23rd Stockport Beer and Cider Festival 2009

daz-choosing-a-pintAs part of a tradition stretching way back to, well, 2007, I attended the spectacular drinking session that is the Stockport Beer and Cider Festival. This one was the 23rd festival, and was just as full of high APV ales as previous festivals.

It was also full of beards, men who had worked all of their drinking lives on their guts, and backpacks. Just why do people insist on wearing backpacks? All that happens is they smack into others when they turn around.

Anyhow, we typically started with the high APV drinks like the Old Tom and worked our way down, though mercifully the Ring of Fire wasn’t on when we went on Thursday. Ironically, the Ring of Fire hadn’t settled!

Really must stop going on the opening night as most of the potent brews are still gestating.

It was a much calmer event this time. No thievery, no falling over and attempting to walk home (like I could have made that this time). Previous Stockport Beer Festivals have been more incident filled.

We did carry on our much coveted tip of selecting a pint glass and asking for a half pint as many of the ‘volunteer’ bar staff are blind as bats. Look at the ‘half measure’ in the photo for example, you’ll easily get an extra half pint during the evening.

pissed-already half-measure

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2 thoughts on “23rd Stockport Beer and Cider Festival 2009”

  1. Perhaps I can help with this one.

    The beard is for saving some – to be enjoyed later in the evening.

    The back pack is clearly there only to counterbalance the gut.

    What I should pint out here (that should read “point” but we’ll leave it in as a freudian slip!) is that you should not attampt to bring about this state of balance by carrying your beer in the back pack otherwise the inverse square law will rear its ugly head and quash the whole theory as you fall flat on your face.

    On the other hand -once the contents of said back pack have been consumed – who the hell cares?!!

  2. A cheap-ass tip to rival that of “Alan’s Big Plate” there Daz!

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