Torfaen Council want to take me to court


I often ask why does this shit keep happening to me, yet it does. Constantly. Now, because of some retards at Torfaen Council it’s happening again. I just had a letter telling me that I’m to appear in Abergavenny Court on December 12th at 11:00am for non payment of council tax.

The problem is I telephoned Torfaen Council on September 3rd and explained that I DON’T LIVE THERE ANYMORE!!! Abergavenny is 200 miles away from where I live! Fuckwits.

Naturally, I recorded the phone call. For those of you wondering why I keep recording my phone calls, this another example of why it’s necessary. The idiot took down my information, understood that I don’t live there anymore and that I’d canceled my direct debit.

Yet the morons seem to have forgotten, and want to take me to court for not paying.

Fuck me!

I’m going to have make one of those infamous phone calls tomorrow to Torfaen Council, where no doubt they’ll say they have no record of me telling them I don’t live there anymore, and I point out that ‘not to worry’, I have a record of it. A recording of it in fact.

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6 thoughts on “Torfaen Council want to take me to court”

  1. I phoned them today and guess what? That’s right, they had no record of my previous call. Not to worry, I have the record right here on my phone.

    They’re saying however that because there is a table in the dining room that the house is furnished and therefore not exempt of council tax.

    Hmm… I find this somewhat annoying as:

    1 – I don’t live there.
    2- There is a court order barring anything being removed from the house, so I couldn’t remove the table even if I wanted to.
    3- It’s mine and MY EX-WIFE’S house, yet they’re not chasing her for council tax???
    4- I couldn’t even enter the property for some time as she’d changed the locks, as you can see on the video here.
    5- I live in MANCHESTER, not Torfaen.

    Pay the council tax for it? Not bloody likely. It doesn’t even have water or gas!

  2. I had a house, it was being renovated. It had no back wall, all just proped up with acro’s .. no kitchen, no bathroom or toilets and no roof… but as i was only allowed 12 months without paying council tax… after that I had to pay, even though when it rained you got wetter inside it than outside it, and to rub salt in I had to pay 100% council tax, no 25% single persons discount, even though I was single and owned the house myself.

    I reckon that you’ll have to pay, or get a criminal record.. they’ll eventually send you to jail, you must have seen them do it to enough old grannies refusing to pay for one reason or another.

    Directline and BT can’t send you to jail, the council can and will!

  3. Well, if it turns out that even though I couldn’t remove the furniture under court order isn’t sufficient a reason to be exempt of tax I may make them an offer that I’ll pay half of the tax they want.

    And I mean only half! After all, I don’t live there, neither does my ex-wife. I don’t see why I should pay it all. She’s just as liable as I would be, so I might offer them that. I’ll pay half and they can chase her for the other half.

    That’s definitely a reasonable offer.

  4. I think that the owners of the property are jointly and severably liable..

    But that doesn’t mean you owe half each it means that you can both be pursued for 100% of the debt, and they will pursue the one who has the most chance of paying, which by the sounds of it is you.

  5. I think you’re right, they’ll try to get the money from the person most likely to pay, which as I work and she doesn’t will be me.

    Problem with that is though; Direct Line Insurance tried the exact same thing, failed, and had to pay me compensation. RSA tried to squirm out of their responsibilities, failed, and are now paying through the nose for BMW to fix my car while I drive a courtesy car.

    They both have loads of bad press on this site, and as my analytics show a great many people are reading this coming from Google in search of both companies.

    Torfaen Council can play the percentage game if they like, but when it comes to me that game doesn’t work.

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