Affiliate Window’s Christmas Presents

Affiliate network Affiliate Window were running a promotion this Christmas where you could collect coins each week in exchange for a surprise present from one of their merchants on Christmas Day. I’d collected the full 8 coins but when I logged in using my HP Smartphone after 3:00pm on Christmas Day I found I couldn’t select a present because my phone couldn’t handle their JavaScript menu on the promotions page.


Never mind I thought, I doubt I’ve missed anything too fantastic.

Would you believe it but they were actually giving away LCD TVs and iPods? What’s more, it appears that some people were even complaining about the gifts.

I’d have been well chuffed with a bottle of champagne. In fact, the lover of tat that I am I’d have been pleased with a pen. It’s a pity then that Affiliate Window’s gesture fell on people who were largely ungrateful, and someone like myself who would have been pleased with any old dross missed out.

I’ll have to get a laptop next year. My phone’s good, but it’s cost me a shot at an LCD TV.

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