1and1 Internet down again

Inconsistent hosting provider 1and1 Internet are once again down. I have several hosting packages with them, including a dedicated server, and one of the servers seems to be down giving the following message on every website:

Error establishing a database connection

The FTP works fine so it looks like the MySQL database is down. This is always bad because 1and1 have notoriously poor customer service. Sure enough any effort to contact them on 0871 641 21 21 results in an engaged tone, whether I press 1 for products and services, 2 for Hosting, 3 for dedicated server… whatever.

Another reason not to use 1and1. They’re technology is fine so long as you never need their support.


I just got through to 1and1 Internet only to hear a recorded message… on their sales line no less!!

The message said:

All of our operators are busy, please call back later. Goodbye.

I don’t believe the shitness of that. Well done 1and1 Internet, you guys are awesome!

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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9 thoughts on “1and1 Internet down again”

  1. yeah… the ftp is down… again.
    getting through to someone through their toll free number took about 20 minutes, they admitted there seemed to be an issue and said they’d have it back up in an hour.. lets see where this goes..

  2. My sites are down right now which led me to this page. Overall I can’t complain when the hosting is relatively reliable for just $4.99 a month.

  3. Well, guess what. Today, August 11, 2009 all of their network is down for N. Americans. Every time I have to call them, I need 5 Hydrocodone pills. YOU SUCK 1AND1!!!! Hope someone will actually read this. Noobz running servers…what do you expect?

  4. I’ve several sites on 1and1 always likes their customer service and just checked a few now and they all seem speedy enough. Thank you for this posting as I’ll keep my eye on the speed and service. I have wondered how they can continue to provide even a modest quality service for the prices they charge and that makes me nervous. Last night the whole Internet seem sluggish.

  5. Strangely enough I have just noticed the same problem myself. Your comment arrived just as I was about to email server support at 1and1 – funny that. Appears all of their dedicated servers are down!

  6. According to Twitter this is a worldwide outage. 1and1 has mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter, but they’ve not said ‘what’ the problem is – and are being inundated with unhappy customers. It’s been about an hour already!

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