break in so you can get in they normaly will do this as long as you have some form of id showing you live / own the address letters ect and of course pay him and get him to change the locks once inside just basicaly pretend you have been locked out of your h! ouse should be fine. then when your father in law comes round make sure you have a banner in the window saying FUCK OFF in 3 foot high letters.

Merry Christmas Nick from cardiff

Thanks for that Nick!

I do have access to my house now but I can’t do anything with it unfortunately. I was all prepared to buy it from ex-wife until she decided to get greedy, meaning it will be repossessed on January 21st. To be honest if it gets squatters I couldn’t care less. They would be entering illegally though because as I understand it they can’t break and enter, only use a house that has a window or door left open.

Though of course the way the law is in the UK I’m sure they’d have all of the rights under the sun and would be protected by social workers, legal aid and all of that fuzzy liberal bullshit designed to protect those who can’t be bothered working in this fucked up Country of ours.

I hate the UK, I really do.

Thanks for your support though Nick.

Darren Jamieson

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